The Way I See It CrackBerry Nation, We've Only Just Begun...

By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Jul 2011 07:19 pm EDT

There's a scene in the movie Fight Club where Tyler Durden pours acid on Edward Norton's character and says to Edward as he screams in pain "It's only after we've lost everything that we are free to do anything." Think of that article I wrote on 10 Reasons Why Google Will Buy RIM as symbolically freeing myself. It's only in acknowledging that RIM could go away that I now truly feel free to tackle the task of leading the good fight for BlackBerry.

As the Founder and Fearless Leader of CrackBerry Nation, my job is to be.. well, fearless. And over the many years that I've been running CrackBerry, I think most would agree I've done a pretty solid job in this role, even when RIM has on occasion delivered us products that haven't quite lived up to our expectations and hype, making it a bit more difficult on my end to wear the #1 Fanboy shirt. Trust me, I wish the original BlackBerry Storm would have rocked and that the BlackBerry PlayBook would have launched with native email, PIM and more apps. But honestly, whether good times or bad, one thing that has never wavered is my loyalty and love for Research In Motion and BlackBerry. If you doubt my love for BlackBerry, you're literally on crack (and yeah, I mean the drug).

That said, it was pretty interesting to read the comments following my editorial thought piece earlier this week. The details of the Google is a good fit to buy RIM theory obviously struck a chord with a lot of people as the reaction has been overwhelming, with opinions varied to the extreme on both sides. Many of you agreed with the logical points I raised. Others responded with massive cries of BlackBerry treason. I've done a few followup interviews with big media over the story (not something I was looking for when I wrote it) and I even got a nice blog post response to mine called A Few Reasons Why Google Should Not Buy RIM which singled me out in the article. The author actually agreed with all ten points I made, but also argued it's me who should be leading the effort for RIM's turnaround. Which I AGREE with. AND I PLAN TO.

If you only read the headline, I could see why some of you would interpret my Google story as a troll-ish piece with CrackBerry Kevin turning his back on BlackBerry. That really wasn't the case and not my intent. If you read the full story, intro paragraphs and conclusion both, I stated clearly that it's not something I want to see happen, nor fully believe would happen, but rather that if a RIM acquisition at some point in the future became inevitable in the face of an eroding share price and what appears to be an ever-increasing negative sentiment in the media, that those were logical reasons as to why I could see Google being the best suitor and that I would rather it be Google over any other company to ingest RIM. I didn't write that post because it was easy, but precisely because it was hard.

And while I don't think there was anything in that article that suggested I loved RIM and BlackBerry any less than I always have, I guess for some of you just the notion of me suggesting that RIM might not pull through their tech transition and current market woes in one independent piece was a sign of CrackBerry's leader showing fear rather than being fearless, which isn't good to see on BlackBerry's #1 enthusiast website. But fear not CrackBerry Nation, I haven't thrown in the towel on BlackBerry just yet, and don't plan to. Period.

And now that I'm free to do anything, save Research In Motion we will. It's time to use our awesome community to turn the negative sentiment into a positive one and I'm going to lead the charge. I'm a realist and I call things as I see them. I'm sure the trolls will circle and things are going to get worse out there on the media and investors front before they get better, but I know CrackBerry Nation has a LOT of spark left in it and we will emerge champions (see video above). You know how I know? Because that 10 reasons why Google will buy RIM article pissed a LOT of you off. I would have been worried if the reaction was docile, but it was not. #TeamBlackBerry is alive and well and I've got some big plans to make sure the world knows it.

Stay tuned CrackBerry Nation. The way I see it, we've only just begun.

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The Way I See It CrackBerry Nation, We've Only Just Begun...


First!.... i dont know kev, u killed the spirits of a lot of us BB and Crackberry addicts with the "Boogle" blog. But as long as I know you meant well, ur in the Lord's good books... I'm glad you wrote this to rekindle our spirits! Today, u've shown you are a great leader indeed! Never doubted you Bro!!! Keep Up The Fight!!!*Chants*BB!BB!BB!

Ha. Nice comment, but you are so wrong. I'm the MOST credible leader because:

a) i started this community


b) I'm not blind. A bad leader is one who doesn't see all the sides.


c) cuz I say so.

Case closed. 

Ok, congrats for dynamic correction of the course and for believe. Now its time for hope but, always, with Balance, wisdom, focus and force! Go ahead with all us!

b) I'm not blind. A bad leader is one who doesn't see all the sides.

Dead on, Kevin. Now lead the charge! We'll follow.

"Cuz I say so." The logic is infallible.

I'm always surprised at polemics in comments. Kevin, your article wasn't a polemic (re: positive or negative) it was just stating facts. And as someone who has spent their professional life developing user experience and fan base, your analysis was really quite excellent. In fact, if there haven't been memos to the effect of your article at Google and RIM, I'll bet your piece is making the rounds in some big corner offices.

I love RIM products. I have honestly and truly had two friends (people I actually know and like very much) dump their iPads (which they call toys) for PB's. And why? Form factor and utility. They think it's actually better gear.

There was a piece by Rob Enderle on about RIM needing to take a page out Apple and Dell's books (two companies, that if you remember, were on the outs not so long ago - though ages in the tech world).

You're right Kevin, it's not the end for RIM. It's a new beginning. If we dare to imagine a RIM with new ideas, processes, and products, the future looks very bright indeed.

Thats the CrackBerry Kevin I like to see! I think if someone should take over RIM, it should be you, not Google! Anyway, nice follow up article and glad to see that your spirits are just as hopeful as ever! Keep it up Kevin. And thanks for going all Tyler Durden on us haha.

Haha. Thanks. You know what's crazy? I actually own those insane Tyler Durden sunglasses.. the Oakley Mars leather-wrapped ones. Can't remember where I have them... will need to dig them up and bust them out now.

