Waterproof BlackBerry case head to head - Aquapac vs. Overboard Waterproof Case

CrackBerry Idol - Brittany
By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Aug 2010 07:06 pm EDT

Waterproof BlackBerry case head to head - Aquapac vs. Overboard

Today I am reviewing the Aquapac and the OverBoard aquatic cases. Although these two cases are meant to serve the same purpose, these two cases have differences that would make you think otherwise. Let's get to the review!

The first case I am going to discuss is the Aquapac. This case is big enough to fit any phone, MP3 player, or other handheld device. With the case being entirely clear, it is functional for any device. If you have a smaller device the case is definitely too big to use the device comfortably. The clamps on the case are tight, making you feel comfortable with having a tight seal. Once again for a "wimp" like me, this is a con. The case also features a loop at the top to hook a lanyard to it. This is nice for those who would like to have the case wrapped around their neck or hanging off of a bag of some sort, but because of the size of the case this could be extremely dysfunctional. The case is completely waterproof and is submersible up to 15 ft. The case is also featured with a 3 year warranty, which is something that the OverBoard case lacks. The case also features a stylus holder. It is available for sale for $29.99 at shopcrackberry.com.

I dislike the overall size of the case. It is extremely inconvenient and not a very practical size. The clear plastic is nice in the sense that you can use any type of gadget you can think of, but I think the clear makes the case look low quality.. As I mentioned before, the case features a hole for a lanyard, but the product does not come with one. This case makes it easy to text and call no matter which touch screen device I am using. Since there is no lining, this case is great for texting on any phone. When placing a call, I was expecting to be able to hear that my phone was in a "plastic bag", as I had referred to it, which surprisingly did not affect the clarity of the call.

The next case I am going to be reviewing is the OverBoard case. When I first opened the box I was impressed with the professional appearance that this case has to offer. The black lining makes the case look slick and gives it more of a high quality look. This case also features a lanyard loop at the top of the case. The main difference here is that the OverBoard is actually sent with a lanyard and a carabineer. I think this is extremely convenient and also gives you an option on how to carry the case, which is something the Aquapac lacks. Also the size of this case is smaller, easier to fit in the hand and overall just has a better feel. The size though can also be a con depending on how you plan to use the case. If all you are carrying is a small phone or other gadget, this case is perfect. For multiple, or larger gadgets, this case is just not big enough. In terms of sealing, this case has an easy and fast approach to getting the seal you want without the hassle. This case also considers the clear opening in the back of the case a feature, saying that this case is perfect for devices with a camera option. This case is available for $29.95 at shopcrackberry.com.

The black around the edges of the case gives it a nice look, but when using a device with buttons along the bottom this case is definitely difficult to use. If the device slides down too far into the case, the bottom lining covers the buttons, making the device nearly impossible to use, which can get frustrating. The case is small and easy to hold, but with someone like me who uses multiple devices at once, the size is just not practical for my needs. Since there is a thicker lining along the bottom, I had some problems with the receiver of the call having a hard time hearing me.

When I first took a look at these two cases side by side it was easy to pick one that I would be more comfortable putting my expensive devices in, but after actually putting these cases to use I have completely changed my preference in the two. In my opinion, the better case is the Aquapac. This case is a great size for putting everything I could need into. The case's clear look allows me to use both of my touch screen devices without having to take them out of the case.

Aquapac Pros:

  • Completely clear
  • Large size
  • Lanyard hole
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Clasps are tight

Aquapac Cons:

  • Large size
  • Clasps are hard to open
  • Lanyard not included

OverBoard Pros:

  • Slick design
  • Easy to slide clasps
  • Small size
  • Lanyard and Carabineer included

OverBoard Cons:

  • Small size
  • Black lining affects buttons and call clarity
  • Clasps don't seem secure

Reader comments

Waterproof BlackBerry case head to head - Aquapac vs. Overboard Waterproof Case


Kevin (aka Ryan Seacrest): Waterproof cases are great material to work with for an accessory review. Let's see what the judges thought of your performance this time around!

CrackBerry Idol Judges

Dieter: The video felt a little rushed - it's ok to talk a little slower - I find it sometimes helps to record the video and then do a voiceover afterwards so you can give your viewers a more coherent experience. Fun and honest, though. Your review is pretty good but like the video
feels like it could have used a little more thought in terms of communicating your main points. All the pieces are here, minus the photos of course, which is the important thing, but next time spend a little more time thinking about how to present them.

Georgia: Hi Brittany, I enjoyed the video and the cute opening scene. The actual review part of the video could have been more polished by either editing your video, doing a script and/or using voice overs. The written part of the review was OK, but like the video also felt like it could have been better with another edit or two. At this level of competition there's no room to slack. I really appreciated your enthusiasm and the fact that it looked like you had fun doing the review, thanks.

