Listen up BlackBerry - We want a dark themed BlackBerry 10 Hub!

Dark theme Hub
By James Richardson on 7 May 2014 03:51 pm EDT

A wee while back we asked you if you would want a dark theme Hub option and the results were as I expected as you can see below. With nearly 90% of voters hitting up the 'yes' option it's fair to say that it's an option that not only the majority of BlackBerry 10 users would want - but will use too. 

Since the dark theme is available with many apps, including ones from BlackBerry themselves - such as BBM, It seems a natural progression for a dark themed Hub to become reality in a future release of BlackBerry 10. I for one would love the option. Not just for it's battery saving powers, as dark uses less juice than white, but I just think the dark theme looks so good. 

Will BlackBerry give us what we want? Only time will tell. 

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Listen up BlackBerry - We want a dark themed BlackBerry 10 Hub!


I want a dark themed hub and how about a dark themed "turn off" after the 3...2....1 countdown when you hold the "off" button....

More soothing....

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On my Z30 the 3...2...1...screen is dark themed. I struggle to use light themed menus thanks to this though

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Good. Use your prosumer feelings, boy. Let the extended battery life flow through you.

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Because you're using a Z30. From what I understand it's not available on the Z10 unless you download the Android app, which is just insulting.

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Actually no, cal, BBM, menu is nice. But I prefer the hub in white.. but of cause there is no reason to be nazi Apple about it and let the user choose for themselves..?

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The dark side is the only way to live. Especially on a Z30! - C00012735/ Mike Garson Photography - C00471EA8

Z10 battery life, no difference, sing: "just look on the bright side of life, whistle, whistle.... "

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Just to be consistent in appearance across the device, and these three things: apps, settings menu and hub

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

It should be introduced as an option. Those who don't like it would be able to keep it white.

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But a proper dark theme that launches black and stays that way. Drives me nuts when I launch BBM and it starts up with the Blue bar and white screen and then switches to dark theme.

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This. ^
With BlackBerry 10 being about fluidity there is none at all when it comes to dark theme!

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I'd like to see different colours not just black or white would be cool to change whatever colour you'd like depending on your mood or bored factor.

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Dark theme sucks. Looks like a cheap website from 2005.

I'm OK with it being an *option* though -- just don't want that crap forced on me.

Not good enough. I want it to look like Netscape in 1994. :P. *sigh*. Such sweet memories.

I agree! BlackBerry: Listen up. We want flashing text and tons of animated GIFs in the HUB!

I would like a Dark Theme for my CB10 app on my Z10 please make that happen first if you haven't already...

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BlackBerry. Give the users, your current users and supporters, what we want. :)

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It will not save battery on a Z10. Only Amoled screens of the Z30 and Q10 benefit from dark themes. The Z10 uses a standard "always on" fullscreen backlight LCD screen.

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Not saying it won't look nice. I like the bits of dark theme I get on my Z10, and wish I could have it system-wide.

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Just buy a high capacity battery. £ 11 on Amazon and lasts way longer than the original.

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I missed this poll. I don't like black background themed apps, but I will opt for a dark UI option for the ones who prefer dark over white

James, you need to clarify that not all BlackBerry 10 devices get the battery saving benefit from dark themes. Only those with AMOLED screens will. Not the ones with regular LCD screens like the Z10.

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Glad you wrote about this, hopefully someone from BlackBerry will see it and consider it for 10.3!

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If it comes, please make it configurable. I love the black theme but prefer reading long texts (reader mode in browser and hub: texts/emails) on a light background.

Put phone face down on a surface, take a photo, voila! Save photo as wallpaper and You have your dark theme

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Yes please! My white Q10 will look so ying-and-yangish! :) :)

And a glowing bb logo on the back cover as already wished for will make the berry just too cool! :)

That would be good! More energy efficient with amoled, plus when you' re sitting next to someone else they are less likely to read your mails...
Needs to be an option though.

Yes on the dark theme, but I'm fine with the current hub look (blue top bar, dark action bar, white content). I do not like the look of the new 10.3 hub - all white-washed. If there is a dark version of that same look, it'll be better, but I really don't want them aping the Office 2013 look since it sucks. Content and chrome need to be distinct, not the same color without separation. It makes me ill thinking about it.

Let's hope BlackBerry does give us what we want. It'd be greatly appreciate it.

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Give us an option for the entire os. It makes no sense to go into every App and change the theme.

Is there any chance that we could see more colors for themed backgrounds? I like the dark theme, don't get me wrong. But if I had a choice of colors, that would be Syck.

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If blackberry had listened up, it would not have been the situation today.

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A dark theme looks good and you kids talking about the dark side is fun to say and I'm sure it makes you feel cool but the real reason for a dark themed hub outside of the Hollywood factor is its practicality for night. I mount my Z10 on my windscreen while I'm driving and when I turn on the hub, it illuminates the inside of the vehicle and creates a hell of a glare. A dark theme would resolve the issue.

