We totally wouldn't mind if the white BlackBerry Passport looked like this

By Bla1ze on 5 Jul 2014 03:08 pm EDT

BlackBerry CEO John Chen has already let it be known there is a white version of the BlackBerry Passport that's going to be released. In all the leaks though, we've not seen the white version at all but this image is floating around the internet giving us an idea of what the white one possibly could look like and I have to say, it's pretty awesome looking.

To be clear, we're not saying this is the white one. This image is being passed around uncredited to anyone so if you do own the pic or created it, let us know so we can credit you for it. In any case, rawwr! Looks amazing and could actually be the first BlackBerry 10 device I've seen that I may like in white. I never really fancied the white Q10 or the white Z30.

[Mystery solved: The above image was created by @Pootermobile]

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We totally wouldn't mind if the white BlackBerry Passport looked like this



Not a fan of white phones but this looks pretty sick in white!!! All black on top and the lower bottom in white.

 Posted via CB10 on my  Z30

NOT SURE??? I would make sweet passionate love to that thing. Over and over. It is sexy. Looks 2001 space odyssey. Hot. Especially if it is all black on the top like that. No white border.

I think this may really appeal to hardcore BlackBerry consumer fans and existing BlackBerry Business users but i'm not convinced it'll convert many iPhone and Android users in the consumer market... but I may be wrong.

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Agreed. I'm going to have trouble waiting until September. I remember when BlackBerry used to launch their flagship/hero device in the US in August. That's something I'd like to see happen again...

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I would be sad to see white passport coming months after the black one comes out. Still like to see what's actually z50 looks nice to make my decision

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Agreed. The Q10 was my first white BlackBerry and can't imagine going back to the traditional black color.

Frosty white Q10/

I agree with you guys I have the white and Gold Q10 and I love it. So excited this is coming in white. Verizon always gets the exclusive in white too :)

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy Gold and White Q10.

First time where I'm going to wait for the white version instead of buying both. Allows me to use my Z30 as long as possible =p

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Very attractive. I've been converted to all touch but I'm pumped for you keyboard folks.

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Yeah, I've also been thoroughly sold on the Z touch keyboard -- but the Passport has me thinking. I do wish they'd round those corners a bit... The white and black both look... intriguing.

Thumb-flicked from my Z30 via CB10

Nice looking device ! Wouldn't mind one in white, chose a white Z10 pre-order but chickened out at the store when I went to the store to pick one up. Walked out with a black Z10 and have some regrets. It getting the white...

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Cool design... this could be a success device... ;) if BlackBerry can make it that private people could use android apps more... blackberry will win...

Passport is still ugly, period. But I will admit I like this white "version" much better. This coming from a guy who has a work Black Q10 and a personal White Q10.

Hammered out with my White Q10

Ugly is opinionated. I personally don't get much appeal from it but it's growing on me and there are people in love with it aesthetically

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At least this one looks protected against Apple's very sensible patent of a "rectangular device with round corners" they sued Samsung over. Applethetic. Personally I love the passport, it's adult and doesn't look like a plastiquy toy for teenages.

Z30 Vivo Brasil

This white version gives me that "endless pool" look/vibe...it is REAL nice.

Murray Squire Marr

I have a white Z10, that's enough. White Q10, yeah, I could warm up to that, but the Passport?

Sorry guys, black looks much "meaner" and no-nonsense. White is too soft for that hammer of a phone. Just imho.

Pasted via CB chen

I think I'll go for the black one

Posted via CB10 on my awesome black Q10 or my white sexy Z10

Wow! That looks so much better than the black. I hope this is a bonafide image, if no I hope the real white one looks as good or better.

I prefer the Passport in black, the white Q10 I found sexy though and would have bought if the battery door was the same looking as the black version.

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Certainly gives it a standout look. Hmmm I could be wavering if this comes about.

How about a white one with the gold trimmings? It would be a little more sexier.


I never really liked the white colors in blackberry or other phone manufacturers looks tacky! Black all the way baby
Using my awesome blackberry Z30

Posted via CB10

Looks nice! Loving the white, but I'm still for a Black Blackberry ;). Will be getting the passport in September! :D Long Live #Blackberry!

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I would mind. Hate the black screen assembly, like on the Z10. If the phone is white, it should be white.

I have the Z10 in both colours, the black one looks great naked or with the red transform case, the white looks okay naked but looks awesome with the white transform case.

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Never really fancied a white phone, being a bloke, but this looks quite smart in white!... Like to see it in the flesh tho..

Posted on CB10 with my Q10

That is true...I haven't really cared for the white BB10 phones but I really will get this phone in white! Does the Passport support wireless charging like the Z30?