Can we PLEASE dispense with the fanboy comments about making Kevin CEO of RIM? A CEO needs to be more than an evangalist (especially one who muses about the company being bought by Google). Kevin has some vood perspectives now and then but he's no Steve Jobs - who as much as we can despise some of the things hes said is an inspiring LEADE with a clear sense of strategy. Look back at that speech he did in 97 that was referenced in the RIM employee's letter and its clear he had the iPhone/iPad in mind then.

RIM is in a lot of trouble right now because their current CEO's have completely dropped the ball. Bals got distracted in his fight to buy a hockey team and Laz seemed to be asleep at the switch on the urgency to develop state of the art devices to keep up with the rising threat from new sources.

Kevin's a good guy but he's no CEO of a 10B company.

Don't apologize for the Google piece. You raised several valid points, though I think you ignored the anti-trust elephant in the room (I suspect it would be something of an issue).

I'm a big fan of RIM myself, and I want very much to see them succeed, preferably independently. Part of that is sheer Canadian patriotism, part of it is a desire to see diverse platforms available in the marketplace. I'll admit, though, that I try not to let sentiment cloud my judgement; if the company were actually failing, I'd be the first to point it out.

Myself, I don't think RIM IS failing right now. In the enterprise they're still pretty close to the only game in town for handhelds. Some have argued that the PlayBook intro might have been premature, and in a perfect world maybe that's true, but at the end of the day any new software platform is a chicken-and-egg dilemma; actually releasing the PB to the market stimulated a lot of developer interest that might not have materialized later.

Where the company is at its greatest risk right now is in the uncertainty over QNX. I'm excited about the prospect of BB's OS being migrated to the QNX kernal for a lot of reasons, but it's a serious change, and I think it raises questions among RIM's customers and developer community. Why develop for the current system software when we already know its days are numbered? And just what IS that number, anyway?

If there's one thing I'd really like to see out of RIM right now, it's better developer support. Better tools would be nice, but the right incentives would be well-recieved, I'm sure (and, yes, that means $$$ either as a direct bribe, to Adobe to subsidize developer tools, or another free PB program). MS gained the dominance it did in part by bending over backwards to build its developer community. RIM could learn a thing or two from that.

RIM continues to produce decent phones, and while the pipeline is a little sparse right now, it's not dangerously so. It's share price is a ridiculously low P/E multiple, and it's got lots of cash on hand. It also managed to score a fair share of the Nortel patents.

I wouldn't count them out yet either.

okay.... great video. but I believe that the blackberry platform is killer, but, it totally deserves a refresh. bring on the new blackerry.

I have to admit my faith is waivering. From the Torch this year that was really, God-awful build quality, to the 9780 same old that I now I have, I'm on the verge of losing it if I can't get something new soon. OS 6 is slow and awful, the tray idea is a pain on a non-touch phone. Don't even get me started on the Playbook and BlackBerry Bridge, I'll lose it.

So I feel your pain. Then I went to a family reunion this weekend, and most of the grown ups had iphones, but all the young folks had BlackBerry and all of them were jealous of my 9780, as they all had 9300 series phones. They were texting with people ACROSS the country on BBM and now I'm getting to know this new generation in my family on BBM.

I think it's really interesting how people underestimate how powerful BBM is for young folks, and how seriously committed many of them are to it. It'll be interesting to see how they grow up with their phones.

My biggest contention towards people's dislike of BlackBerry is because of enterprise. They are given a phone, they are forced to work on it after hours and on vacation and they can't do shit with it because IT won't let them. They don't know how to skin it, they don't know how or aren't allowed apps. I'd hate it too if it were forced upon me. BlackBerry Balance could become really important in bridging that gap and allowing people to have some fun with their work phones.

And finally, can we admit and spank RIM for having sold the 8300 series phones for WAY TOO FUCKING LONG! I had friends sign three-year contracts on those devices LAST YEAR! That's just BS, plain and simple.

Lot's of people are saying that the NEW BOLD 9900 is an amazing phone.
Has it cooked properly?
If they were showing this at BB world (and on YouTube), then why don't I have mine yet?

Kevin, do you have an MBA? You should apply for CEO or any position at RIM, though that would make you keep corporate information secret.

Kevin you better get to work. Crackberry is erroding and you need to turn it around STAT. Stop focusing on advertising apps and products in your app store. Start throwing up some opinion based articles. How about getting a serious interview with Jim or Mike. needs to start throwing its weight around for the good of RIM, not for the good of itself

I agree.

Crackberry writers need to start publishing more opinion articles, some interviews (not necessarily with RIM co-CEOs) would be nice.

Thanks for the comment.

Few things:

a) CrackBerry is NOT eroding. Our traffic and daily registrations, etc. are still pretty massive.

b) Our editorial calendar has pretty much remained unchanged over the years and has proven to be a pretty solid formula. We usually aim for around 10 stories a day. We bank on a few of those to be news/rumors posts, a couple of app reviews, an accessory review or sponsored post, maybe another app announcement or some OS updates or whatever happens, a help or how to article, and then whatever else comes along. We try and do a mix that appeases everybody.  CrackBerry is a fairly mainstream site - we try to cater to both the hardcore audience and the casual enthusiasts.  The hardcore people like rumors and leaks and original thoughtpieces. The much bigger more casual audience (the people who never post in the forums or blog comments) prefer the app reviews, accessory reviews, device reviews, help stuff, and yes, the store stuff. With App World around now we blog to both our app store and App World.  CrackBerry has always been a big site on all fronts.. we're not just a blog, a forum, or a store, but really big on all three. So we try and play with a content mix that caters to everyone.  If you ever don't like a post, just scroll down.

c) I AGREE on throwing our weight around more for the good of RIM. Message heard. I AM ON IT. Expect more solid editorials and thought pieces for the good of RIM on the blogs.



