WeatherEye Launches New Beta And Is Looking For Feedback

By Bla1ze on 16 Dec 2009 04:12 pm EST
WeatherEye Launches New Beta And Is Looking For Feedback

WeatherEye has posted a new thread in the CrackBerry forums introducing their new WeatherEye Beta. The application brings a number of changes with it, which from my testing so far are great to see.

  • New WeatherEye design
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • Ability to add multiple cities
  • Radar maps
  • Hourly forecast
  • GPS locator
With the release of the beta to the public WeatherEye developers are actively hanging out in the forums and gathering feedback from users on how to possible better improve the application as well as catching any bugs before full on release. Give it a look and help them out with making a great app even better. All OS' 4.2.1 and higher are applicable here. Thanks to Phishgirl3 for the heads up.

Reader comments

WeatherEye Launches New Beta And Is Looking For Feedback


Not sure if this is supposed to work with Beta 5.0, but the zoom in and out feature isn't functioning properly on the maps. The map comes up, but if you have the menu icons visable in the dock, you can't scroll up or down. You also can't zoom in or out. When you kill the icons you can scroll the map, but the zoom feature is very slow or doesn't work at all. I also found the font to be way to small. You can hardly read anything on the screen. So I would have a couple of suggestions... make the font larger so it is more comfortable to read and take a look at the zoom and scroll feature on OS 5.0 devises.

Agree with earlier post - font is entirely too small. Would also like to see actual temp reading listed in icon.

Other than that I am enjoying this app - Thank You

Don't waste your time, this is junk...think of it as a highly unstable version of The Weather Channel app. Get BERRYWeather!

when I hit the menu key, it pulls up my applications. Well all of my applications are listed at the current temp.

I'm running on a 8900

Well here is my left out the Storm. I installed and remove it 2 minutes...useless.

this new beta is great. the released version would give me a no data available error at least 8 times a day. So far i have had no problems and love the new ui.

I don't really have anything to contribute, other than noticing that you're from Halifax! Howdy neighbor lol.

Even though I have it set to update every 15 mins. - It does not update the icon when placed on my home screen.

Running the Bold with 5.0.314 bata software.

Old version works fine.

I've read some of the post(s) here and couldn't believe the closed minded comments. People complain about the updates to "Berryweather" having associated costs, folks say this is nothing more than the weather channel re-make. I have but one comment, BETA. You have choices, move on and leave the beta's to those that don't mind being involved in helping produce a good product.