Weather Eye Updated For BlackBerry Storm!

By Bla1ze on 19 Mar 2009 04:02 am EDT
WeatherEye Updated For BlackBerry Storm!

A lot of folks have their own personal preferences when it comes to weather apps for their BlackBerry devices. Personally I prefer to use Weather Eye more so than Weather Bug or even BBWeather as it just seems to be more accurate for me, but that of course can vary by user and location.

Ever since I picked up my BlackBerry Storm though I have been using Weather Bug simply based on the fact that it was more functional than Weather Eye on the Storm. That all changed in the blink of an eye though as Ronen informed the world that Weather Eye has indeed been updated to fit the BlackBerry Storm's screen much better now and includes some minor UI changes to make it easier to work with and more functional. So what weather app do you all prefer? Speak up in the comments.

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Weather Eye Updated For BlackBerry Storm!


Downloaded last night & really like the new look & UI for the Storm, used to have WE on my Bold & it did work on the Storm but only half screen so this new look is great :)

I also use Worldmate Live Weather, Viigo Weather & BBC Weather. All good in their own best weather app is my eyes & just look out the window ;)

This app can't find weather within 60 miles of me. And I live within 50 miles of NYC! It can't find weather using zip codes but it can find very obscure places in Canada. Very strange!!!

I have tried and tried both with this one and the one that was released a few weeks ago and it will not download I get an error every time...903 Loss of Service HTTP Error400; Bad Request....this makes no sence...any advise?

This app is horrible. In addition to it not being able to be displayed in Landscape mode, it can't find weather in a very large number of U.S. towns. I can't get weather for a town anywhere near me and I live 15 miles from D.C.! Not impressed.

I use They have a neat icon that updates on your home screen. From this, you can check radar, alerts, forecasts, etc. It is web-based but it creates an icon for you. In my case, it is real fast and it has the features I like. For some reason, weatehrbug doesnt work all that well for me.

Weatehr Eye would be cool if it had radar images. Since it doesnt, I wont use it either.

curious, where do you get the icon for that?

how accurate is it? does it work off your GPS location?

This looks like it would look good on my storm and I actually use it on my 8350i. I think I am going to stick with Weather Bug. If this app is anything like the one I use on my 8350i then you only get a limited amount of locations to choose from and, as for me, the closest location that it picks up is a major city 10-15 miles from my house and I don't consider it accurate. Weather Bug picks up many more locations than that. Maybe it is because Weather Eye is based out of Canada. I don't know but until they update their locations, I am sticking with the battery draining memory hog Weather Bug.

Looks good they need to update the City list to more us cities. I like it.

But who cares about Canada? just kidding all my canadians buddies.

WeatherEye was one of my fav apps on my 8830 so I am as happy as the next Crackberrian for this update but why would they make the app without Landscape support? Makes no sense to me. If you're going to do something, Finish the job. Currently, have it side by side with WeatherBug, we'll see which one stands the test of time.

.:. GB

Set your browser to Internet Browser in General Properties in the option settings of your browser. This fixed it for me

I can always go to if I want to see the radar. Infact I have the radar for Indianapolis set as a bookmark. But the fact that there is no GPS on this is just pointless.

I live in the DC suburbs, and this app is unable to find any stations in my area. Cities such as Rockville, Bethesda, Potomac, etc, that really ought to be covered are not. That's unfortunate since the app looks pretty nice.

No GPS bothers me as well.

This always was a good little app. But they need a bigger list of cities, towns, etc All other weather apps I have tried in the past can always find the City I live in. Not this one. Yet it list a much smaller town approx 15 miles away??? If they added more Cities this would be a great app.

After 10 frustrating minutes typing in Nottingham in portrait mode, because it doesn't work with the full qwerty in landscape, it can'r find the city anyway. I've gone back to using WeatherBug!!

I bought The Weather Network theme that integrates this and keeps the weather updated on your home and call screens. It was a waste of money. It locks up my Pearl multiple times a day and it is supposed to update every 30 minutes but it only updates when it likes. Also there is a lack of city support, radar, and it keeps an add on the screen. I am going to look for something else.

I'm very happy with 'Weatherbug' it works great in my part of so cal. I commute 90 miles one way on a train so weather can be different when I get to where I'm going. GPS with 'Weatherbug' automatically updates to where ever I am. If the screenshot is accurate I would stay away from "Weather Eye" just because I don't like adds on my Apps. I recommend comparing both especially if you've never used "Weatherbug".

Still seems buggy on the Storm. Sometimes it's full screen, sometimes it's not. I can live with the portrait only screen, but can't have it cut off. Even did a bat pull. Sticking with BBWeather for now.

I also tried about 5 of the closest cities to my hometown (including my hometown) and it didn't find any of them. What the heck is it using for weather data?? And the lack of landscape mode stinks.

I prefer WeatherEye all the way. With being in Canada myself, TheWeatherNetwork is still the best source of weather forecast info. And the interface is way friendlier than WeatherBug and BBWeather, at least for me.


Needs darker font - or different b/g option.
White letters on light blue with clouds is dumb.
Other than that - two thumbs up.

Alright for a free app. I would be angry if I paid for it.

- Needs radar
- you have to press the button onscreen to get to the options (not the bb buton)
- mulitple city support would be good
- It would be nice to set the update interval more often then 30 mins
- When I push the WWW button the website displays the weather info in C when I want to see it in F.
-Needs more city choices
-Needs to have landscape built in

- Seems faster than WeatherBug
- Looks better than WeatherBug
- Interface is straight forward and to the point

This app is a good start. It would be great to see them follow through and make a great free weather application.

