Watching TV Tonight? Check out BlackBerry App JumpForward Traveler on ABC's Shark Tank @ 8PM EST!

By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Oct 2009 05:47 pm EDT
JumpForward Traveler

Any Shark Tank fans out there? If so, you'll see some BlackBerry-related action on tonight's show. And if you've never checked out before, maybe tonight's the night. Here's the word:

JumpForward Traveler, a BlackBerry app, will be featured in tonight's season finale of ABC's Shark Tank at 8pm EST! The JumpForward app simplifies the college recruiting process for both high school athletes and college coaches, and makes sure that coaches play by the rules when communicating with perspective players:

  • High School Athletes
    • Provides high school students and their parents with the ability to search for the contact information of 2,600 colleges and 55,000 college coaches.
    • Tracks and organizes the communications between athletes and coaches.
  • College Athletic Departments
    • Allows coaches to read and manage recruiting contact information directly on their BlackBerry.
    • Features a patent-pending technology that proactively stops coaches' phone calls, text messages and emails that violate recruiting rules and regulations.

For more information on the JumpForward Traveler app, please visit BlackBerry App World.

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Watching TV Tonight? Check out BlackBerry App JumpForward Traveler on ABC's Shark Tank @ 8PM EST!


i have a feeling that the sharks are going to say its to small of a niche market, OR that they're evaluation is ridiculous...which it always is

shout out to Kevin(o'leary) and Robert for keeping it Canadian on the show!

I would use this to talk on it while driving,
Would love a Blackberry branded bluetooth headset to go with my awesome blackberry...

I honestly never thought it would go anywhere near that high!

Funny, I just stumbled on this show tonight and decided to go over to CB and found this blog post. What a coincidence!

Best segment of the entire night.. Well other than that silly piss in the golf club.. RTFLMAO.

But congrats to the two of them for Jump Forward.