We catch up with Constable Ken Koke - a true BlackBerry fan

By James Richardson on 16 May 2013 02:17 pm EDT

You may remember last year when we were here in Orlando, BlackBerry were proudly showing off the PlayBook Police Cruiser. The car was manned by Ken Koke from the Chatham-Kent Police Service and he showed us just how great the PlayBook integration into the cruiser was making life easier for police officers on the street.

Ken was here again this year, although in a slightly different capacity - this time still as a Police Officer but here to learn as much as possible from the sessions that BlackBerry were holding. So I managed to grab a couple of minutes with Ken to see how things are still working out with the BlackBerry solution that the police service uses and also what the future holds for them.

In addition - I know that Ken has been holding out for the BlackBerry Q10 for some time now and as you will see from the video he is loving it.

It's awesome to see such great BlackBerry support from a Police department - let's hope many more follow now that BlackBerry 10 is rocking the world.

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We catch up with Constable Ken Koke - a true BlackBerry fan


wow not only did you not contribute at all to the article, you say go leafs go, and they were knocked out of the playoffs on monday!

Do something useful and actually post about the article and not first

Constable Koke won't be impressed with a crippled BlackBerry Bridge when he connects to the police cruiser's BlackBerry PlayBook. He'll be issuing a ticket for criminal negligence to Thorsten Heins and proceeding to the Court for a warrant for the arrest of Team BlackBerry and CrackBerry Kevin.

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Sigh. This type of post is longer, boring and much more repetitive than 'first'. And is also off topic.

The leafs reference are an obvious dig to get ol'quicksilver riled up. Anyone spending ANY time with the crack10 app knows you live in GTA and have some extra extra passion for policing the 'firsts'.

See. I made a policing reference. Not as rah rah rah as the one you ultimately made. Maybe buddy should have said Go G20!

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Hoping that police services momentum is beginning to build for RIM, err BlackBerry...forgot, RIM was knocked out of the playoffs a while back.

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Was Officer Koke asked if his fleet was still equipped with PlayBooks, or if he was wondering when BB10 will be released for the PlayBook, or if he was waiting for BlackBerry to restore the Bridge functionality in BB10 so that when he gets the Q10 he will be able to use it with the PlayBook the way he did with his legacy phone?

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I have no idea why any Police Department /service would use anything but BB. We use them to access our main Police database for officers who don't have access to a laptop, like foot patrols, bike patrols, etc

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I doubt it. This company has one shot to do this. And right now they r already off to a bad start. With phones loaded with more bugs then os. U don't do this in a market where apple and Android have a strong and passionate user base. BlackBerry is jus digging a hole for them selves

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You are filled with troll and you are basically digging a hole for yourself. Mad that blackberry is getting better and better? I thought so.

QuicKsllV3r. Founded and only member of the First police force, and also non contributor to the article. Every time, it's unbelievable, what a Knobhead.
It's good that organisations still believe in Blackberry as the go too system for security and reliability.