We go hands on with Cut the Rope for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 22 May 2013 12:30 pm EDT

We announced a short while ago that the popular game 'Cut the Rope' had been updated to support BlackBerry 10 so if you are in two minds whether to part with your cash here's a little taster for you.

Although priced at £1.50/$1.99 if you have previously bought the game for your PlayBook you won't have to pay again - Yippee!

The game has been huge on other platforms and if my memory serves me right it is probably one of the most popular games since gaming on smartphones took off. If you haven't played Cut the Rope before the the concept is quite simple. You have to get the piece of candy into the little monsters (Om Nom) mouth. The problem is that the candy is attached to ropes and in order for you to give Om Nom his treat you will need to slice the ropes in a particular order - which at first seems simple but as you progress things get real tough.

In addition - there are stars to collect along the way and just to spice things up a bit you will need to make good use of some bubbles to float the candy up the screen. Make sure you pop the bubble before it reaches the top though of you will fail the level.

Graphics and sound wise Cut the Rope is as good as it gets, so if you are looking for a fun, addictive puzzle style game on your BlackBerry this one is a must.

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Think i like the dogfighting one better.


This is my favorite mobile game.


Now if only EA and others (mainly EA) will allow me to have all the games on my Z10 that I already paid for on my PlayBook. There are probably 10 games I refuse to pay for again.

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Oh wow.....no q10 support, what else is new. physical keyboard and blaq are only gonna keep me on this device for so long

Posted on my Q10.......while on the can


Makes sense...there probably isn't enough screen real estate. I bet Plants vs. Zombies won't work either. Kind of sucks, but most people aren't buying the Q10 for media and gaming.


give it time. i'm sure apps and games will be available across all BB10 devices in time.
Z10 owners have had to wait 3.5 months for cut the rope to go from playbook to Z10. in time, it will be on the Q10 too.


This game won't work for me. It opens for a second then closes on me.

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Try setting up the "Games" app (it wanted to run when I started the game). After rebooting and doing that it ran good, other than the achievement crashes.

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The Me

You need to enable the games posting score thing or else it won't work.


Do you have a Z10? Do you have 10.0 or 10.1?


Should mention that there is no Q10 support

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should also mention that it crashes upon achievement unlock


This was fixed in the latest version (


Are you guys seriously disappointed by the fact that not every single game is available for the Q10?

It's a super small 1:1 aspect ratio screen, you guys should be thankful the debs bother to make some games compatible.

If you want them so bad, why did you get the Q?
Yes, more compatibility would be nice, but complete disappointment is just crazy.


Thanks for the latte kenneth

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Seriously, why get a Q10 if you're a gamer?

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I actually like it more on my z10 compared to my playbook haha

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Leaked VZW OS, game won't even open for me.

The Me

You need to enable the games posting score thing or else it won't work.


on q10 soon?

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I totally agree with FrankIam with his valid comments... , the Q10 is more of a business tool that is fantastic for emailing and typing messages quickly whilst the Z10 is more for media type users who like playing games and watching movies...

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I'll enable the game app. Thanks!

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Hi James, does the app crash for you every time you get an achievement? I was waiting for that in your video.


The game has crashed twice on me so far. :(

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Got it, love it!

I would have repurchased it too, but quite glad I didn't have too.


I bought it when I read the initial reviews a few days ago. I wanted it right then and there but didn't want to use my 4G for the download and was unsure if buying it on my Z would allow me to play on my PlayBook. I sent an email to the company but hadn't gotten a response back. I just waited till I got home and did it the way others suggested and thus far it's a great game for killing time.

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I love this game on my PB, my only complaint is that they have not brought the other 2 Cut the Rope titles to BlackBerry :(

If they did I would buy them in a heartbeat!

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This game is a must have, lots of fun and I can't help not giving um nom his candy and the developers were fast to address issues and fix them quickly! Loved it on my ipad and live it more on my Z10!

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I bought the app for my PlayBook, so I am very pleased that I do not need to pay again.

What I find unacceptable though, is that I can't use it, without using the "Games" app.
I have no need for it and don't want to use it. Why would Cut the Rope have the need for that to function?

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So glad that another major game has come to BlackBerry! It's a sign to me that the BlackBerry World isn't as pathetic as I had thought before.

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