Craig: Brittany, I realize that you were not able to provide pictures for the review because you were traveling but I have to take away some points for that since CrackBerry is a blog. Otherwise the written review was good and covered all the points one would expect for water proof cases. I did see repetitive use of words and phrases throughout your written review that shows that your writing style needs to mature a little. Your video review was good with the exception of the jerky camera movements and I think a bit of editing would have been good too.

I'm not trying to be a jerk, but you have to be able to speak with out saying "ummmm". After the second one all I could focus on was how long till the next one was coming.

Agreed. there is no way this girl should be going on past this round. When she talks like that she sounds like she has no credibility and at a point left us to decide if there was a pro or con on the item when we cannot physically inspect the device.

Although your video opening captured attention in the beginning--and I commend you for that--the rest of the video lost life. The video became dry and somewhat uninteresting.
I disagree with how it felt rushed. I think it's more of saying the right things--the content of your video. Maybe the voice over suggestion can take care of that. Also, try discussing the negative points of the product/dislikes/etc. first and I think the positive points will fall into play afterwards. That might help you get your main ideas across better.
What's good with your review is that you actually displayed the usefulness of the product by bringing in a non-BlackBerry phone. Good luck!

just pick a winner already zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

or is it just an excuse to plug stuff in the crackerry store

Agreed...this gimmick has reeeally begun to drag on at this point. I'll be glad when we can get back to our "regularly scheduled programming"

Some that went out first round were the best. Think they are lacking on reviews and other sites were out doing them. Trying to play catch up!

Okay, this wasn't very well done. 28 Um's - lots of repeating and starting sentences over again. I understand why the judges said you sounded rushed. I don't think it was rushed, but maybe a little bit of nerves. It was good to see the phones floating in the sink, though.

The written review was not up to par, either. Lots of repeating sentence structure. The first paragraphs has "these two cases" twice - in the same sentence! It made me feel like you just threw the review together quickly without putting much effort into it. I can understand if you are traveling and didn't have a chance to take any photos, but it would have helped to at least include some stock photos with the article.

Decent review. I feel informed enough to make a decision if I planned on swimming with my Berry. The video seemed like it was put together very quickly though. You stuttered quite a few times and said ummm many many more. Pretty smile, but with the quality of some of the reviews we have seen recently, I think you needed to go above and beyond this.

I would have liked to have seen a phone call or texting made while using the protector. Also, I know you're trying to move quick, but don't rush so much Brittany.

It's Britt!! Thank you for all the constructive critism! I really appreciate it!! Thank you for understanding the circumstances of the short notice trip. This also would explain why the review felt rushed, it was!! I had a blast with this review and have loved having the opportunity!!

Is that you show that the bags float, which gives the user plenty of time to retrieve the phone or if you had to, jump in to get it if you were not close enough to grab the device, and not worry that it's going to sink to the murky depths of some not so clear waters. Great option while on the beach, fishing or a trip to a water park.

Drop a few of the "uhmm's", focus on more of what the bags/cases do, and I think you'd have an even better review.

Your opening could have had you texting in the shower or even under water, as part of your review.

Ummm ummm ummmm you say that a lot you know that?

Seriously, and I am amazed you didnt call out all the CrackBerry staff/readers perverts again like that last time.

wow, that part where she puts the droid x and the storm 2 in the sink... i couldnt do that. lol

+1 for nice example

I did so many tests with paper, napkins and my Ipod shuffle before I put anything of value in those cases lol.

I found your video review to be more like a home user who jumps on YouTube to share her epxerience with a couple waterproof cases than a professional review. You showed us how the products work, but you did so in a way that you would expect from a home user. You had a lot of ums, your evaluation was more personal opinion than factual, and you were calling more attention to yourself than the product.

I thought you did a decent job of showing us how the two cases worked. I liked your real world test of putting the devices in the cases and into the water. I loved your showcase of a Droid phone on a BlackBerry site! Haha!

I liked how your commentary fit the demonstration, where you said that you can't see the bottom keys in the bag and we could see that in the demo. However, I wondered if that was because you didn't adjust the phone once it was in the case, since there was a lot of room. I think you missed a golden opportunity in the shower scene to demonstrate the effectiveness of the cases. You were in a full body suit, so you had nothing to hide. You could have wrapped both cases on each arm and either had a phone conversation or the CB podcast palying on the phones as the water is showering down on the cases. This is an example of what I mean when I say put the product first. Always be thinking in your review that your audience is there to learn about and make a buying decision on the product. It's your job to educate them and give them facts about the product to aid them in making the right decision.

I found the pros and cons section of your review hilarious. I felt like I was reading a review on the Torch - every pro is a con and every con is a pro! For example, Aquapac pro - Clasps are tight. Aquapac con - Clasps are hard to open! Sounds like some of the features I was reading about the Torch... "blazing speed" is a pro but "it's not fast enough" is a con! :-)

I worked with lots of young people everyday so I didn't even hear all the umms I guess I'm immune by now. I did like your review try to slow down a bit for the next time. I do have a question did you try taking pictures or a video with the protectors on ? Im curious to know which one gave you the better resolution and quality, since you are shooting through a layer of clear plastic, I need to do some underwater (shallow depth stuff ) video and picture taking. Since you already have them & if you have the time can you play with them and let me / us know .
Thank you and best of luck.

