WeatherPro now available for BlackBerry

By Kerri Neill on 26 Jul 2011 11:34 am EDT
WeatherPro for BlackBerry

Regardless if you check the weather for travel plans, work or your daily excersise routine, a good weather app is a must-have on our BlackBerry device for a lot of us. WeatherPro by MeteoGroup, has been a top selling Android, Windows & iOS application for a while and now they have decided to show us BlackBerry users some of that love too. WeatherPro for BlackBerry 1.0 provides a 7 day forecast for more than 2 million locations. With updates every three hours you will always have access to the very latest weather, no matter where you are in the world.

With WeatherPro you can get animated worldwide satellite images and radar for much of Europe and the United States. WeatherPro for BlackBerry 1.0 supports radar for Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Denmark, the Baltic States, Sweden, Norway, Finland and the United States. WeatherPro is $4.99 and currently available for the following BlackBerry devices: 89xx, 9000, 93xx, 95xx, 96xx, 97xx & 9800.

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Reader comments

WeatherPro now available for BlackBerry


I read update every three hours and wondering does that mean the temp updates on the 3rd hour. I'm looking for a weather app that updates the currant status every hour.

It does not look like there is currently an option to update every hour. I know the Premium versions on the other platforms offer that option and would think that it would be a possible "coming soon" feature. BerryWeather allows for hourly updates...

There are many apps we need on the BlackBerry - both phones and PlayBook. Another weather app ain't one of them. We have more weather apps than anyone could possibly need or want. How disappointing.

I just don't understand why someone pays for a weather app when there are more than enough free one's out there that fit the bill just fine!

I have had Berryweather for over a year now. Good application. Tried several others, free ones included. Keep coming back to Berryweather. Seems like all the weather apps are memory hogs though. Anyone else notice this?

I would be curious to know how much the iOS and Android versions of this same app are going for. Probably $0.99 or even free. Plus no weather advisories or Canadian radar maps so I'll pass.

Shall not be forking out for this. I have Weather Plus (Free) and if really desperate I got to BBC Weather Mobile (also very free). Make an ad supported release and I may give it a look.