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Wattpad makes its way onto BlackBerry 10

By Alicia Erlich on 10 Oct 2013 10:14 pm EDT

Last summer I had the chance to check out Wattpad at the BlackBerry PlayBook Experience in NYC. As an avid reader, I've been patiently waiting for it to arrive for BlackBerry 10 devices and that day has finally come. Part e-Reader and part "YouTube for e-books" it is an excellent way to discover novels, stories, and fan fiction by both classic writers and novices from an array of genres.

While this is an Android port for BlackBerry 10, it offers a pleasant experience for anyone who loves reading on their handheld. You can check out the full list of features available below or take a peak at the walkthrough video above.


  • Free downloaded ebooks and stories from the best of sci fi, fantasy, horror, mystery, romance, fan fiction, teen, thrillers, classics, poetry and so much more!
  • Chat and comment about your top read ebooks while meeting other readers
  • Connect with your favorite writers, including Margaret Atwood, Paulo Coelho, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens and thousands of aspiring writers from across the globe.
  • Create and read free fanfiction ebooks & stories about your favorite stars, like One Direction, Emblem3, Mindless Behavior and worldwide pop music stars such as Kpop's SNSD
  • Get ebook and story updates directly from authors and vote and comment on them with other readers
  • Synchronize your Wattpad ebook library and read books on your phone, tablet and the web
  • Wattpad also functions as a digital ebook writing app so that you can publish books you write for others to read
  • Download fan fiction ebooks & stories about Anime, such as Naruto, and the Supernatural, such as Werewolves, Vampires Diaries and Twilight
  • Write stories and cast celebrities as your characters, such as Lucy Hale, Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev
  • Read popular ebooks & books by classic authors; Moby Dick, Alice in Wonderland, Sherlock Holmes, The Art of War, by Sun Tzu, The Marvelous Land of Oz, Tales from Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet, Pride & Prejudice and more.

Wattpad is free to download for all BlackBerry 10 devices, the BlackBerry PlayBook, and most BBOS smartphones running OS 4.5 and higher.

More information/download Wattpad



Yep you are the first monkey all right

Only a fool thinks they know me.

Anurada Boralessa


As teamblackberry let's give blackberry the support it deserves!!!



Posted via CB10 on my Z10 Oreo


I like this app. Free e-books.

Posted via CB10


Awesome review, giving it a try. However, anime is a media, manga is print.

Posted via CB10


Sounds interesting; I'll give it a whirl.

Posted via CB10


Great stuff. Thanks

Posted via CB10


Connect With Charles Dickens? Really? *ca*

Posted via CB10


I saw that too and was amazed to see they pulled that off in a free app!

Posted via CB10


I can not stop laughing at this.


Shows up but with:
"not available for this device"

STL100-1( on STC


Guess a sideload will fix this issue for now :)

STL100-1( on STC


why are you not running 10.2?


Thanks for the update...
I will check it out and let's make the dev feel this app is really popular in blackberry world....

Marketing manager here...

Together to make BBRY succeed ~Team BlackBerry


Why don't you warn about excessive permission grabbing up front so that those of us who need to keep our BBs secure can avoid loading and deleting apps like this.

Posted via CB10


Because a trusted source is going to steal your pictures, documents and other information, right? You are a genius for figuring it out! Let me guess, Skype, Evernote are going to steal your information too because they ask for "too many permissions". I guess I better uninstall all my other apps while I am at it, like cb, and slashtop.

Posted via Z10


Hey genius! How about, because "trusted sources" can have their systems and data breached. Or because some prefer the option of granting permissions based on the benefit of the app vs the risk associated with the permission granted. That benefit/risk is not the same for all apps. Surely, you're genius enough to have figured that out. Or because many prefer the option to selectively grant permissions for the level of functionality needed, instead of an all or nothing scenario.

And before you rehash the asinine rationale that nothing is 100% secure, for some this is not sufficient reason to provide access to additional entities with far less regulatory oversight than a financial institution - for example. As such, how about because your recourse for recovery could vary significantly from app to app - or from one "trusted source" to another. Ultimately, how about because it's his/her preference?


Well said. Most people don't have any understanding of what data security means. Even encrypting your data using certain methods means nothing. I know it's difficult but try to ignore ignorant posts like his. He clearly trusts too much and knows too little.

Posted via my Zed (not Zee) 10


Is anything really secure or is it all just a perception?

Posted via CB10, Rocking the Z10


+1 on the well said.
If an app is wanting us to trust them with full permissions, or even selective permissions, they should be willing to say this up front and why they want it. So we can decide before installing.
Some developers do, and those are the ones I'm more willing to trust.

Posted via CB10


I had this on my PlayBook and earlier wanted to see if it was available for my Z10, and there it was. It's a nice addition to my other readers.


Sounds like it's worth a try.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10


Runs poorly, and asks for too much permissions. About what one can expect from software made for ANDROID.

So hopeful BB stays in the game, and shifts to the prosumer. Maybe then we can rid BB World of these ports.

I would thank the devs for showing interest in the superior products BB offers, but now it is time to play in the big leagues -write native, or go back to the toys.

BB until it is not CDN


tried of ports ,but its reality and have to live with it


No, we do not.

BB until it is not CDN


I've been waiting for this app ever since I got my Z10. I used to have it on my Torch. One of my most used apps. Thanks for this port hopefully it will become a native build in the future.

Sent from my Awesome Z10


If they developed a native version and charged. 99-1.99 for it vs the free ported version would you pay for native? I would. Have any devs tried this approach with 2 listings on BlackBerry World?

Posted via CB10


If it was an app that I really needed and wanted of course I would. Of a native app for Wattpad came out I would grab it same as if a native app for Poynt came out I would pay for it as well but for now I am just happy to have the ports . Better than not having anything.

Sent from my Awesome Z10


Love this app!! Like having a different variety of stories. Some good authors on it. Glad that blackberry finally got this to the z10.

Posted via CB10


You can connect with Charles Dickens? Does this app summon Ghosts too? If so I'm all about it.

BlackBerry 10 United


Oops, I was thinking Charles Dickenson. Even auto correct tried to save me from looking stupid and I wouldn't let it. Lessons learned the hard way I reckon.

BlackBerry 10 United


I was seriously so happy when I found this on bbw. Like tears of joy, man.
It's the little things in life, I guess.

Posted via CB10