We want to talk to you!

Talk to Mobile Nations!
By Kevin Michaluk on 31 Aug 2012 11:34 am EDT

Hey CrackBerry Nation! As I've mentioned a few times recently, we have a LOT going on behind the scenes to take CrackBerry and our whole Mobile Nations family of websites to the next level.

We have a clear vision of what we think will continue to make our sites and service offering the best out there for years to come, but we want to test that vision and make sure we're putting our effort where it matters most to YOU, our readers, community members and customers. 

That said, we're looking for willing participants who want to get face to face with us so we can hear you out. We want to make sure we're covering the needs of all our users, so we're looking to talk to all of the following: 

  • active forum members 
  • new forum members (in the last few months)
  • casual readers of the site (not particularly active but visit CB from time to time)
  • long time members who regularly get involved in the forums and comments
  • long time readers/members who rarely if ever comment or join in the forum discussion
  • readers/members who have purchased from us (accessories, phones, etc.)
  • readers/members who have never purchased from us (accessories, phones, etc.)

The discussions will be 30 - 45 minutes in length. We'll use Google Hangouts as the venue, and joining you on the call will be yours truly along with our head of design and user experience, David Lundblad. We'll be picking 15 people to chat to who will play an essential part in helping shape the future of our communities. It'll be fun, you'll have your voice heard, and hey... I'll be there so we can chat about BlackBerry too!

If you're interested in taking part, send an email to community@mobilenations.com. Let us know your name, date of birth, member status (username too if you're registered) and a sentence on how you use CrackBerry. If you frequent any of our other sites too, let us know.

That's it. Thanks in advance and I look forward to talking to you soon!

Reader comments

We want to talk to you!


This is an excellent first! I would love to be apart of this. I love CrackBerry and BlackBerry!

CrackBerry Is My Choice Of Drug

Can't make it to the show but I would like to give two inputs and that is a request for a leaner more efficient web experience by the reduction of client side bandwidth usage and page load times of less than one second on any device or platform.

+1 for being open to user input!

I'd be willing to jump in, but Video Chat would be the preferred way since my laptop is now completely worthless...

Looking forward to the improvements!

Dude, run a factory restore on it. If the hard disk went on it, or the motherboard, damn, you've got to either donate it or get a new one. That sucks.

About CB is the editing of the posts. For example, in this post we have: "If you're interesting in taking part..." I don't know if every post gets viewed by an editor and I would never claim to be perfect, but I see basic grammar missed almost once on every post. Verb agreement is the most prolific issue.

Who has a natural penchant for language, yes; a misspell is what I took away. To me, they look like a dead pixel to a techie. They stick out and make reading difficult. Probably an OCD-esque character, like people who have to clean their screens after every use.

I'd love to, but depending on when, I'm on a very tight training regime right now getting ready for a Zombie marathon (I've never run before)

Yikes!! Name OK but date of birth? A little too much info to be flying around cyberspace for my liking. I trust this site but given the fact that some large name sites have been easily hacked for less info than this I suggest you ask for age ranges instead of actual ages.

well i'd like to see the comments section having to sign in with ur facebook account. i like that. it finally gives me a reason to use facebook unfortunately, you might see a massive drop off in comments. with bgr i saw a shocking drop in comments per post (cpp). on the plus side people watch what they post with the fb so you won't see "1St" anymore. well, maybe from me lol. ;)

Where oh where are you tonight.......
Why won't you make my BB10 phone......
I searched the world over and I know of my true love......
You make another and I will buy one........

I want my BB10 phone.....