The Weather Channel Releases Free Ad-Supported App

By Adam Zeis on 13 Oct 2009 01:32 pm EDT

Weather Channel

The Weather Channel finally joined the cool kids and released a free weather app. The downside? Its ad-supported. Things could be worse as the ads aren't overly intrusive, and it beats the $3.99 tag for the premium version. The free version is essentially the same as the premium that we've seen before, only with ads. The app lets you view current conditions, hour and 36-hour forecasts, view severe weather alerts, and more. If you're looking for a great free weather app, you really can't beat the best. You can download the free versions OTA from the links below. The premium version is also still available in BlackBerry App World for $3.99.

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The Weather Channel Releases Free Ad-Supported App


Have been using WeatherEye and not minding the ads in there. Gladly looking forward to trying this and seeing how it works......

Thanks WC! out.....

If you go to BB App world, there's the Pay version and the ol' Mobile Web link thing. Didn't see a "free"/full version.

Went to the OTA link for the Tour and it says it is Version 1. That's probably right as it is the first version of the full/free version. But that was confusing given that the Paid version is up to V2.

Agreed on not having home screen icon. Also, in the menu it says there is a version 4.1 available, but I don't see any way to update.

Removing. Back to WeatherEye.

Agreed on not having home screen icon. Also, in the menu it says there is a version 4.1 available, but I don't see any way to update.

Removing. Back to WeatherEye.

Navigation is a little clunky...too much BLUE!! Also, is it me or is the home screen icon blurry? Not impressed...back to BB weather where it draws from the same weather channel info and gives temp on home screen icon.

I don't know if any other weather app beats weather bug, it's got the most info you will ever need. A bit complicated for first timers but full of features, like how to add a new location and navigate between them, how to use the maps and the overlays, watch free weather video, extended forecast and more.

shouldn't be 2+ MB for something like this.
The Weather component in Viigo works for me, or links to local news channels

Text size is waaay too small and there is no option to make the font larger. I'm a fan of TWC but this app is useless!

Great idea, but unfortunately for BB any app bigger than 1 MB is too large.

I was willing to try the app but have too many other pieces of software and 2.3MB for an app is insane. Not really your fault, BB needs to fix this problem.

I don't know what other Storm owners have found but I found this app to be a complete memory hog. It dropped my memory to hovering around 30 down to 24 from the start up down to 19 an hour later. It was nice but I deleted it. I'm eager to see what others have found

Removing mine now. too big and not being able to have it as a weather icon on the homescreen is a definite deal breaker...

I was considering but didn't know if it had up to date radar screen?? Then reading the comments and size decided to stick with Weather Undergound bookmarked at

It is free and occupies no space, provides radar( including zoom) and is easy to check other locations at the bottom of the page.

does not seem to really be designed for Storm. I am having troubles with it. It could be just me but it is a bit sluggish and some buttons don't click all the time.

Correction: works if you enable compatibility mode. However, the interface isn't as intuitive at first and only works in portrait mode

At almost 2MB I don't want to give up valuable memory for a weather program that does little better than Blackberry Weather, free or otherwise.

I looked at this one, and first off... it's WAY too big. Good call. Second, no desktop icon? Yeah, no thanks. I did check out WeatherEye in the BB App Store, and it's EXACTLY what I've been looking for. No maps, but I get GREAT Doppler and animated maps through my local news mobile site. I'm good to go now!

Regarding the Weather Channel app, I like the radar map detail but the interface is very slow. I ended up using Mycast and Berry Weather..... both have a one time purchase price, not a recurring monthly or annual charge like the weather channel app had. Berry Weather is GPS enabled and will alert you to weather advisories as well as display temperature on the home icon. I like Mycast due to the cloud, radar, infarded and advisory maps as well as a great interface.

Hi, all,
This was a major waste of time. First, poor interface and colors (or lack of) have too much blue. Second, there is no home screen icon for temp and condition. Last, it took up too much room. Although I have a Tour with plenty of space, I thought this was a waste of space. The only good thing was this was free. The Weather Channel is the authority on weather, but not on apps. The free Weatherbug app beats it hands down. On scale of 1-5 stars, 5 being best, I give it 1 star because it was free.


The advertising doesn't even bother me. Great app! Awesome radar and wonderful hour by hour forecast! Job well done!

Run-Don't walk away from this software. After downloading and installing, it wouldn't run. I tried to delete it and when I did it rebooted my phone. When the phone rebooted, it gave me a 552 error. Stay away from this app!!!

With so many weather apps that show the weather icon on
home screen, that updates, that are free you would think
that the developers would take what was good and worked
about those other apps and try to improve from there. Hmmm..
I'm uninstalling as well...

Obviously there are no other Blackberry users in the world (Except North America) so why bother making it a global weather app. Thanks - yet again Crackberry for not specifiying this and wasting minutes of my precious time!!!!