I tried it and it looked promising. Nice layout and it seemed to respond much faster than Weather Bug. The problem was that it caused my Storm to stick on that application. I had a heck of a time getting out of it and back to my home screen.

For those of us in the U.S. who never converted to metric it also poses a bit of a problem. You can change the temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit but it still gives wind speed, pressure and visibility in metrics. There may be a place to change that but I didn't find it.

My decision was to remove it. If was interested in being controlled I would just re-marry my ex-wife. LOL

No support for landscape mode.

When it shows full page, I get the first top half of the screen, then the button controls, and no bottom third at all. The buttons cut off the full screen image with details so I cannot see the forecast.

Seems like it was not quite fully ready for prime time.


I use weatherbug right now on my storm, and decided to try this. It looks like it might be nice, but it cannot find my home city (which is very small, but weatherbug found without an issue) and a larger city where I work (again, weatherbug found it no problem)

I won't be using this one until it has a much larger database of cities.

i didnt even finish installing it. it's ludicrous that it cant find a city by zip code... canadian developer or not. no landscape mode is inexcusable as well, seeing as this is the 'touch' version of the program so it was written for the storm.

I downloaded the app fine. I had to delete it due to inability to access the bb menu to close app after use. Also when I downloaded from the site I was never given the choice for OS 4.7. The app started to download immediately so I'm not sure if it was the correct version for the storm.

I ran into the same thing. It does download the correct one automatically, but I also found the inability to close with the menu button mystifying. Ditto for the lack of landscape support.

I'm sticking with WeatherBug.

I live in the San Francisco bay area and we have micro-climates with massive temperature differences. There are no cities listed in the valley where I live, so having San Francisco or Oakland is like having the North Pole and the South Pole when you live on the equator...

I downloaded but couldn't get the program to load... because I couldn't find a city I was interested in unless it happened to be a city name that was in Canada as well. It would have been nice (maybe I missed it) to have reported in the article that it's a Canada only(?) application... or limited in the U.S.A.

Oh well... Weather Bug works great for me, and I love the GPS location feature. Use it when I travel and it's alerted me to many a weather issue ahead.

52 a bit cloudy (under the icon)
runs off the edge and you cant change it to just say 52, it is much quicker than weatherbug and nice but gotta get rid of it, i like seeing that simple current weather on the front screen.

Ever since I picked up my BlackBerry Storm though I have been using Weather Bug simply based on the fact that it was more functional than Weather Eye on the Storm.

I d/l and got it working. Doesn't bother me that it works only in portrait mode, as long as I get the info I want. Both weather bug and weather eye have their pros and cons. One pro for me at least. With weather eye, I can access the highway cams within the GTA.

I picked up my BlackBerry Storm though I have been using Weather Bug simply based on the fact that it was more functional than Weather Eye on the Storm.

I was getting A LOT of auto restarts with WB...I deleted and am going to try this. I hope this is better.

I love this app and had it on my 8830 for 1 week, but almost bought a new battery cuz the app sucks the heck out of my battery. It took me a few days to check all my apps, couldnt figure out why i would go from 100% to 40% in about 5 hours. If they can fix this, I would love to go back to it.

Works great for me, finds Toronto and Montréal no problem. Not interested in having it run all the time but great app!

Awesome program... love it. Only problem is they have some really odd city choices listed in my state and nothing even close to me. I would love them to increase their US city choices.

dont like the fact it wont go to landscape mode. and not being able to save more than one location is pretty lame too. going to stick with weatherbug for the time being.

dont like the fact it wont go to landscape mode. and not being able to save more than one location is pretty lame too. going to stick with weatherbug for the time being.

I downloaded this last night and I love the look. I also love the fact I am in Newfoundland Canada and it picks up my city.

For everyone complaining about lack of US support, the weather network is Canada based. They show a bit of US weather, mostly for travel reports. There is a reason you can't find a lot of places your looking for. If you go to you can probably get your city on the website but I am pretty sure the app is more Canada based like how some apps don't work in Canada that work in the US.

I was confused myself about how to get out of the application, but you can simply press the "X" in the lower right corner of the screen and it closes it.

It found my city, so no other complaints really. I like it and I also like that it displays the temp right on the icon.

Very nice app. Like the color to it but question for you? How do we change the wind speed to MPH and the visibility to MPH and the pressure. And also I live in a town but its giving me the local forecast of Hartford which is actual 12 miles west of me.

After just a quick perusal of Weather Eye, I think I like the features that Weather Bug has. WE doesn't give hour-by-hour, and even the Long Term forecast is only 5 days versus a full 7-day forecast on WB. I'll keep checking WE, but initial impression is that I like WB more.

I have to say I like the Accu-Weather Mobile better than the weather bug. I like the map forecast. It is plain but accurate. I can't seem to get the Weather Eye for Verizon though. I will keep trying to test it. But I'd try the Accu-Weather as well.

Just downloaded this application and it seems to work alright. Its the first weather application I've installed on my Storm and overall the only thing I find lacking is the no radar.

I know a lot of other people are saying lack of City support, but even my little obscure Toledo, OH is covered which is odd considering places close to NYC and DC are not.

If this had radar and/or GPS along with landscape mode this would be a much better app as well. Not too thrilled over the ad either, but hey, it was free.

Sorry, but I do find WeatherBug more useful than this one for several reasons.

First: NO ADS!!!
Second: I can tell WEatherBug where I am (and I live 30 miles from a major city) and it can find local weather information. I have compared its readings to those in my car as I drive locally and find it to be very accurate.
Third: With GPS enabled WeatherBug can tell you what the weather is whereever you are with no additional effort.
More: Weather maps, daily & hourly forecasts, etc.

It has nice graphics,but I need to open it in portrate mode. Also slow to close the program.