Writen review was mediocre. I don't think I'm informed of anything that I couldn't get from just looking at them. Your video review was choppy, unprofesional (amateur), and grating with all the "ummms". It looked like a last minute video thrown together because you were too busy getting your nails done in a salon and taking a trip to see a concert instead of actually working on the review. You also brought way too much attention to yourself rather than the products. I have a feeling that's because you know some of the viewers like the the way you look and so you're trying to play that up as an advantage.

Your review was really late getting in and as far as I can tell, you were given an extension far past the others...not because of receiving late products, but because you were too busy doing fun stuff to take this seriously. I think that alone should disqualify you from this competition. So not only were you given an unfair advantage but you come out with a mediocre review after being given so much extra time.

I don't know if her Aquapac didn't include a lanyard or what, but I just received mine last week and it had one included.

Not to be rude but I stopped reading the review right after I read the first paragraph, beginning with "Today I am reviewing the Aquapac and the OverBoard aquatic cases."

That is one of my biggest pet peeves when reading online reviews. We already know what you're reviewing by the title of the post. The first paragraph is your chance to grab the reader's attention and show some originality and creativity. You want to give them a reason to continue reading. Your first paragraph was dull, bland, and completely uninteresting. It gave me no inspiration to continue. And due to that, I didn't. Sorry.

I did give the video a chance. I stopped it at 23 seconds. The intro (in my personal opinion) was completely unnecessary but I let it slide. But once I heard "ummmm" within your first actual statement, I was done. It shows a lack of effort on your part as if you shot it in one take and then hit upload. I also think that shooting the video and then doing a voiceover would have been a good option in your case. It could have helped you.

You need to stop trying to let your cuteness try and get you ahead. Sure, CrackBerry is a fun place but above all else, this is a professional tech blog and business. If you're not providing good solid material that focuses around the true point of this site, then my vote is not going to you.

You probably had a lot of time to do this review, it felt rushed and thrown together. Not to mention the use of "ummm" and "all that good stuff" phrases somewhat take away from the video. The intro. was great and creative...it just went downhill after that. I think pics and voice over would've really brought the quality of the video together.
Tough competition. Good luck in the voting process!

Her review was amazing it showed us how much she really sucked and never should win! score!!

Britney is such a perve too!

This isn't close to being ready for publication on a major enthusiast website. This review makes me wonder how she got past the first round. Enough with the hottie/pervert angle - we get it, she wants to be known for her brain. Until her reviews are polished and professional, unfortunately the hottie angle is all that is working for her.

You guys are harsh... I think she did a good job at the review. I would like to see some of you do better. I like the bigger case though. Looks better and is probably better to type on... But who would need these cases? Scuba divers? :/ she's pretty too!

I've been using the Aquapac Keymaster case for over a year, it works great and fits the Blackberry Tour perfectly without all of the loose material at the top or sides. It also comes with a lanyard included and is significantly cheaper (only $18).
It doesn't have the clear windows, but you can still read the screen, type, and talk without taking the Blackberry out of the case.
I've taken my blackberry on 3km open water swims in the case (tried to track swim routes with gps), I always have my blackberry in the case and in my jersey pocket when I'm biking (sometimes in the rain), and I've never had any problems.
The bigger case is just impractical if you plan on being active while your phone is in the case.

wow, can you say um a few more times?

the aquapac may be bigger but, that's not exactly a con unless you're trying to put it in your pocket. the "clamps" aren't hard to operate, but, under no circumstances should you go near water that's above "cool" temperatures, as warm water will heat the plastic of the "clamp" at the top, which allows water in (just had this happen with a camera that was less than 12 hours old because I was trying to be cheap and save $50 over buying a waterproof camera...instead, the aquapack cost me an extra $240 while on a cruise)

another important tidbit...the aquapac's warranty extends to replace the device that was ruined inside the case provided it leaks and they don't find it was user error (don't know if they use that out very often, I got the place I bought the camera and case to refund them as the sales rep assured me multiple times that it would handle the pools, and snorkeling, and, the "warm" pool on the cruise ship was too hot for the seal to stay intact)

third...Brittany....take the constructive criticism of the judges, record the video, do a voice over, don't use the words "um, like, well, or ok" it makes it sound very amateurish (a bit I learned from my speech teacher back in the day) and takes your credibility away completely, by giving the appearance of not having fully prepared for the presentation you're offering. as far as the written part....use a spell checker (it's carabiner not carabeener) also if it's a word you're unsure on, (like carabiner) might check someplace like dictionary.com for pronunciation, that way you don't have people trying to correct you.

With having the accessories almost 7 days longer than any other contestant I really expected more. Time to vote this one off the island folks...

RUBBISH, only reason she got through the first round is because she stuck her phone between her t*ts...I believe that DJ should have got through she did an excellent app review on foursquare!