It would beneficial for both crackberry and RIM if you could get an interview with either M or J. A podcast interview would even be better.

"Our editorial calendar has pretty much remained unchanged over the years and has proven to be a pretty solid formula."

Remember that is the kinda thinking that got RIM in trouble. Remember always try new & exiting things, or things will start to feel stale........btw I think there have been some good changes around here :)

Go #teamcrackberry!

PS I would love to see the CEO's interviewed on here as well ;)

Awesome, Kev! Give 'em Hell!
Long live both: CrackBerry and RIM!

Hey all you Fans and abusers out there.... We should all be throwing our weight around too, as A Team... Why let Kevin fight our battles... We should all help him!

Long Live the Great Leader... Kevin and RIM CEO's!

How about publishing those numbers, can you differentiate between US growth, EU growth, Asia growth and so on?

Kevin.....I knew you would regain your senses when you sobered up from that sauce you were drinking. RIM is being bashed by the dummies on Wall Street so they could make billions shorting it on the way down. They are pretty much finished now and will move on. RIM is in great shape, it has a 3 billion dollar warchest to weather the storm while reloading the canons, no debt, just sold off 13.2 million legacy products to free up space in the channel for v7 products and have QNX technology just around the corner. Glad you are back onboard and have a firm grip on the Crackberry rudder. THE RIMPIRE STRIKES BACK!

THE RIMPIRE STRIKES BACK. That's great. I literally burst into laughter when I read that. (in a good way mind you) And I think it will happen too. Things really don't seem that bad to me at RIM and I think the up and coming changes will work wonders for RIM once the dust settles. The WILL indeed "strike back"!

Many ex-blackbberry users I know will return once the OS reaches QNX or similar quality (and capacity). I still believe in blackberry and still love my device (especially now OS6 has finally reached stability). RIM needs to hurry though...

Playbook in my right hand, left fist raised...let go Kevin, its time to fight! I dont know why the media has chosen to try to kill RIM but my Bold still does everything I need, and I think we've only scratched the surface of what the playbook is capable of. I'm with ya man...rise up crackberry nation!

I just wish to know what RIM employees and execs and stockholders think about all that's going on, I see them as those players on the video, ready to crush the enemy!

great article on google and rim. let's not live in denial but learn from the challenges that we as bb legions have faced and will face. constructive criticism will make us come out on top - proud owner of bb torch and playbook.

I was Stumbling last night and clicked a link to an a article called something like "BlackBerry, the last of the Dumbphones." I was seething by time I finished it. The writer was an obvious iFanboy and his 'points' were exaggerated and weak. His entire basis revolved around a lack of apps for BB. His only hardware based critique suggested that a 'tiny touchscreen on the Bold' was laughable and nobody would want it.
Since the new BB devices have been announced here, I have agonized over keyboard or full screen. I decided on the keypad. I know I'm not the only one.
That said, from all I've read, RIM is in GREAT shape. With all of their recent acquisitions, as I see it, all they need is to get those devices polished up and on the shelves. Once QNX is ready, along with the other surprises that TAT etc bring to the table....I don't know. I don't see RIM having a hard time serving up heaping piles of crow to the naysayers.

Bring on the Bitching Rockstar QNX SuperPhones!!! Got to keep my Supermodels Happy, and then I'll be in "WINNING" Status! Great Article Kevin! :) RIM Created this party. It's time for them to Revolutionize it!

Glad to see back. The only way for huge success is being willing to put your balls on the line when everyone else runs.

Some of you guys are so close minded. This market is such a flip flop train wreck and you can't even take a hypothetical disaster plan. Kevin took the worst possible situation and explained thoroughly how two fix it and it was awesome. So instead of saying he is an "unfit" leader, please go back to Youtube and make your pointless unexplained arguments on political blogs and stay off here.

Now back to the good fight!

Nice to know some folks out there got it! Not sure how some got it all messed up and confused -- lost in translation I guess.

Not sure you got the sentiment either. Had people wanted theoretical salvaging plans for RIM, they would have just typed "blackberry" in Google News. Plenty of outlets out there already crying doomsday. Please spare Crackberry?

This is a bit on the dramatic side. If you really want to face the naysayers square on, just go to their forums. There are just as many whiners and nitpickers complaining about their Ipad2 as anyone here with a Playbook. "why do I have to jailbreak?" "why do I have to root?" Just so your frickin devices even begin to work the way you want them to, thats all. Its nothin, void your warrantee, forget support. Thats not a feeling, thats reality. There are few folks here who really know what they are talking about, and a whole bunch who know just how to worry and complain. But we all have the facts available to us. Facts tend to be better for some folks than others, but thats reality.

I thought you raised some great arguments in the google post but anyhow crackberry just in existence keeps people like me excited about RIM and their products so I'll take this opportunity to thank you and everyone that contributes to it :)

Like rocky said "it aint over til its over"- not that its ever been anywhere near over!!

Oh man... i sure hope the new positive attitude reduces some of the negative BS coming around. Everyone complaining about the same thing over and over again as if change happens overnight.