Also, there should be an option to keep the screen awake while charging. I use a password picture and it's a royal pain in the A$$ to constantly have to apply the password in order to take a glimps at the hub while charging in my vehicle.

These should be SIMPLE things and BlackBerry just continues to kick the can down the road.

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I for one don't really want an option for the dark hub. I'd rather have a system-wide dark option. Going app by app isn't enough, I want my z10 to look like a smaller Z30 (at least as far as the ui goes)

True. Or enhance the picture editor to allow for drawing circles, highlighting, and adding text.

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Haven't I been crying for this request since 10.1 version... All apps should have these available. DARK THEME is a MUST...

We need dark hub on the Q10.
I stopped using toasts notifications for bbm because of it. My beautifully black themed bbm just clashes with the white top margin seen from the hub when tapping on the toast notification.

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My eyes are sensitive to light so a dark theme would be a much appreciated option!

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As long as it is a choice, all is well. Personally I like the dark bbm, but tried to use it on the calendar, and it's a definite no. Had to change the color of every email syncd so I could see the little spots (events) on each date. So again, choice = good, the other way around not so much.

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As an option yes. I don't like dark myself, harder to read for me. Useability first, I'm not desperate to show how cool I am.

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First, the poll is not representative. Not even of the CB Nation, and BlackBerry has to consider less knowledgeable users. Secondly, I like dark sometimes, white others. So choice is critical. Thirdly, it would be so great if the same energy was poured into getting BlackBerry to realize pretty is nice, but things like functional contacts sync will determine their future.

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I voted for a dark theme as well but I don't see it meaning much unless they make the email composition or reading screens darked out as well.

Dark Theme not so easy to make I guess.

Not even Crackberry knows someone who can make their CB10 App dark themed

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There should not be the dark hub theme only and options for switching light or dark in every program, but one switch in settings to switch between light or dark theme completely for the OS.

It has only been recently when the black theme has shown to me how important this feature is. Up until the last few weeks I had been using the Black theme on my Z30 and Q10 just out of preference.

The situation however has changed and it has now become a feature that I cannot live without. My eyesight has changed for the worse an the normal black on white has become unusable on a mobile device. Without it I would not be able to use either BlackBerry until my eyesight improves. Other devices and BlackBerry have accessibility features but they fall short in too many ways.

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I like the dark Hub, it is better to see the Hub in dark places such as in night clubs, bars or at night in your bed. Will not stress your eyes.
Another thing, dark themes will make your icons more stand out.
Just my opinion, dark is more sexy.

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Definitely Would love a dark themed hub. I have my text messages set to dark themed. It would only make sense to allow us to set the whole Damn hub dark wouldn't it? Lol

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Yes but it should have the option to switch between dark and light

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I cannot believe the Dark Theme for the BlackBerry Hub has not been implemented yet. Do the BlackBerry OS 10 development teams not use these smartphones?

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They use the most thats the reason we don't have a ugly black theme for the hub.

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Yes, please a dark HUB. It's so jarring and stupid to switch from an all black themed device into the HUB where it's bright as all hell.

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I actually like the light theme. I would like to see what it looks like. Most themes I have in dark anyway but I like the fact the hub is separated by a light theme.

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Dark theme for hub would look ugly.. we should save the battery with dark theme but not at every place.. some places should look beautiful and hub is the one.

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Just have the option cover everything - dark theme on or off throughout the OS, or individual apps. Both ways.

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Yes for the Black theme but:
Why not have an option to choose the color?
to make the theme as we want!
Black, Red, Yellow, Green, White, Blue!

I would find a option to finally export and backup BBM messages a lot more important than such a simple design change.

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Dark theme hub sounds good that would look great on my Z30
Definitely a fan of that ,as she said yes yes yes yes yes yes yes..


I like dark theme at night and light theme during the day. Would be night if it switch automatically

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Options, options, let users decide what meet they're needs. A Black Theme is welcome like the option to mute the phone dialling pad.

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Yes..... i like dark thema
Saya suka tema hitam.
Kapan OS 10.3.1.xxxx release?
Sudah tidak sabar menunggu.

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I don't want dark theme. Why is every phone having white? Who are all blogs having white? Who didn't google think about putting dark theme?? Because dark theme is NOT easy to read for the eyes. Not everything BlackBerry is doing means it's the best. Please don't take away my white HUB please!!!!

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Yeah. White seems to bright when reading at night.

"I only work with black. And sometimes really really dark gray" -lego batman

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Sorry to say but 10.3 is looking less and less desirable to me. Dark theme hub, flat icons...everything that android launches as a trend doesn't necessarily have to be followed. I love the current look. Don't make it too hipsterish please!!!!

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Clearly a black theme is popular and hope they make one for those that want it. But please, please, please let it be an option!

I was sad when they took away the light theme for Password Keeper. I hate black themes. Some dark accents are okay, but black looks so tacky.

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