We need you! Come work for Mobile Nations!

We have two positions open right now that we need help filling and since we love our community SO MUCH we’re giving you the head start before reaching outside. Do you have what it takes to oust Kevin from the Employee of the Month plaque?

Come work for Mobile Nations
By David Lundblad on 13 Mar 2013 06:02 pm EDT

Kevin has made himself Employee of the Month for six years straight and we’ve finally had enough. We need new blood to spice things up a bit. Before we start a bigger process of recruitment we want to reach out to you, our community, first.

Are you the right person for the job or do you know someone that would be? Right now we are looking for a Medium to Senior PHP developer, ideally with Drupal experience, and a Junior to Medium Web Designer with CSS skills. 

Ideally you are based in the US or Canada. Miami, NYC, LA or Winnipeg are a plus but not necessary as we are a virtual team.

Email hireme@mobilenations.com with a short introduction, why you would be suited for the job, why you want to work for Mobile Nations and your Resume.

We will not be able to respond to everyone individually but rest assured we’ll be looking at every single email.

Good luck!

David Lundblad
Design Director, Mobile Nations

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We need you! Come work for Mobile Nations!


We are considering interns for the temporary NYC office so if you are based there there might be openings. We are looking at the logistics.

I have no experience in any of those fields but maybe i can come work for a few stickers. :)
I am in the NYC area

Darn. I wish I had those skills. The people here seem like they'd be a gas to work with.

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Both are full-time. Ping any additional questions you might have on the roles here in this thread and we'll answer back promptly.

If you need a Winnipeg based voice talent for any projects in support of BlackBerry, hit me up I am all over that.

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Damn, I live in Winnipeg but I just started programming so all I know is Java. My cousin is just finishing up his computer science degree at the University of Manitoba, maybe he will be a good fit.

For myself I dabble in PHP, CSS and Drupal - but professionally? Nope, nowhere near enough knowledge ...

Nice to hear you are using Drupal though :).

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Every now and again you see the Drupal favicon on pages like t.crackberry.com and some of the old site 404 error pages. I keep forgetting to tell them about this.

Might just throw my hat in the ring...

I don't know who is the HR at mobile nations but he/she us going to receive quite a lot of emails soon :)

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Are you looking for just developers/designers or are there other potential opportunities? Specifically in the Toronto region.

Do the positions have an intended length, or are they expected to be indefinite? Without revealing any upcoming features/enhancements, what sorts of projects and/or daily tasks can be expected?

I have 20+ years of programming coffee makers so that's Java covered. I got C's and C+ in high school. And I can type porn url's into the browser so that's html covered. Also I can format cells in excel like a boss. Look forward to hearing from you. But seriously, good luck to those who are qualified and congrats to those selected.

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ill pay you to remove that wallpaper!! i know wordpress like the back of my hand, great with css and php, but im a wordpress guy. wish i could help out the CB Nation. Good luck!

Hey, i'm in the New York area and looking for a new opportunity would love to work for you guys, do i send my resume directly to the email link?

Suppose reading the simple and straight forward instructions in the above job advertisement wouldn't tell you ? ? ?

Hi. Live in South Africa. Am skilled at programming and web design. Would love this job. Can work over internet. Please give me the job.


When you need an errand boy or a logistics planner in Winnipeg, I am your guy!

Sidenote: can I get some BlackBerry Spark stickers for the back windshield of my 4Runner?

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All this time, I thought that Mr. Kevin is your only employee... which makes him always the best employee...


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I threw my name in the ring on this one. I'm sure I'll get more laughs then anything else but as a proud BlackBerry Epic Fanboy it's my duty to apply for any job that will get me closer to working with the brand. LOL right now being an uber fan people just look at me weird but if I worked somewhere where BB was related to my job then I wouldn't be so weird LOL.

Are you looking for any writers? .. because i have a knack for writing in the English language.

...and if I don't get picked for the position I'm sure Bl1ze needs an assistant lol. You know you do man lol

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Have these positions been picked yet? I know that this went across all of mobile nations not just CB. That being the case is it just that you guys have many entries to go through? Will you be letting the public know who these lucky people are?