Contest: We go on the Blackberry PlayBook tour, you can win the schwag!

BlackBerry PlayBook Truck
By Bla1ze on 30 May 2011 11:46 am EDT

The Research In Motion marketing machine has been busy since the release of the BlackBerry PlayBook. Aside from all the VIP events they've been hosting as of late, they've also loaded up some Peterbilt trucks with a bevy of PlayBooks, PlayBook accessories and luckily -- some PlayBook schwag. Yesterday, one of those Peterbilt trucks stopped in Arizona and Michelle and I were able to go ahead and check it out. 

Needless to say, it was a pretty cool experience. If you're not already a BlackBerry PlayBook owner and get to step into the PlayBook experience truck you're in for quite a time. Jump on past the break for more info and a chance to win some PlayBook schwag.

BlackBerry PlayBook Demo

As you start your tour you're greeted and invited to enter to win a BlackBerry PlayBook when all the tours are over. You'll then move on into the truck where you'll get to sit down and go through a quick demo and crash course in learning the specs and general usage of the BlackBerry PlayBook which --is pretty awesome especially if you're not already a BlackBerry PlayBook owner. Walk in the door, and get handed a PlayBook? Sweet!

Need For Speed

After the demo, you're set loose on the bevy of PlayBooks around in the truck -- all of which are live and connected to the internet. You'll get to play games, download apps, take pics, videos and whatever else your heart desires within the line of reason. You'll also see plenty of video demos and get an up close look at some of the BlackBerry PlayBook accessories that are available.

BlackBerry PlayBook Accessories

All in all, a great time for BlackBerry fans. No, you're not gonna find any of PlayBooks there running native email or the Android emulator but that's quite alright for now. The staff on hand are friendly and knowledgable about the products they are demoing and while you're pretty much free to roam -- they're not far away should you have any questions. 

BlackBerry PlayBook Schwag

In speaking with the folks demoing the items at the event, (Hi Lisa.. Hi Donna) we not so slyly managed to get them to admit the obivous. Yes, they've certainly heard of CrackBerry. Not surprising really but, awesome! Lisa and Donna also hooked us with some schwag, and in the spirit of CrackBerry -- we're gonna give it away. One lucky winner out there will win the BlackBerry PlayBook hat, PlayBook screen cleaner and we'll also toss in those sexy CrackBerry stickers. Drop us a note in the comments and we'll pick a winner for next Monday.

BlackBerry PlayBook Truck

Make sure you hit tup the BlackBerry PlayBook Tour site to see if the truck will be rolling into your area soon.

Where will the BlackBerry PlayBook Tour be next?

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Contest: We go on the Blackberry PlayBook tour, you can win the schwag!



wow great promo for the Playbook, but why are they only touring in the north. while i already have a Playbook, i would love to see this big rig and tour the promo. hopefully they will have more dates and travel further south, like Atlanta, hint, hint, hint.

Looks very neat and would like to see the truck for myself. Unfortunately I live in The Netherlands... The goodies are welcome ;)

I never, ever win stuff like this...but those stickers would look nice on the back of my car
**Hint, Hint**

When are they going to come to the west coast? Humorously there was the one stop in Arizona, then they head back to the east coast. What a waste of fuel!

I hope that they are plannign this all over the world. HTC have just been doing this all over the UK so hopefully RIM will do it as well, maybe in time for the UK release.

My girlfriend saw it at Heralds Square in NY, got a few screen cleaners but couldnt win a playbook in the raffle, oh well. Pretty cool though...

I. Want. That. Hat. The crackberry stickers will also come in handy covering my mom's iPad logo. ;)


Love how RIM are marketing the PlayBook :), I hope they do this with the phones as well, would be cool. Wish they would bring that truck to the UK ;p. Oh and please pick me :)

I've been banging on about the PB for months now to my boss, trying to convince him to get one from the states before the UK launch. - would be awesome to turn up to work in a PB cap, like a proper fanboi :-D

Been a while since I won anything here, would be nice to win this for my wife since I just got her a Playbook for our anniversary today

As always, CrackBerry does not disappoint. Count me in again. Hmm I'm beginning to feel selfish entering a lot of these. :S

Good luck everyone!

come on whats better than winning a free hat?? How about winning one that has to do with the playbook.

Can you say opa!!!!! malaka!!!

whoaaaa.. i want the hat.. i want the cleaner... i want the stickers... *sigh* can I win all? ._." I'm so crackberryaddict

I would wear that hat with pride in knowing I am an extreme crackberry Addict & Expert! And would ensure those stickers are where I can show off my crackberryness. On my Blackberry's Back :D.

I'll give it a shot. I've never won anything at all yet on (and I've been a member for over 3 years now). Good luck everyone. =)

hmmmm I need some crackberry shwag to bring more of my coworkers on board with CB and its cool to win things like this

i would totally LOVE that blackberry hat!!!!!! all my friends know i am obsessed...i sent that link of the Apollo leak to like 20 BBM contacts in the middle of the night lol


Just gave my iPad to my bf as I am totally addicted to my Playbook. More toys to show love for my Playbook would be great. :)

I frikkin love the Playbook, so of course I'd love to win! Thank you for offering up free schwag, and thank you that its so schwagaliscious! I LOVE CB ! ! !

...I really gotta stop drinking 3 cups of coffee before 11am.

Darn it! I was in Arizona Friday-Monday and had no idea :-(

Any idea when/if this rig is coming to Cleveland?