Get local weather and more using Weather with Google for the BlackBerry PlayBook

By James Richardson on 11 Jul 2012 02:11 pm EDT

Weather with Google is new into BlackBerry App World this week and it's not just another ordinary weather application. It offers some nice additional features that you will not find in the native weather app on your BlackBerry PlayBook.

The application utilizes both Google Maps and The Weather Channel bringing you the following features:

  • Weather View
  • Traffic View
  • Terrain View
  • Photos View

The weather section of the app is pretty sweet. It allows you to search any location and view not only current conditions but forecast weather too. Perfect if you are planning a trip out and need to see if you require your umbrella. Although seeing these details are probably available in other weather apps this one allows for weather checking in numerous places within seconds.

If you are taking the car it makes sense to check the traffic too. With a simple tap of the traffic tab you can enable the feature and using Google Maps it will let you see in real time any traffic jams that are on your route. Clever stuff.

Priced at $1.99 the application offers pretty good value to money and is a real asset when planning a journey.

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Reader comments

Get local weather and more using Weather with Google for the BlackBerry PlayBook


Introductory price is $0.99 it seems...

@pushfan, the app is not from Google so I don't think so. No telling if the app author does, though.

Even for £1 I'd expect more, to be honest. It is useful to see a wide area with basic weather info and traffic hotspots but here in the UK you are better off logging on to the Met Office website, and it is free. I can't find the Five day Forecast either. As seems the norm for apps, don't expect any Help or instructions -you just have to swipe or touch icons and hope something happens. I swipe and touch in vain for wind direction and speed, or maybe even a satellite view of the cloud and rain sweeping in across the Atlantic.

So a thumbs down from me, sorry.

Got it! This app is pretty neat. Stop complaining it's not from Google. Google doesn't even release official apps for BlackBerry. Google and RIM seem to have a frosty relationship.

I can get all the weather I want for free without any stupid app. That's one of the few beauties of the playbook, you don't need an app for things that have a url.
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