Keep an eye on current weather conditions with Weather Clock Widget for BlackBerry smartphones

By James Richardson on 22 Oct 2012 01:53 pm EDT

If you fancy keeping an eye on the current weather conditions on your BlackBerry home screen then the Weather Clock Widget maybe just what you are after. There are free and premium versions available (premium costing $1.99) but as far as I can tell the only difference with the paid version is that you can change the theme - the style of clock widget.

As you will see from the screenshots below there are some nice themes on offer and if you have ever owned an HTC Android device you may notice the resemblance between the weather widgets and the HTC Sense one. That's not necessarily a bad thing though as the HTC Sense widget is beautiful. Actually touching or clicking on the widget doesn't do anything, such as open up a weather app - it is purely there to show you the time and current conditions. The only real downside I found with the app is that as it takes up so much screen space you are limited on what you can have as your BlackBerry wallpaper. If you like to have pretty pictures to look at then the widget will not be your cup of tea, but if the weather is important to you I am sure you will love it.


The refresh times can be altered between 15 minutes and two hours but it is worth bearing in mind that the more often it updates the greater your battery drain rate will be.



Features of the application include:

  • Displays the accurate and localized weather information
  • Displays current device time
  • Turn any Picture into landscape
  • Easy to Customize
  • Easily switch from Celcius to Farenheit
  • Shows Minimum and maximum temperature of the day

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Reader comments

Keep an eye on current weather conditions with Weather Clock Widget for BlackBerry smartphones


I saw just about every country but the united states. Really? Too bad I wanted to try it but I need to know the forecast of my city not another countrys.

I cannot see it on my bold 9900. What should I do to active the widget ?
I have Advanced OS and Led installed and it was actived to rotate wallpapers but I de-activated that and restarted the phone and still I cannot see the widget.

It won't let me use the free version. I've just installed it, but receive the message "the free version of Weather Clock has expired. Please upgrade to pro version to use the application".

Sorry guys, I won't pay for an app that I haven't been able to try.

the free version is useless. unless you get the paid version, you can't use it. installed it, deleted it in one minute. the paid version looks nice, though.

Seemed to work for me, on my 9900, but I already have the homescreen clock, and accuweather icon with temp display so don't need to use up extra memory/real estate for it.

I installed the free version, worked like a charm. I'm in Canada, and it found my city without a problem as well. Not sure why it hasn't worked for others. I'm loving this app!
Kandoo-BB - Not sure what you're talking about. United States is most definitely listed in the list of countries. If you can't find it, type it in the search field at the top of the country list. It came up for me.

Piece of crap! Try to select USA, but scrolling stops at K. Tried to leave country open and select USA city. Won't search as it requires country. Did they ever test this thing? And then they expect people will pay for paid version? Fail!

installed teh free version and its much better than the other weather apps. and light weight also.

Not a bad app for free. I'm hoping the every hour refresh is good to the battery.

Torch 9860 & PlayBook (Life is good)

Anyone have any good ideas on a theme that removes the clock from the top so i dont have 2 clocks? the widget clock is purdy. Im using Infinite Galaxy for my 9800, gives me os7 icons, looks great with the widge but 2 clocks is silly.

After buying the premium version I decided to deactivate it as I didn't care for the 2 clocks. I then discovered that I couldn't use my favorite wallpaper for longer than about 45 seconds before it kept reverting to the carrier provided home screen wallpaper. I had to delete the app and reboot before I could control my wallpaper again.

I commented earlier about it being a great app....which I still believe it is, only if it didn't drain my battery so much. I downloaded the free app yesterday and before going to bed my 9800 had 3/4 battery power, which is clearly plenty to make it through the night. Usually in the morning, it's still around 3/4 or maybe 1/2. This morning, I woke up to a completely dead battery. Unfortunately, even though I think it's a great app, I'm not gona have an app drain so much battery power out of my bb.

I downloaded and installed the free version, then as it wouldn't let me change anything, I paid for it. Now I wish I hadn't, it drains the battery like the clappers, the clock is always wrong, although the weather works, I can't use the device background of the beach that I like.

You can have it back for now, as I don't want it, until its been fixed.

So you can't use your own background, and you can't disable the clock even though it's a few inches under the native clock that you also can't disable? .. hrmmm, I think I'll pass on this one for now. Love the idea though! Used to have another app that displayed weather on the background, it did overlay over your own background and didn't have a clock so it was excellent in that regard but it froze all the time..