Looking for a simple weather app? Try Weathy for BlackBerry 10

By Alicia Erlich on 5 Aug 2013 07:19 am EDT

BlackBerry 10 may come with its own weather application, but that doesn't mean I have to stop looking at alternatives. For me, as long as I know when to grab an umbrella when I'm running out the door I'm good to go. I don't always have the time in the morning to check the complete forecast.

That is why this newcomer, as simple as it may be, is an efficient way of viewing the weather on your device. This application lets you view not only the temperature for multiple cities, but displays barometer pressure, wind direction and speed, and sunrise/sunset times. While it does not offer the full range of features seen in apps of this nature, it allows you to view the weather in your city, or any other, with just a few quick taps or swipes.


  • Map Coordinates
  • 36 Hours Forecast. 10 Day/Night Forecast
  • Preferred locations management
  • App Theming

Upon first glance, you realize the layout is rather simple but is right to the point. All the information you need is accessible from the main screen, with additional forecasts available with a swipe up from the bottom. It also allows users to adjust their preferences including the option to change the temperature, pressure and wind measurements, and choose from amongst three different color schemes. Again, I would like to see more color options but for now there are only green, blue, and orange to pick from.

Weathy incorporates gestures so that you simply down to refresh and swipe up to view the ten day forecast, and swipe left or right to access the map and settings screen. The upper left and right does have icons to access the search and menu as well but are not necessary.

If for some reason you experience issues locating your home city, I found it easy to zoom in on the provided map and tap on my area to add as I demonstrate in the video above. For a weather application that is free to download, it performs well and does what I need it to do. As of now it only supports the BlackBerry Z10.

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Looking for a simple weather app? Try Weathy for BlackBerry 10


Been using this for a few weeks. Really like how it associates the BB10 gestures all throughout the application.

Posted via CB10

Appreciate you sharing these apps. But what BB10 needs are the must have apps. Please not the side loaded ones but native BB10 apps. Netflicks. instagram and also many games which are missing on BB10. Heins should not feel shy to even spend 500 million dollars to get these apps for BB10 as that shall determine the survival of BB. With 3 Billion in cash 500 million should not be a strain on the balance sheet. They need these apps for even other hardware phone manufacturers to even consider licensing BB10 OS.

Have patience, apps will come soon enough, your rush to blow money on the things you mentioned is scary, hope you never become a ceo. Lack of patience is what's getting to most people, we live in a sad world, people expect everything perfect over night, wouldn't be wonderful if thing were that easy? We would all be trillionairs.

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Agree Apps are coming along for those who like that. I could personally care less about Netflix ,Instagram etc., but that's me. I m more interested in a solid, dependable and efficient OS with a good browser. We have Netflix, Instagram and yes...Candycrush on our Galaxy and the only one we ever use (occasionally) is Candy Crush ( my wife). I would like to see BlackBerry focus more on the business side than the entertainment side.

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The stock weather app in 10.2 is stunning

I don't drink anymore........ or any less, double scotch please

Says unavailable for my Q10!! Booooooooo! It looks sweet. Why is this?? I'm using a Q10SQN100-5/ on tmob usa

Thumbly posted from my Q10

Just downloaded this and it looks great, hopefully in future updates they'll add more function to the Active Frame.

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If you like it quick and simple just bookmark the BBC mobile weather website. You don't need an app(lication) for every solomn thing on your mobile phone

Finally a nice looking weather app with some great looking icons and color! Love it. Reminds me of the eye in sky weather app on Android.

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Love this app. The only thing I am not able figure out is how to get the 36 hour forecast to show up. Any help is appreciated

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Thanks for this post Alicia!
We are getting really good user's feedback that will be considered for upcoming updates.
Thank you all for download "Weathy"!

Although it's a good app I got to say that the values don't always are right...
For example right now in my BlackBerry native app and in accuweather are 14 C and in this app are only 12 C.. Not a big difference but got me wondering which one is right...
But without that this app is amazing, super simple and fast!

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