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Still can't grow to like this Passport design im sorry. Anybody's first impression of this device is going to be "holy shit that's the ugliest phone I've ever seen". And then laugh at you when you try to justify your choice.

Posted via CB10 for Q10

Who cares what other people think as long as you are satisfied? Who are you trying to fit it with? tsk tsk

Love white Blackberrys and the passport is no different although I will say I still think the white z30 is the best looking phone to date.

Posted via CB10

I thought it was BlackBerry not WhiteBerry. If anything, a variety of colors would be cool for all the Berries.

The first Q10 I saw was a sort of beige/grey... very professional looking. and I can't find it anymore.

Posted via CB10

Very classy-in my line of work it has to be black but if your hands never get dirty this would be a head turner...can't wait to try it out - like what I hear so far

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BlackBerry must develop a culture of getting things right the first time, on time, every time. If BlackBerry screws up on pricing of the Passport the way it did on pricing of the Z3 in India, it don't matter how appealing the looks of the phone are, or what the capabilities of the phone are. The Passport as a product will fail.

Yeaaa, I'm also not a fan of the BlackBerry 10 white versions especially the Q10. But this Passport is sweet

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I would really like a stainless steel look and feel or even a Titanium one! This would amplified the luxury of BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

I just showed this image to the waiter at a Johnny Rockets. He was very impressed and said he would buy one of he could afford it.

Posted via CB10

Except from the color (which I don't really like) :
Anybody noticed the more flat keys. I know, this is no official picture. But we can discuss Different key designs. I'm curious about the keys not being typical as on other Blackberry's like the Q10 / 9900 etc with all that curves and edges

Posted via CB10

What do you mean by "more flat"?

Certainly the keys are not sculpted like the Q10, but they aren't flat either. From other photos it looks like the keys are small raised buttons.

This makes sense if one accepts that the keyboard acts as a trackpad. Any key elevation changes is going to "attract" one's finger to a particular part of the keyboard.

Of course I haven't seen a device; either prototype or production, so take my comment accordingly.

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I really like BlackBerry's approach to releasing the passport. Since it's such a unique phone, Mr. Chen is allowing plenty of time before the official release to create a buzz and have people talking about it. Slowly but surly, from the first pics I've seen of the passport, until now, the phone is growing on me. I also don't believe I'm the only person who's experiencing this. Thoughts?

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Definitely agree. It's growing on me. I have big hands so I think this phone is going to suit me just fine :) Although, I'm curious about the Classic too. Just depends what the specs are like on the Classic. I have a Q10 and I don't really need the trackpad but if the specs are through the roof I might have to get one. Definitely getting a Passport though.... and quite possible in white

Not approved by the NSA. My personal Q10

mw, I have large hands too. But, I dug out my passport and have concluded that the Passport is definitely a two-thumb device.

Still, I think that the Passport will be my next BlackBerry.

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I agree. This is a new style of phoning, texting, emailing, printing, collaborating,... Chen was right in keeping a long lead time before global release. This swashbuckling form factor needs weeks to grow up, remove misgivings, create love & make a mark !

And it's a render not a real pic imo. I am sure that's been said already, but it does look better than the other white BlackBerry phones imo.

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New queries re hardware and carriers: this should be the right time for Blackberry to offer both the Classic and Passport totally unlocked, without being tied to any carrier. Although I'm unhappy my carrier, T-Mobile will no longer have BlackBerry phones available to purchase directly, I cannot bear the thought of using either Verizon or, worse, AT&T. What are the possibilities Blai 1ze and John Chen?

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The Z10 is only just coming into its prime, it's still an exceptional device, 1.5yrs later no lag, no power problems, graphics still outstanding, i just hope we get awesome apps optimised for the Passport.

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I'm not sure about the size or the keyboard. I have average-sized hands and the Q10 is just on this side of too big. Hate the idea of a phone I need two hands to operate.

Maybe when I see the keyboard in operation, I'll feel differently.

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John Chen, blackberry please listen.... have the white one JUST like this and it WILL turn heads... I posted this in my instagram and Facebook and the comments and likes I'm getting are very positive...this is one sexy phone!!!!! black bezel/screen with white keyboard with either white, silver frets make this phone look classy, stylish, "out there", different, modern.... PLEASE have the white passport look like this picture...

Fat Mexican with a Z10 in CB10

Hahaha I'm sorry but that phone is ugly. I have a line that if the classic comes to the states I will put on but this phone no matter how I spin it it's ugly.

Posted via my sexy Note 3. Big hands ;-)

I think the White Z30 looks better than the Black version. But for the Passport either one looks slick.
I'll even go for a nice RED version too.

Posted via CB10

I thought the passport was quite ugly at first. But slowly the design is really starting to appeal to me. It's good in a word where most smart phones look almost the same.

Posted via CB10

Maybe they should make a version for each countries passport book color.

