Web Browser Shootout: BlackBerry 7 on the Bold 9930 vs. BlackBerry 6 on the Bold 9780!

By Kevin Michaluk on 2 May 2011 09:52 pm EDT

Following up our BlackBerry Bold Touch Hands-On and NFC Demo videos, we decided it was time to put the newly-announced BlackBerry Bold Touch up against the good ole BlackBerry Bold 9780 to see how things stack up in the web browsing department.

With its 1.2GHz processor and running BlackBerry 7, RIM tells us the browsing experience is approximately 30% faster than the BlackBerry 6 browsing experience on current in-market devices. Part of this is performance is obviously due to the increased processing power, but beyond that RIM says they have done a lot of work on the browser to further enhance it and it's just going to keep getting better. One of the things they have worked hard on is to really minimize the "checkerboarding" or "tiling" that can occur on mobile devices when scrolling down a web page. It definitely appears like RIM has succeeded here. Once a page is fully loaded on the Bold 9930, it's actually really difficult to get any sort of checkerboarding to happen - the scrolling is fast!

During our shootout we definitely saw the 30% improvement to hold true. Check out the video above to see the comparison for yourself. All I know is that as much as I love my Bold 9780, I can't wait to ditch it in favor of the 9900. 

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Web Browser Shootout: BlackBerry 7 on the Bold 9930 vs. BlackBerry 6 on the Bold 9780!


Yeh .. about that .. we really need this .. I actually use iphone 4 most of the time because of that

Very Interessting Feature, although every Dutch Provider Blocked this Awesome feature anyway, so I won't miss it =(.

I love the direction Blackberry Browsers are going...they are getting better & better every day :)

btw woohoo first reply ;)

the bold 9900/9930 seems pretty amazing, but i just received my blackberry bold 9780 in February! :( ... anyway does it matter that Kevin had some tabs still opened on his 9780, while the 9930 didn't have any tabs opened while they were testing the phones?

I LOOOOOVE BLACKBERRY!!! I've been without a cellphone for 5 months (may 18th) because i've been waiting for this moment, it's finally here, SO I HAVE TO KNOW. WHEN IS IT COMING OUT 4 Sprint? I GOTTA HAVE IT!

There is just way too much to be appreciative about considering the 9900. Who cares about stupid wifi hotspot?! Really. LOL

i was actually thinking of jumping ship to iphone, mostly because of a business venture that will keep me away from the fam for a long time, but now I'm in for two of these. I know most people don't care for video chat but that was really the only reason I was going get the iphone but no way am I going to pass up this beast. The wife even wants one now, she's all about the touch screen UI. With such hard core devices coming out its ruff seeing blackberry stock taking such a hit in the market, not that all other stock is doing that well. Hopefully this new wave will see that change.

lotta people care a lot about wifi hotspot. Like for me that would mean I could dump my $60 per month data card & just get wifi tethering for $30 & the wifi tethering with Sprint is truly unlimited unlike my 5g cap with the data card

Now if RIM could only fix the checker boarding issue on the Playbook, the 9900 and Playbook would make a great team.

Kevin; arrgh!!

You're like a fat kid in a candy store - Hansel with no Grettle to take some of the look. Man I don't blame you either.

Questions you forgot to isolate:
9780 vs 9900/9930: Is the cache cleared? (is this a different step on BB7?)
Is the 9900/9930 using Dual band radio?! VERY important regarding such a WLAN test as this will affect the 30% outcome - you NEED to do this for us all please?!

Check it. Please.

Does anyone else have the problem in their desktop browsers that the main header graphic for Crackberry scrambles the screen with the purple and orange colours when loading?

Its a big site, kind of telling if you can use it as a benchmark as a long loading site.

How different would the results have been it the browsers would have been set to their providers' actual data network, say EVDO rev.A vs HSPA+ ?

Love this phone and the browsing looks great. Love to see a non-touchscreen version as well?

I wouldn't mind knowing where the activity/loading bar is on the new browser on OS 7

oops I see it. its under the address field.

i'm hoping the battery life issue is resolved the reason i have not yet renewed contract is because i have heard things about the OS6 battery life being very bad so i'm hoping OS7 has improved it heres hoping, also if anyone has any info on the batter life i'd like some feed back on the OS7