I'll be happy to see you redouble your efforts to push foward with renewed confidence in RIM!

ok i didnt see that article as a RIM is doomed peice. I saw it as a matter of fact statement of value(in Blackberry) and purchase power (google has access to all the money), in combination with brand power and recognition (nobody would buy it and kill the brand).....

but anyway i just want to make a site suggestion. how about a more regular post of BB hacker type stuff. i see so many sites that do it for the other platforms, my 5 apps to save time grcery shopping; top 5 apps to keep up with your feeds; etcetera. i mean i use the site to find all of that, but as a regular visitor of the site it would be helpful.

although i am relatively new to blackberry; 3 yrs. Swiched from nokia before hand. Despite the negitivity surrounding blackberry which I still cannot fully understand why. I work in several staduims and I constantly see hugh amounts of ppl who use blackberrys. I have also traveled overseas to asia; specially southeast and I all i see there are iphones and blackberries. In my experience antroid is non existant. Maybe iive on a different planet but thats the truth. All the negitive press that Rim is going down, I just cannot see it. Too many users out there. In fact singapore has a huge userbase of rim products. In malayisa, ppl are dying to get their hands on playbook and are putting large deposits for secure one. I love my curve, and kicking myself for not getting blackberry earlier. BBM has enabled me to keep in touch with ppl around the world instantly. My wife has iphone and its great but as a comm device i dont like it. I have to tell you kevin, that google post scared the crap out of me cus i'm now a crack addict like everyone here. Im glad you cleared it up with your lastest post. As that old saying goes "you'll have to pry the curve from my cold dead hands.

I am also fairly new to Blackberry but I've gotta say, I have played around with several other devices and there is just something missing form all the others that I crave. I was a long time Nextel customer and my first BB was the 8350i. I had been with Nextel for around 7 yrs so the slower data was nothing to me at the time. I have finally jumped ship for another network as they will likely never release another smart phone at all for that network and stuck with BB. I love it and am very pleased that I did.

Kevin. You have everyones email address. Tell everyone to go out and buy the new Bold when it comes out. Keep this thing alive.

I think the Crackberry Community is Great. But Great communities like this should not sit idly by while the focus of that community spits out one turd after another. That's when the community turns into more of a commune and it becomes more of a religion than a fan site. In good companies you surround yourself with people who will challenge you. Which means mostly just telling the truth. RIM you can tell has lost that. Mike and Jim have surrounded themselves with yes men and have been giving each other big medals for years. Its more up to a Nation like this to protest and tell RIM how you feel. As a fan of RIM myself I don't want to see it go down. So even thougn I totally disagreed with the Big Kev, I admire and respect the creativity of it.

I don't understand why people got so mad at Kevin. The points he raised were logical and valid, serving as ancillary analysis to an event that could happen. It was an interesting read, nothing more, and I don't think it merited that kind of reaction it received.

A good leader, in my opinion at least, gives it to you straight instead of hiding behind a veil of "fanboyisims". Just because he provided his thoughts, however sobering they may have been, doesn't mean he "lost faith" in RIM.

On a related note, i don't think posting this reaction article was a good idea... It's just going to fan the flames. Whoever thought Kevin bore ill-will in his last post isn't going to be dissuaded by another.

Some will never learn...

Kev, this is a breath of fresh air. I also believe RIM has what it takes to succeed in long run.

1. They got a boat load of patents
2. They got the right tools on board. - QNX, TAT and etc. (QNX itself is an amazing OS. I just watched a cnet video on Audi. Their headunit interface is made using QNX, Silky smooth, super responsive)
3. large enterprise base
4. secure and reliable email platform

My concern now. With the low stock price now, will the predators. ie Goggle and M$ will put in hostile bids and RIM's opportunity will be over once and for all.

I bit it and was a tad disappointed (the google article), but I'm behind you as along I can put into my browser and see a BB site instead of a 404. In any event, if CB holds any weight whatsoever with anyone important at RIM, I should think seeing CB's leader predicting their downfall can't exactly be beneficial, no matter how valid or logical points you're suggesting happen to be.

I'm only a recent CB joiner, but I've read so much of your writings and watched a lot of your vids. Up to now you certainly merit my respect and admiration for the work you've done, except that article simply because, again, I see it ultimately hurting everyone's morale a bit (us or RIM). I should, for the hell of it, blame it on that weird stuff you Canadian's drink ;)

Kevin I was hoping to see a letter like this from you.
Glad to see you wrote one....

Now lets move on, eat some Apples & kick some Android Butt

Kevin, I love reading your articles. They're always incredibly entertaining and thought-provoking... mixed in with mass amounts of passion. However, I must say that Crackberry has not been handling the RIM landslide as well as I had hoped. I come on here looking for answers as to why there is no native email on the Playbook, why the Bold 9900 is delayed, etc and all I see are bits about updates to niche apps and reviews of cases. Trust me, I'm sure there are people out there who come to Crackberry to look at that sort of stuff, but the true Blaxkberry fans aren't really interested. At the end of the day, we're the core guys supporting your site and supporting Blackberry as a whole, and during a time when we feel RIM has deserted us and we're under attack as a community, our main ambassador is absent.

You are our connection to RIM and inside information. It's your job not ours. If you want to make this site the best it can be, you have to go out and find answers to the tough questions. Request interviews with RIM exec, talk to carrier exec and try to get answers about delays, take a trip to the QNX headquarters and get a sneak peek into the work they are doing there. RIM has been completely silent during this collapse and we need someone like you to light a fire under their asses.


You are so right!

We want answers Kevin. And we want them NOW !

Not tomorrow, not the day after, not next week ... NOW !


You are so right!

We want answers Kevin. And we want them NOW !

Not tomorrow, not the day after, not next week ... NOW !

Seriously Kevin, do you expect us to believe your Google post was a “test”. Nice try but I call BS on that one.

Kevin, I am glad to hear that you are going to be doing more opinion pieces on RIM in this site. I have long felt that this was needed more. You have the ability to speak for all of us with the opportunity to actually be heard. Yes I know you have said that RIM reads this site but big opinion pieces on the front page blog are going to get a lot more attention from them. We, Crackberry Nation, need to be heard by RIM. I think there are a lot of people on this forum who really care about RIM and will continue to support them. I am one of these people. I am anxiously awaiting the next year for RIM as I think they are poised for a MAJOR comeback and that the best years truly are ahead.