Posted from my Z30 using CB10

How much does this thing cost, has it been announced yet? Or speculations? Haven't been keeping up with news lately, wasn't looking to buy a phone anytime soon, but this has got me hooked :D

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I took a chance with my Z10....got it in white :D Wanted to know QNX on a mobile platform and personally.....i was very impressed

I had a white bold & I have a white Z10 now...I'm sticking with white black phones always look much too bland for me now

My Z10 Whiteout

Advertise and it will be sold! Why in the world has there not been any advertising during the biggest event of the world? The World Cup is on fellas, it's only here every 4 years! This shows that the goal is to dwindle away BlackBerry...

Posted via CB10

Bring back the physical camera button and you have the makings of the perfect micro PC/phone ever conceived.

Posted via BlackBerry Z30

I think BlackBerry needs to get on some sweet stainless steel action and brushed metal goodness like the HTC One. The same old same old isn't bad but shake things up a bit. There isn't just one look for professional phone. Especially not these days. Kick it up a notch boys!

Posted via CB10

Man that thing is just a square. I think no matter what color it comes in it is still ugly. I seriously doubt that phone will sell. I can see people holding it up to their faces and covering more than half the side of their face leaving a nice faceprint on the screen.... no thanks.

Posted via CB10

Nice! But what if, instead of white, silver? Like metal. No point chipping, no discoloration. Maybe the wear would be better.

Posted via CB10

Love the phone in this image. May want this over black. Have the keyboard back light change color would make this even more interesting.

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I think the passport looks great overall in either color.. it stands out from all other phones, it's large and in charge..

Q10 on T-Mobile

blackberry cassic an blaackberry passport have made their attraction . people are looking forward to purchase them . they will cover the market . but they should be upto the expectations.
their shape and looks force me take both .
i hope i will surely win the contest and get them . FREE

Now that I would get. Haha I wish the black one would look like this, with normal looking letters on the keys...

Posted from my BlackBerry Q10 on AT&T

Damn brother. That is the best looking white BlackBerry I've seen. If they do that without the nasty side bezle, it will be a serious winner.

Posted via CB10

If it looks anything like that, it wud be my first white phone... Q10 for sale everyone any takers?

Posted via CB10

Its nice. But I think I still prefer black. I worry the white one would turn yellowed for short period of using. You know the keys are plastic not ceramic.

 Posted via CB10 by Z30

I hope new BlackBerry phones apply more metal to make the bezel and housing. I love my 9900. The make is so nice with steel bezel. But Z30 has too many plastic part. The lower silvery part is plastic. I get it so many dings.

 Posted via CB10 by Z30

Samantha, I'm with you: the BlackBerry keyboard is why I use the Q10 (and the Bold, Style and Curve before it). I am not interested in an experimental keyboard when I have to get a long email out quickly. The lack of a trackpad on the Q10 almost lost me for life as a BlackBerry customer until I learned of the Classic, though I'm concerned about its size and it's availability through my carrier, Sprint.

Posted via CB10

I just have one question. Is this probably EXTREMELY WIDE thing designed for phoning?

I can imagine making video calls holding it with BOTH hands but holding it with ONE hand near to my ear?

No! Thanks!

How about something other than black or white?! How about a rugged looking Grey? Or even a black/grey combination.

Sent Via the 'workhorse' AKA Nokia 3310

They should have two colour combinations:
1) All Black with silver trim
2) White (with screen window all black) with gold trim

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I can see my doctor and other health care pros using a white passport-it looks clean, clinical And so professional! That phone whipped out of a doctor's pocket would exude Tons of confidence to a patient.....

I have a white Zed 10-and the passport looks Damn Sexy in white. I mean Damn Sexy and cool like a space 1999 communicator sexy and cool. That phone looks awesome! Mmmmm want! Want now!!!

BlackBerry by choice,blackberry for life!

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I'd loose the idea of putting the logo and the word blackberry at the front, thus creating more room for the screen and other stuff for all the next phones. This one too. Logo at the back is good enough. Besides, am sure everyone can tell qwerty blackberries just by looking at them. That's just my opinion.

The sharp corners seem obtrusive and vulnerable to me. Wouldn't they be better rounded off some? Then again, that has nothing to do with being white.

I think the white looks nice... definitely stands out, but I'd probably still get the all black BlackBerry!
Now, if the made it in RED... now we are playing in a different galaxy and I would have to beam it into my hands.

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Why or what is the big or main fascination with "White" as a choice. Is this the ONLY other than Black production color for release?

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I have a white Q-10 and it looks awesome... sometimes I put a black cover, and u can see black and white in every port, its just sick! :D

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Guess they're not going to consider a navy blue color something like an actual passport. That might be interesting.

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