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We go hands on with Poynt for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 2 May 2013 01:49 pm EDT

Poynt has been a huge app for BlackBerry for many a year. We recently told you that it is now available for BlackBerry 10 (Z10 & Q10) and as a free download it really is one of those 'must have' apps on your device.

The app is currently an Android port but seems to work just fine for me. The only downside I can see is that when you select to view a location on a map it opens up Google Maps in the browser. It would be nicer with a native version so we can jump into BlackBerry Maps and have access to navigation if required.

But as you will see from the above video the app serves it purpose and serves it well.

Full features of Poynt include:

  • Movies – search by theater, movie, top 10 or genre; add theaters to favorites; sort by name or rating; view trailers; view Rotten Tomatoes rankings; add to calendar; send details to contacts; buy movie tickets
  • Restaurants – Search by name, cuisine type or nearby; click-to-call; get directions; view website; view hours and prices; reserve a table
  • Gas Prices (US/UK/Canada ONLY) – view best prices by grade or stations nearby; click-to-call; get directions; view station amenities; send details to contacts
  • Events – search by category, venue, performer, event or nearby; get directions; send details to contacts; add events to calendar
  • People – lookup by name or reverse lookup by phone number or address; click-to-call; get directions; send details to contacts
  • Businesses – search by name; get directions; click to call; add  details to contacts - Offers (US ONLY)- Find Offers nearby or by keyword

More information/Download Poynt for BlackBerry 10



Great app with a tonne of features. Looking forward to it! Keep them coming!

Posted via CB10


Disappointed its Android. I was expecting a native. Just not a top notch app anymore.

Posted via CB10


This works amazingly well for a port. Faster than any other port on my phone actually.

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10 & loving it!


This is true for me as well but I cant map something to native maps because it is an Android port and that makes this app a bust IMO.


One thing that some of you might not know; 'back button' is a swype from the bottom at 30 degrees to the left

Posted via CB10


I thought you were kidding but it actually works, thanks.

Clicking the button on the upper left is an alternative.


... or, swipe from top down to show back button.


Or use the little back arrow at the top/left of the app.


Good tip, though it's much easier to just swipe along the bottom bezel from roughly the middle of the "BlackBerry" logo to the left edge.

Posted via CB10 & loving it!


Loved it on my Storm2 and missed it on the Z10 until now! Downloaded and works like a dream. Android port? Don't mind that at all cause it does what it does so well.

Posted via CB10


Was definitely hoping for map integration after missing that in the sideloaded android port. A little disappointing.

Posted via CB10


I'm just glad it's available.

Posted via CB10

Wolf 564

In UK and don't seem to be getting Petrol listing, shame as that would be most useful.

Posted via CB10


Still confused as I thought they went bankrupt. Will download though

Posted via Vader10


A company can be in bankruptcy and still operate. The airlines do it all the time and you can still fly them. It's a way to dig out of debt for companies that are poorly operated or just not making it sales-wise. Just use the app, if the company actually closes the app would then cease to work.


i think its a good thing it opens the google maps web browser instead of the bb maps. from what I've read (as far as z10 bb maps goes) and experienced on bb maps for my 9900, its pretty bad.


The version for BBOS allowed you to select what app to use for mapping.

Is that not true anymore?


BlackBerry Maps is A LOT better than it was on BBOS. In addition, Google Maps works but doesn't always play nice on the Z10. Preferably, a future update of this app would let you CHOOSE which one you want to use like the older app did.

Posted via CB10 & loving it!


If you have Google maps side loaded on the phone you can select it open rather than using the browser in poynt.

Posted via CB10


Working great! Loved it on Legacy still loving it on BB10.

Posted Securely Via My BlackBerry Z10.


Add to address book fills in only the phone number and nothing else? what gives. Also if you have google maps side loaded it will give you that as an option when getting map or directions. Seems like a good start but needs some more work.


I agree that the add to address was one of the most useful features. Now it only adds the phone number. Needs work for sure. :(

Posted via CB10


If you have Google maps side loaded then it will give you the option to open that instead of the browser when you need to use navigation.

Posted via CB10


Why is this App demanding access to my pictures?

Posted via CB10


Yea this seems to be a problem with many of the apps I've downloaded. I don't get it. Maybe they use the info for some ad or promotion targeting.

I always see negative reviews in BlackBerry World to the likes of "Why do you need to access my blah blah blah data?"


There was a post on this a while back it has to do with how blackberry gives out permissions. The app may not need access to your photos but certain operations that it needs to function are under that category. The developer doesn't have the granular options that they used to when selecting what is required to run the app.


Except this isn't Poynt for BlackBerry 10, it's just Poynt the Android port. I have to say I'm disappointed that they didn't make this one native considering how big it was on legacy BlackBerry OS.

Posted via CB10


hard to find the resources to build a native app when they have no capital to do so.

I'm suprised to even see an app, they went bankrupt earlier.


Does it replace well GasBuddy? It surely takes gas prices from there right?

Posted via CB10


I've always found GasBuddy to be more accurate than Poynt for gas prices. Users don't contribute to updating the prices like GB, so I believe it is the actual station itself updating this and they are always delayed or outright lying as to the actual price. I also hate when they post the "cash only" price or the price if you buy a car wash which I've run into on Poynt more than once.