On June 18th I made the switch to Iphone.
Best decision of my life mainly because I'm tired of being left behind. I've been with blackberry for two years. (Curve 8300-8530 and Torch 9800). Why is it that I have to buy a new device if I want to experience new os' updates. I was so amped for os 6 and it wasnt much of an improvement. Then I hear i'd have to buy a new device again to have os 7? No, No, and no. I made the decision to get an Iphone 4 and I can upgrade it to ios5 when it is released in September. I loved bbm but take it away and what do you have? A basic phone. I can upgrade my phone to the newest os now. Can you say the same.

That being said there will always be a spot in my heart for BBM. But you have to move on sometimes. Don't get angry at me guys. Its what jesus would have done.

What does Jesus have to do with your decision to get an iPhone over a BlackBerry? Probably one of the most ridiculous comments I have ever seen.

I totally agree with you. I have a 9700 right now , but will be jumping ship to the iphone 4s / iphone 5. My reason : I have a ipod 4g touch and the thing is blasingly fast and crispy sharp screen. Watching movies on it is a blast and I already have a ton of apps and games on the thing.

My friends have htc's and they can simply wirelessly thether their phones to become wifi hotspots. My weak ass phoen cannot do that. The 9900 will be able to do that , but it will come to little tooo late. I dont want 2 blackberry's. Also I dont know if finally browsing will be decent on the bb or not. The tiny screen is really killing my eyes and zooming sucks on the bb.

Also in my native language there are a ton of very usefull cool apps. The blackberry is just so us orientated with apps that I cant even use or download. Also pricing of most apps wich are under 1 mb is rediculous with appworld. And paying is a damn drag aswell, I dont have paypal and I dont use a credit card. For Itunes/appstore I simply use the cards ,and it works teriffic. Not to mention the cool sales of cool apps and games every now and then that simply keep you on your toes and have you keeping an eye out on the appstore.

Also last but nor least, My ipod has never , and then I mean ,never ever , locked up or frozen on me. And never ever was there a reboot needed. And also: When I bought my ipod , it came with IOS 3. something, now almost a year later , I will be updating my device to IOS 5. And yes it will be able to run it without any problems. I think IOS 6 might be a problem and wil lrequire a dual core. But by that time I will have my iphone, sync my apps and games with it, and be straight.

IOS is far from perfect , and I wil lsurely keep my bb 9700 on the side , for mail purposes and just stick in a prepaid vodafone card with data sim card so i can still bbm and recieve mail.

BUT I will never , and I mean NEVER buy the 9900, wich wont even be able to upgrade to qnx. Look if you are rim and you know you have fallen behind and need to win back your audience. Put a damn dual core in that phone , release it now, get people excited , bring the other phones along the lines of early next year. Do a big summer update to qnx for all the phones , and then drop NEW formfactor qnx based phones, with hopefully finally a new design end 2012 early 2013.
Nobody would oppose that. But RIM is out to screw their loyal fanbase again, and will bring out the 9980 or 9990 something out next year , with a dual processor. They wil lsave cost that way , but will have a bunch of people again very mad. The 9700 ,should have had the 9780 specs , simply as that. Torch should have never been concieved , if you have full touch phones on the way. Resources should have gone to that. Especially after the 2 storm fails. Ri mshould just have 3 lines of phones:

1, blackberry bold, querty keyboard, flagship, front fce camera
2, blackberry bold full touch flagship, iphone,htc , samsung killer, front facing camera and able to compete wit hthem on al llevels (games, apps, screen size, oled, everything).
3, blackberry curve for the kiddies and girls.

That's it.

But they need some new innovative way to integrate the keyboard into these phones. You cant keep rehasing the bold 9000 formfactor.

I have been wanting to comment on the negative response RIM has been getting for a while now but was holding off. I am glad that i did as i see Kevin has done a good job and is rallying the troops.

Being in the IT support field I have personally worked with Blackberries for a lot of years and while I presently don't own one, due to poor planning and financial constraints, I intend to get the Torch 2 whenever it comes out and a Playbook as well. The thing a lot of Sys Admins like myself like about the BB is the amount of control we have over the device and the Security!! The encryption on the BB emails are second to none and will continue to be so.

Anyway i digress from my point. I am from South America and most of my friends and family own BB's. They say it's the best phone to use especially for the battery life when they cannot charge it due to rolling blackouts. A lot of them use BBM to keep in contact with their family throughout the world.

So I can't understand why because a few morons are spreading bad news about Blackberry in North America why is everyone jumping on the bandwagon and proclaiming it's dead in the water when all i see in South America and the Caribbean and people who cannot live without their Blackberry devices? They do not want any other phone, iphone is a waste of time as far as a lot of them are concerned.

Now maybe RIM should stop listening to the all the doom and gloom going on about BB in the north american media and concentrate on the other markets? I know it's not possible to do so, but it is a thought ?

As for myself I have convinced several family members to switch to blackberries and they are quite happy with the switch. Now if only the Torch 2 would put in an appearance so that i too can make that switch. :)

They are focused on the rest of the world. They know that you guys are the real prize.

They just have to shut the media cry babies up so they are allowed to do their jobs.

it made me laugh to see all the BB fans getting all extreme on kevin for that post, when all he did was talk about the nature of what is goin gon around us with blackberry in the real world, sure he can be blind and a liar and pretend RIM is just perfect and not falling behind and are making the greatest decisions with the greatest PR team. but then there would just be even more people on here hating on him for acting like a Blind fanatic troll, if RIM was to sell tommorrow for whatever reason, then what do we to say to kevin? that he still needs to be the biggest crackberry positive thinker for blackberry even though they dont exist anymore. Lol. theres nothing wrong with being a realist and giving opinions. I definitely welcome it, its good to see individuality from people. and not blind troll heads.

