WeatherEye v2.0.1.4 Now Available For Download

By Bla1ze on 18 Feb 2010 02:41 am EST
WeatherEye v. Now Available For Download

Seems not too long ago we were posting about WeatherEye 2.0 being in beta. Now, WeatherEye has reached version and is now available for download. If you're looking for a great, free weather application, look no further. The updated UI and hourly forecast updates make the latest version of WeatherEye a great choice for a quick and function weather application. WeatherEye has made the application available via BlackBerry App World as well as OTA to ensure no one is left out.

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WeatherEye v2.0.1.4 Now Available For Download


after this update they killed it, the ui sucks to me and on the 8130 kills the bb to fast and the updated/home screen icon dont update on themes like

Checked it out in beta and found the settings screen really awkward and ineffective (ie not enough options and extremely difficult to read). Had tried it when I was disappointed with BerryWeather, but the latest BerryWeather kicked WeatherEye 2 Beta off my phone.

You have to use the menu keys at the bottom - the BB button doesn't give you a menu of any type.

Try a battery pull first, then try using it. Also, ensure you exit the app entirely instead of letting it run/constantly update in the background or your battery and memory will suffer dearly.

Seems like the majority of users prefer the old version after upgrading. I'm not going to upgrade yet, unless there is a way to install the old version after the fact. Is there? Thanks.

I installed this updated version about a week ago on my Tour 9630. It looks a lot better than the previous version and seems to have more personalization options. Here are my gripes...

1.) Takes longer to open the program. For some reason there is a lot of lag from the time you select the icon from your home screen to the time you are actually looking at the "current conditions" page.

2.) Exiting the program takes equally as long...if not longer than initiating the program. Exiting the program has also caused my Tour to freeze up and I have to reboot the phone. I am considering uninstalling this program all together now because I believe it is unreliable.

Hopefully the people who created the upgrade will figure out a solution to these issues and release a fix soon.

In the mean time...anyone know of a good (or better) weather app for the BlackBerry? I don't even mind paying a few bucks for something that isn't going to lock up my phone.

I am going to try this one but my favorite weather app is weather bug. Detailed current conditions, current condition icon on "desktop", 7 day forcast, radar, and it's free! What more do you really need! It's available at App world.

I d/l and installed the update and then rebooted. After rebooting I was met with the JVM 102 error and I could not boot ( i did get it fixed). Was it this app's fault? I don't know, but I am a little frightened to try downloading it again. I love this app on my ipod touch, it's one of the best. But the old version on the BB left much to be desired in the looks department.

I had the original version of WeatherEye for about three months, then upgraded to 2.0, and had lots of problems with it, number one being that it didn't work at all, to the point where I was just using the current conditions icon "for looks" on my home screen. I decided to go with BerryWeather ($9.99 CrackBerry App Store) two weeks ago and I LOVE it. You can integrate your own weather maps and radars from local news channels, several views to choose from, and the homescreen icon is fully customizable. I know $10 sucks, but to me it's worth it. No monthly fee, so once you pay, you're done. I would never go back to WeatherEye just cause it simply doesn't update... like EVER.

I was having some errors with this thing when I first upgraded to version 2 but it works now and it is a lot better than before. Kudos.

I had the original version and loved it, but it was forcing me to upgrade. I did and now it won't work at all. It just sits on the title screen for hours.....

Had the original weather eye and was more than happy to upgrade to 2.0 (after all its hard to argue with the weather network). Haven't had an issue yet.

like the app but it has some glitches. maybe just my 8350i but when viewing the map it wont respond to up or down keys or trackball. but overall i like the app. really cool that you can have multiple cities, goto mobile site, view short term or long term and even hourly weather.

I was wondering why my old version of WeatherEye had stopped working, now I know why. Just finished the update on an 8310 and I'm impressed, looks very nice. On my first installation attempt it informed me I might not get full usability if I continued installing over the old version so rather than taking the chance at losing functionality, I stopped the installation and then deleted the old version. My second attempt at installation was quick and painless and after it was installed I went in and set it up for my local weather. Nice to see that I can set up a list of other cities to view. The one thing that I don't quite understand is that when I first set up the app it asked me if I was male or female and what year I was born, how this is useful data for a weather app I'm not really sure.

I've had this version on my phone for a week or so and I find it works really well on the 8900 and 9700. I don't see any glitches and I actually like the UI - very similiar to the iPhone version.

There are several threads about the upgrade here on CB. I had no problem with the original version and found it to be one of the better apps on my 8900. Tried to open the app earlier this week and got window saying there was an upgrade. Downloaded the upgrade and things went bad from there. Couldn't open it, got error message, did several uninstalls/reinstalls, batt pulls etc all to no avail.
Just saying that you should be aware of the issues that I had as it seems there are others who had similar problems.

I had this app on my phone since Feb. 09 when I bought my 8900. When I opened the app, it informed me a new upgrade was available. So I download it, and now I get an error. I uninstalled and reinstalled it (from their website, and app world) to no avail. Now I have completely uninstalled it from my 8900 and I am now using BeWeather, which isn't all that great. I miss my Weathereye! They need to fix this.

I prefer this version than the older one. It looks much nicer and runs great, no problems, no lag. Alot of new options, i really like the option of having multipe cities, nice! Really good app...

for free apps which one would you prefer? I've had weatherbug for about a yr and honestly LOVE it, works great for me on my storm.

This was really weird...I installed it on Friday evening and it seemed to work great. Got up and left the house on Saturday morning. After an hour or so I noticed that I had not received any email messages and was expecting a couple of auto emails. Sent myself a test email and nothing came back. I thought "great, another outage." I then tested the blackberry browser...not working. Then tested media net, it was working. Went to my company email portal and found that I did have messages waiting.

Started testing other web based apps...Weatherbug would not update however WeatherEye did. Pandora and Slacker wouldn't connect.

While we were shopping we came to a bookstore with free wifi, so I connected my bold. All of a sudden everything started working; email, weatherbug, pandora and so forth.

I got to thinking that maybe some BES policy had gone haywire on my phone. Once we go home that night I re-registed with AT&T, deleted my BES service books, re-generated the encryption key and ran the Enterprise Activation again. Still nothing...

Sunday morning I checked around with folks from my team and they were not having any issues. So at this point I am thinking it has to be something with my phone.

I started going over in my mind what was the latest software I had installed...It was WeatherEye...

As soon as I uninstalled it my phone sprang to life again.

The app looks great but doesn't seem to work great. I think I will stick to Weatherbug.

I have an 8900 too, after my upgrade I was getting the same error...after many uninstalls, reinstalls, and rebooting, it still didn't work...then today I turned on my wifi and was connected to my home wireless network and all a sudden it started give it a try with the wifi and see how that goes