Waze now available for BlackBerry 10 devices

By Adam Zeis on 15 Mar 2013 11:48 am EDT

Social GPS mapping and traffic app Waze is now available for BlackBerry 10 devices. It's an Android port, but it's working like a champ thus far. If you've never heard of Waze before, it's a social app of sorts that uses community-based mapping so you'll always get the best route to wherever you're going.

Users add in data simply by using Waze as it collects time and traffic info and passes it along to other users. You can connect with friends while you keep track of accidents, traffic delays, construction and other road warrior events. It's totally free to use and if you drive often - totally awesome. Check it out in BlackBerry World today.

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Waze now available for BlackBerry 10 devices


Yeah this application is fucking awesome. It runs so well. To be honest it makes android ports seem viable. 3d map is great.

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Great news!

Android on-boarding process - port today, Cascades tomorrow :)?

Means people have to use it for that to happen! Get on it!

Damn....initializing, please wait

Anyone else having trouble getting it to start up?

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Just downloaded and it looks pretty neat. My question is how does it use data? Being that it is constantly running, does it use allot of data or doe it use a little? Just curious ... thanks ...

Isn't this how Google maps' traffic feature works as well? Is Waze different or better somehow? (and I know that Google maps is not officially out for the Z10 yet, but it can be sideloaded...)

You are correct. Crowd sourcing for traffic isn't new, BlackBerry Traffic used this too. But what's nice about Waze is the other things - you can update the maps in case of new areas or changes, report not only on traffic but police in the area with radar traps, gas prices, all in one location

Good to hear that Waze has offered a port for BlackBerry 10.

One thing I suggest is for Crackberry writers not to be shy to mention whether its a native or ported app in the headline/title of their posts... eg "WhatsApp native app available for BlackBerry 10" -- "Waze port now available for BlackBerry 10."

I got all excited thinking this Waze release was a native app and was slightly disappointed when I read it was an Android port simply because the headline gave no indication.

Either way, glad to see another decent port available for BlackBerry 10 :-)

Go BlackBerry!

I'm usually the first to jump on the "Android ports must suck!" wagon, but this one is pretty nice, and I don't have much to complain about.

Don't get me wrong, native is a hell of a lot better, but Waze is worth a look at.

I think they did a fantastic job with this port, and it's solid proof that Android apps can be decent.

There are good Android Player apps, and there are crappy native apps. I'll admit that given the choice between a decent Android app and a decent native app, I'll take the native app, but if the best tool to meet my needs happens to be an Android port, I'll use it and be happy.

Ok, it has taken 1 restart and 1 full shut down in order for me to see a map.

On initial install it wouldn't do anything (display map, display speedometer, seach, etc nothing)
After Z10 restart still no map but triangle representing me showed up. Search and other functions still not working.
Full Z10 shut down and start up has the app working "properly?"
After a few more program shut down and restarts and it seems to be working.

Alright guys, for those with the long load times, just be patient. I had to open and close the app a couple of times before it worked. It looks like the program takes a while to start running. But once it's done, you should be good to go.

So, patience and a couple of restarts should fix it. Worked for me.

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Whilst I will always prefer a native app, when the app works as well as this one does, and it's not built entirely in the Android 'way' (fonts/colours/menus/etc), it's really great. It gets the app onto the platform and in the hands of the users.

This app really does work great, if only the Android contextual menus and pop-ups etc. didn't look so half-assed!

I love this app. It works better than any navigation app I've ever used. BlackBerry should buy this company and make this their default map app.

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I'm going to pitch a tangent and say how awesome is it that I saw the Constructicons in the photo! I used to have all those old ones (Gen1) to make up Devastator! Epic childhood fights of Optimus Prime (with trailer battle station) would be had all the time.

What's with bb? Can't they enforce real apps for BlackBerry 10 rather than subpar Android ports? I would expect only the best on IOS.

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This is the case of a very popular app that would otherwise not be available for some time, if ever, in native form. And it actually seems to work pretty well.

You need to learn to at least appreciate that a developer even ported their application to blackberry world. They could've never done it and we would be less one application.

My only concern here is why does it need so many right to my phone...? Its a sat nav so I would expect GPS and data, but why does it also need shared files, contacts, microphone and camera?

I turned off what I wasn't happy with, but I have to say I would prefer apps to just ask for what they need not everything.

Work like a charm for me. I had it on my iPhone 4s (I rarely use right now :p) I log in using my previous account. Nice job blackberry. Thanks crackberry

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Love it. For anyone getting an error when first loading, just close it and try again. Mine would not open at first but now it's working like a charm. Smooth, accurate, and a fun look :)

Got it up and running. Seems pretty good. Had it running for about 10 minutes and it used about 5 mb of data.

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To me this seems a much better BB10 day than how CB hyped this past Monday. Today we get Wave & official XE Currency! Great end to the week, and way better than that terrible native Whatsapp.

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Is there a way to add waze friends without connecting to a social network? I love the idea of seeing SOME of my friends on the map but definitely don't want to see everyone

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A millions times better than blackberry maps. I've been using this for a while, finally can drive around with my crown again.

However, the port is really subpar. Navigation etc works well, but the menu systems are slow, my scoreboard just doesn't load quick enough. Too many times I've had to wait for the app to do what I want it to do.

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Andriod is better than nothing, hope to see them consider native, now we got waze, the other app i am looking foward to is endomano.

Nice app I previously used on my Xiaomi Android phones. But as it is simply an Android port, it still needs to be improved.
But it will make the trick before an update :)

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I refuse to accept apps that wish to access my contact (as it has permission to add, delete and create them) also accessing ur files is crazy! It should not be an option...why this invasion of privacy..
Unless they change the settings, I won't download it..

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Just tried it today with Q10 and I get this message: "The item is not available for your selected device.
By Waze Inc." BTW, when asked to open an app in the browser or Blackberry World (I tried both), is there a reason to choose one over the other? (Also, I need a camera tutorial. Anyone got a link?)