P.S: I love my bold 9700, and BBM but I do feel down when I see the features on my sisters android 3d, and my best friends Iphone 4 as he video chats away.

Kevin I am glad to see you at the helm. I am actually glad to see both of the posts. As a BB convert only a year ago, I am fan for life. I will never own anything other than a BB. In fact plan to get the 9900 the day it comes to Sprint. Thanks for such great leadership

I AGREE on throwing Your weight around more for the good of #RIM.
Kevin - I was shocked, At First I was not impressed, the notion That our Fearless Leader could even think about the fall of RIM... However...
Kev, you had a few good points... maybe its what RIM Needs To Hear!...
Come on BB Fans...... We're all thinking about how RIM could improve BB's... Kevin just voiced it in a crazy Back-assed way...
Now Again: Lets all throw our weight around to help RIM move forward! GO #TEAMBLACKBERRY!

great idea to start the comeback would be to go to a competing tablets website and call the Playbook a ripoff

This is a start, I wasn't sure where I was on this site after that goog article. Now lets see some follow through. Its clear the nation still believes.

Doesn't anyone see the good in all of this?

While BlackBerrys still hold their own and even shine in many aspects, it's clear that their competitors devices have well surpassed them in others. While I still love my BlackBerry, it's been increasingly frustrating being a BlackBerry fan over the past couple of years. Even though RIM has recently been taking the proper steps to make an OS transition and better their hardware, they've been taking their sweet ass time. Their numbers were good quarter after quarter and as a result, the sense of urgency just wasn't really there. For once, the world lit a fire under their asses. Something like this needed to happen to change RIM's borderline lackadaisical attitude. This was bound to happen sooner or later. Better sooner. Now it's do or die. RIM now knows what they need to do and with all of their recent acquisitions, they have the tools to do it. More time would be nice, but they had that and took it for granted. This could be the best thing that happened to RIM based on the circumstances.

Hopefully they pull out of this. If they do, we'll get to rock some badass BlackBerrys and RIM will remember never to let this happen again.

Kevin, I am pleased that you are going to continue backing RIM.

When other PlayBook users see me using my PlayBook on the bus and around the city they stop to ask how much I love it, because they love theirs too. The problem is that the uninformed masses only see the negative news stories and critical analysts. RIM needs to control their image and let everyone know that the BlackBerry is here to stay.

Websites like CrackBerry and N4BB often break stories of vague rumours, such as N4BB's claim that RIM "cancelled" the 10 inch PlayBook. Without properly explaining this rumour, this led to people coming to me, a known PlayBook fanatic, saying "I read on Engadget that the PlayBook is finished". These types of rumours hurt the BlackBerry image with poor quality information. RIM didn't cancel the 10 inch PlayBook - they have lowered its priority to accelerate the Superphone development. I'm sure this rumour led to at least one fewer PlayBook sales, and when reporting rumours like this it works against the community if not fully explained or true. I hope to see CrackBerry be a voice of reason and help improve the BlackBerry's image to the general public.

Glad to see you are ready to fight the fight for RIM, the CrackBerry nation needs a strong voice leading it.

I must admit I was so royally pissed over the google drivel (and yes, I read the entire piece - not just the headline), I avoided Crackberry till this evening. Kevin, you have redeemed yourself.

Despite the doom and gloom rants about RIM, their purchase of QNX, TAT and most recently the Nortel patents is contradictory to this view. I don't see a pending demise but a strategic alignment for the future. In reading 'A Letter from Outer Space", it can be seen via the eyes of a developer.

Stockholders should pay attention to facts and stop playing chicken little.


I'm still holding out hope that you get an interview with Dan Dodge. That would really be sweeeeeet!

Nice piece. Nice to know you still have it. I have been to many blackberry sites, but this has to be the best. Lets get working!!!

First ....i am a crackberry addict for life. Since moving over to droidx2... I must say its an awesome experience. The big screen is awesome... I can't even go back to the storm 2 screen size. But with that said, I wish there was some bb feature in my phone. So when I read that article about google buying RIM, I was happy at that thought because then u get th best phone ever. (Btw. I own google stocks)
I hope rim can turn it around.. a) by firing the 2 stupid CEO's. B) come out with a bunch of phones that are quad core with QNX that people can play games on. Good luck

with so much enthusiasm,...I honestly don't know why the RIM marketing department wouldn't think about making you the new VP of marketing instead!

We are Diverse! We are Big! We are Multi-national! We are Smart! We make Noise! We BUY! We are Crack Berry Nation! Stand Strong!! Way to Go Kevin!


Great to hear you are backing BB 100%. I visit this site at least once every day and want you to know you and your staff are doing a fabulous job. I would really like to see an interview with Mike and Jim (as has been mentioned by several people) but one where they actually listen to input from us the end users.

The BB phones are good but could become fantastic and to me the one thing they seem be missing is the all around good experience of owning a fantastic smart phone, Whether they like it or not any new phone that is launched is reviewed to death long before it ever launches and if it doesn't beat what is out there it is dead before it hits the shelves.

Things that Jim and Mike need to make sure future phones include:

1 - Dual core processors better than competition phones at time of release
2 - HD screen quality
3 - Intuitive user experience so that my 73 year old mother who wants a phone can figure it out
4 - Continued good battery performance
5 - Blackberry world experience that is fun and easy to use
6 - A completely diiferent direction in marketing (Make it cool again to use a BB)

Just wondering if Jim and Mike actually read these posts and if so, here it goes.