Gas buddy let's you report prices too. Poynt doesn't.

Posted via CB10


BB10 maps is not as bad as everyone makes it seems, it's very improved in 10.1

Posted via CB10


Tried adding a couple of places to contacts and all it did was open contacts didn't add them. Hopefully it's updated soon. Always been a favorite.

Posted via Z10


This doesn't seem to be the same Poynt I knew on my Storm 2. A couple of searches came back with no results: schools and Subway restaurant. Had to use Yellow Pages app.

Posted via CB10


This is very slow with lots of timeouts for me :(

Otherwise it seems to work "Okay"

Posted via CB10


I use this app often on my 9930. I almost always access it from the home screen using universal search and the fact that this isn't possible right now on the Z10 is pretty disappointing. I wonder if being an Android port is the reason.


I have Waze installed it And it let's me launch that for mapping. Problem was that Waze can't seem to find the address...

So close yet so far...

Posted via CB10 on my Commodore 64


After having this on my PlayBook its strange that they went droid port for it.
Haven't been able to find any movies near by, and in all honesty that's the reason I always used it so i hope that fixes itself.

Sent from Amber via CB10.


kidmac13 - use Cineplex app for movies, well if you're in Canada anyway.


Thanks, and i would but I'm in Australia.

Sent from Amber via CB10.


Port or not, I still like Poynt. It comes in handy at times. I just wish it was updated more often. There are restaurants listed that actually went out of business over 4-years ago. So I recommend verifying results.


I've always been a big fan of Poynt, and I'm very happy that there is a BlackBerry 10 app (ported or not) for it... 
One question, when an app is in BlackBerry World, how do we know if it is an Android port or not?


Why does this app want access to my pin, pics, etc? I declined :(

Posted via CB10


Great App

Should have been a native, not a port!

Should have been a pre install App!

Posted via CB10

Detective M Downs

The app for legacy BBOS looks better because, it had the carousel icon view and the weather was reflected in the background of screen. Also, does the port allow you to pair with Playbook?


Yeah, I was kinda disappointed when I saw that this port doesn't have the carousel.

Blue Shift

Looks nice but doesn't work all that well in my area. It failed to find anything within 10km of where I am.

Posted via CB10


I have not used it much yet but have not had any problems. The few searches returned reasonable locations. The screen mentioned that Poynt was using yellow pages for the results. The gas prices showed many locations ordered by cheapest - results were taken from Gas Buddy into Poynt. The mapping did not seem to work with Waze - it started Waze but the search result did not appear within Waze.


Movies search not working

Posted via CB10


Love Poynt! Used it today when out and about, and I agree, some of the restaurants listed were out of business; and after spending probably ten minutes looking at restaurants, mapping them, and checking out their websites, the battery got pretty hot. But I love the app!

Posted via CB10


Program needs too many access so I declined and uninstalled it.

Dave Bourque

Compared to Waze this app is much better, I'm not having as many issues as other people have said. They seemed to have optimized it for BB10 even though it's a android port.

Posted via CB10


This is a huge downgrade from the prevoius versions on the legacy devices. Its missing Pairing! The Coolest part about Poynt used to be the Playbook Pairing.

Speedy McKrash

I downloaded the ported version. Still patiently writing for the native app.

Posted via CB10


This app is terrible. In fact I don't think I will download anymore android ports anymore. The app wouldn't open and then crashed. Not worth my time. It's lazy to not create a native app. Shame on the developers at poynt.


The app actually works pretty well for me. It's not as slick as the PlayBook version but not bad for a port which I generally avoid. Such a good service though that I had to try it. I give it 3 stars with a full point deduction for not being native and another point not providing full functionality. Still, not bad for a port.


I'm getting really tired of hearing about these great apps and then the bomb gets dropped. Its an Android that has to be ported.


Has anyone run into the problem of their GPS starting to run even though you've closed pint? Since install I've seen several times where with no other location services required or open the gps symbol is on my home screen. This has only started happening since I've installed Poynt.

Posted via CB10 with my Z10


I have the GPS problem as well.


until this goes native i won't download it. good job Poynt, but not good enough. you've been showing the love for BB users for years by developing your app in BB's native but why didn't you develop the same for BB10??

Brutal Efficiency

As I have mentioned before, BlackBerry should purchase this from the company that now owns it. Then they should proceed to integrate this with BlackBerry 10 and beef it up to make it a Google Now competitor.

Blackberry Faithful


Downloaded - seems to work great! Will be very useful.


If you have Waze or have side loaded Google maps, when you select directions you can pick one of them to guide you to your chosen destination

Posted via CB10


Awesome app been using it since it was ever available on my bold 9000 5 yrs now

Posted via CB10, BB10, Z10


Waiting for native. I do not pit any Android apps on my blackberry device. Android can keep their laggy software to themselves.

Posted via CB10


I love Poynt. Now that I have it installed on my Z10 I realize how many of my old favorites are still missing.

Posted via CB10


Gas prices are brought to you by Gas Buddy as stated once you go into the gas price section of the app.


It's not available yet in Austria.

Posted via CB10


Been waiting for this thanks!

Posted via CB10


One of my favorite apps. :)

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10