Things I love about BB:

1 - I can actually customize my BB by downloading diiferent themes
2 - I can move the icons off the screen and view the wall paper (seems trivial but a huge selling point with me, as I hate looking at a bunch of boxes all the time
3 - Keyboard
4 - Look and feel of the phone (build quality is fantastic)
5 - Blinking LED and notification system - awesome
6 - BBM
7 - Phone reception and battery life

Things I dislike:

1 - Screen quality and size are definitely lacking (Why did the Torch launch with that crappy screen?)
2 - Processor performance (lags and freezes) Put a powerful motor in the damn phones!
3 - Internet performance
4 - Same phones being pushed out with slight upgrades
5 - BB world (although haven't had a chance to use updated version 3)
6 - Biggest and worst dislike of all - RIM stands for Research In Motion and there hasn't been any motion for quite some time which is really disappointing..... The 90's are long gone guys !


Up off the deck and ready to come out fighting! RIM could have no better cornerman/cutman! But stay sharp, you have to think fast to stop the bleeding.

I can understand KM's frustrations with RIM, as many of the problems he had identified well in advance went unanswered for too long by RIM. And I also appreciate how, as the site founder, it must have pained KM to see the potential for collateral damage right here, to this place and this enterprise. He is entitled to have his own opinions and make his own decisions in his own interests.

But I do think the Google post, and the long run-up to it, when the entire site was swamped with negativity and in some cases trash, without any real reaction from the top, was received as a kind of breach of the implicit covenant between the site founders and their loyal readers and posters. I suppose they could have continued the trend and transitioned the site to just another blog mewling after Apple approval or a pat on the head from Google. But what would have been the point lf all this? Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of the besieged RIM! If the tech press were more professional and less biased and corrupt, this unseemly enthusiasm would not be necessary, but it is. So stay sharp, continue to be incisive and critical, but keep the heading toward positive territory!

wow, just wow... seriously, I love my blackebrry and playbook and I like to follow the news on this site and participate in the forums every now and then but reading this article and some of the posts and discussion about kevin being the one, the chosen a leader for the community and the fight, the future, all I can think of is: what a bunch of weirdo nerds! what a ton of nonsense, this is where I draw the line, put my playbook aside and go have sex with my wife... see you guys...

Flippin' fantastic! Not a bad idea either. Think I'll wake mine up, show her this post, turn my PlayBook off, and do the same thing... :)

i use Blackberry phones since 1997, i trust in the product i been using, i don't really care what apple have been selling or failing into it, same way with motorola nokia or lg, its a blackberry thing that many people wont get it never,same happens with playstation and Xbox, pepsi or coke, Bmw and Mercedes Benz, Rolex or Cartier, Playbook or Ipad.
and i personally careless of what just another fan, follower, consumer as the "editor" have to said about the future of a solid company, a company that was probably selling millions of dollars when this guy was maybe a assistant manager on the seven eleven close to his home,who cares what his visionary aspect of view has to say about Blackberry and they may do or not ?

Whenever I'm in a Best Buy or Staples store, I look for the PlayBook display. I learned that the reason that it's not on an endcap like a few of the other new tablets is that RIM doesn't pay as much in advertising. I do my bit by checking to see that the PB has internet access and is set up to show in the most favorable way. If there's no connectivity or the battery is dead, I get a sales rep to fix it (I ask very nicely). Often the sales person is clueless and I show him something on the PlayBook to try to get him excited about it. When people are looking at it, I pull mine out and show them some of my apps and the gorgeous video. I figure if I can influence a few people a week, it could end in a few sales and more functional apps. I love my Storm2 and PlayBook, and I believe RIM has acquired the innovative tools to create the flash that so many folks want while keeping the security and stability that we also want.

This has to be one of the best blog posts I've read in a while. Good job Kevin, I'm glad that you've addressed those who responded negatively to what I thought was a great post on why Google could buy RIM. Even though I'd hate for that to happen, it is a possibility, and I'm glad that CrackBerry didn't turn their back on it.

For now though, we do have to hope that RIM makes a serious comeback. While everything isn't terrible for the company, their hopes are riding their next generation of phones. There isn't much that can be done to benefit RIM's future, but through this editorial, I feel like you did a good job of bolstering the hopes and spirits of anxious BlackBerry aficionados.

The best leaders can analyse themselves and thier cause from many angles, which is what Kevin did here, good work!

I just wish RIM would start helping themselves and properly execute their plans. I love Blackberrys...but kinda meh! on RIM.


Kevin, so glad you're back on the RIM bandwagon. The CrackBerry nation needs to hear your encourgement and enthusiasm. RIM is a great Company that produces great products.

Go RIM !!

- CB

Great post, Kevin! Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom to see the problems. With all the negative press, etc. going on right now hopefully osme eyes were opened at RIM and the powers that be realize that there must be changes made. I'm with you Kevin and I have faith that Blackberry will once again rise. Great job!

I am happy to see that you've got your spirit back Kevin, I was a bit worried after the "google" story that you posted.
For me, I really don't care about shares, stocks CEO's and whatever, I ony care about my BB and my Playbook and the incredible way they make my life a lot easier everyday...

What's up with those stocks anyway? A company does bad when the profit is "only" 50 million dollars these days, I don't get it, if I make 50 million dollars profit I am a wealthy man and everyone wants to be my friend...the world is a crazy place and it is getting harder and harder for people te be satisfied...

Allso, I do not understand what the problem is, I live in the netherlands and BB is booming buisiness here, allmoste every kid under 25 years old owns one by now, and telecom providers see their sms income decimate :)
We (the older generation) figured this out a long time ago when the bills went up when I tried to stay in contact with my friends in Belgium (extreme bills for sms traffic over the borders here, like 50 cents/message :( )
And I think, still in these times of something "new" and "hip" every 2 hours, the services provided by RIM with push mail and bbm are their strongest points. Everybody else is just trying to provide the same service, but not exacly with the same succes and results...

So if you want to have something new every week that does basicly the same as your old one and brings you more than 100.000 great apps like 1573 fart-apps (very usefull becouse who can live without it?) and so on, buy something else.
If you want a nice phone that you can trust and will allmoste never let you down and is easy to use, you go RIM, simple as that and let the people choose their own poison I say...but I think the bb is here to stay!

Love it, hate it, it's just my 2 cents... :)


Simple question for you Kevin and please only a yes or no answer: Do you believe in the Co-CEO model?

Alright, fearless leader. Game on. "#TeamBlackBerry is alive and well and I've got some big plans to make sure the world knows it." Let us know how to help. Your leading the fight is inspiration enough for a BB addict like myself.

RIM will survive and they will become a market leader again. Why, because Kevin will be hired by RIM as Director of Marketing!


On the note of taking the lead, I beleive that if you can get in touch with the big app developers and somehow get them to get the big apps ready for OS7, then the BlackBerry will be right back in it with the iPhone and Android.

There are 2 things that separate my Storm2 from an iPhone or Android,
1). Web browsing - the BB browser is old and slow
2). Apps - if I could play Words with Friends or other cross platform games with them, I swear no one would know the difference. It's when they ask me, do you have Words? and i say no, that my phone seems inferior.

Other than those things, the emailing, texting, and multitasking on my BlackBerry is unparalleled by ANY other phone.


Interesting comments. I really appreciate and admire Kevin for what he has done. He is truly a great inspiration. Too bad the CEOs don't have this much passion for the product they created.

The problem does not lie with Kevin. As many have pointed out the problem lies with RIM, resting on it's "you can't touch this" attitude.

Instead of laying people off they should be hiring the best and brightest from MIT and other brain-powered universities. Put some of that $3B cash to work.

As a loyal Blackberry fan, I sent emails to RIM detailing what I would like to see from a smartphone. For some reason, it seems those emails went straight to Apple. Apple is the first company to realize the phone is not an extension of the desktop but that it can replace the desktop. As a road warrior and BB user since the 6200 series, I appreciate what BB has provided. However, recently I am seeing iPhone's further push toward becoming a stand alone device (Keynote presentations via HDMI out cable, full bluetooth keyboard capability, cloud integration natively, not needing iTunes to sync, etc.) have even further moved Apple ahead of the game. I will soon have the ability to control my entire business from one device and it will likely have an Apple on it.

The 9900 is nice but this should have been the phone they released two years ago to compete with the iPhone 3GS, not to compete with what will be iPhone 5. Why is their no front facing camera or ability to hook up a projector to give powerpoint presentations? The media is sour on RIM because RIM screwed themselves by not continually pushing the envelope. RIM should have given us Facetime, HDMI out, a better resolution screen, etc.

The next RIM phone needs to be QNX, secure, fast, operate out of the box with apps, have HDMI/VGA out, ability to take great video and photo and do this in a sexy package (doesn't have to be glass and steel, but cheap plastic won't cut it anymore).

If they don't do this soon, then you can play all the inspirational videos in the world, it won't matter. Good luck!

Fearless leader Kevin, (lol), my major issue with RIM is app world access, I hardly have good apps on my device, most of the ok ones are looked up in App world and Uganda has no access, so am left to settle for those free ones circulating elsewhere!
RIM, come to Uganda!

I felt that both of the articles were very well written and thought out. RIM does face some big challenges and Kevin accurately pointed those out. But, at the same time, it's good to see there is a sense of fight left in Kevin and the Crackberry team to push for RIM to make a comeback. BTW, that video is amazing. It made me want to jump up from my desk and tackle people in the hallway.

Again, no hocus pocus-no 8 ball-no polling data-no statistical data-no mysteries-no science-no mathematics.
I think rim is FAR TOO stubborn and pig-headed to admit that they need help, and I think if they would just sit back and look from the inside out, they could get out of their own slump. Also, if google were to purchase rim, how would the benefit blackberry devices and vice versa? The only thing that blackberries have over google is a better physical keyboard (other minor nuances here & there but nothing major).

i was going to post something to the effect of "Kevin, you're sounding a bit like a meth'd up ego/megalo/maniac" but then I thought that since I only have this post and the painful "podcast 69! woo hoo!" to go by, I thought that's not enough data... but after reading some of the replies you've posted to this thread, Kevin, all I'll say is that RIM themselves have fallen out of favour, and have been called on the carpet by investors etc... "oh, how the mighty have fallen".

If it can happen to RIM, it can happen to you and to, too.

I love the RIM ecosystem and think critics are largely off the mark and media willfully disregards evidence the RIM is moving in the right direction, and I appreciate how much of yourself you put into and the RIM community at large, but RIM nor are the only fish in the sea, and some reality-check-style humility helps one stay grounded while still making progress.

Are you still in this for the right reasons? Just make sure that insider launch parties and "I *am*!" dosen't grossly overshadow what makes technology and these communities succeed: the love of the tech and what that tech can do for the world.... leave the ego out of it.

Hi Kevin,

perhaps you already read my 'letter from the Outside: why developing for BlackBerry' at

it's my POV as an Independent Software Architect and an answer to these anonymous letters from 'insiders'.

BTW: I tried to enter a comment like this 'I have a different view on this - see my blog post at ...url...' at where the anonymous letters were published. nothing appears. did it a 2nd time. now something happens ;-)
I got the message that I was blocked from site to publish comments. (can mail you screenshot)
never this happens to me before. seems they're not interested into a fair discussion.

reading your post about
I got the feeling that all these anonymous letters are a campaign against RIM.

BTW: if you would like to post my letter from the outside anywhere at CB - feel free to do so.

(an independent software architect and developer - only paid by customers getting cool mobile applications ;-)