Customize your BlackBerry with Watcher for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 8 Jan 2014 06:56 am EST

With headless BlackBerry 10 apps now making their way to BlackBerry World, Watcher is the perfect example of the kind of application that many folk would want to have running on their BlackBerry, but not necessarily as an Active Frame. At the time of publication it's also worth noting that an update to Watcher is pending with BlackBerry World, so if you download the app and don't see all the features just be patient - the update could drop at any time. 

Watcher is a simple - yet effective tool which allows you to customize a bunch of options within BlackBerry 10 - from the LED (which us BlackBerry people love so much) to blocking phone calls. As you will see from the list below, the features it offers are rather extensive. The developer has clearly put a lot of time and effort into Watcher and the app is priced at the lowest price point (excluding free) of just £0.75/$0.99 - a bargain if you ask me. 

You'll need to be running BlackBerry 10.2 or above and it's worth noting that if you are using a leaked version of an OS you may encounter one or two hiccups, but that's to be expected. 

With the combination of a smooth, fluid, clean user interface and the massive amount of options available I suspect that Watcher should be rather popular. Sound off in the comments with your thoughts. 

*Update* After speaking with the developer it now appears that users need 10.2.1 for all features. It’s kind of a strange one as the latest version works perfectly well on 10.2.0 yet BlackBerry World have made the decision that it will only be available to users on 10.2.1. A weird decision but it’s their choice at the end of the day. 


  • Option to vibrate when an outgoing phone call gets connected: You won't have to put the device on your ear too early
  • Option to vibrate when a phone call gets disconnected or failed.


  • Option to flash the LED when there is an incoming call with different selectable colors, support multi-color flashing.
  • Option to blink LED if your device connected to a cellular network just like the old BBOS LED for Radio Signal feature. Support 7 colors.
  • Option to flash LED for new SMS/Text Message, support multi-color flashing.
  • Option to flash LED for new Email, support multi-color flashing.


  • Auto switching profile to the suitable state during particular period of time. E.g. You can set the profile to Silent between 23:00 to 07:00 so you can sleep well without any disturbs by notifications of the phone. The cool thing is you won't have to do it manually, Watcher will automatically change profile to Silent from 23:00 and switch back Notification to Normal from 7:00. 
  • Holster Profile: Option to enable changing profile when the device is IN/OUT of Holster.

Home Screen:

  • Auto change wallpaper based on your selected folder which contains images every predefined period of time (Minutes).
  • Auto change wallpaper when unlock screen. In this mode, every time you unlock the screen, you will see different wallpaper. Is it lovely? NOTE: Please don't use Picture Password if using this feature. It will conflict and cause big trouble. I'm contacting BlackBerry for this issue.
  • Option to play sound when the screen is locked/unlocked.


  • Option to block particular SMS, Email based on phone number, email address, email domain and keyword. E.g. if you input a domain then all emails come from this domain will be deleted automatically. 

Phone Call:

  • Option to block all incoming phone calls till turn OFF this feature.
  • Option to block all incoming phone call in particular period of time. E.g. setting blocking all incoming calls between 23:00 to 07:00.


  • Option to play sound when the charger is plugged in/out


  • Backup/Restore all settings
  • Option to clean log
  • Enable/Disable Logging into Hub

More information/Download Watcher for BlackBerry 10

Reader comments

Customize your BlackBerry with Watcher for BlackBerry 10


You can try it on official 10.2.0. Many reported it's working properly just like 10.2.1

Thank you.

I'd like to find a headless app that will keep the notification LED blinking indefinitely until I've viewed or scrolled through the hub (email, sms, bbm, etc...). My Z10 doesn't seem to do this at the moment ...

I suspect BBRY did this as a battery conservation feature with the assumption that it flashes while it's "new" but if you haven't looked at your phone in awhile, you will check it regardless. i.e. no need for LED anymore since there are so many ways things can change.. work email, personal email, facebook, BBM, text etc.. but for some the old way still works best. Personally, if I haven't picked up the phone in awhile, I check the hub. Last April I ran into this as an issue until I realized the difference.

These apps are great but with Hub++ there is confusion between using the "system drop down menu" profile selection and Hub++'s profile selection. Basically you need to stop using the system drop down menu. Does Watcher do the same thing? Also if you reboot (or pull the battery) will headless apps automatically restart? Thanks :)

Posted via CB10

Its much simpler and you dont have to play with system notifications

And currently it has few bugs which being sorted out and new update should hit the BlackBerry world this week

And if your running 1055 there is not bug.
The mentioned bugs exist in latest leak

And if you restart the headless starts in 1055 but latest leak doesnt which bug being fixed in this weeks update

Ps: im not dev but happy watcher user :)

Posted via CB10

We're getting there. Soon, this phone will have the functionality of my 9900. ;)

This app needs to be able to block specific phone numbers.

Posted via CB10

How long more do we need to wait till an app that blocks only user specified numbers gets released?

Posted via CB10

Installed on my Z30 running 10.2 and uninstalled again only gives you the Vibrate and Led options, gives none of the other features mentioned even when the app has all the permissions required in place. So how do you access the other features of the app if I reinstall it? BBM Channel C002C3F42

I installed it on my Q10 and also only get Vibrate and LED optionsm none of the other features mentioned. Can't get to the "main menu" or anything.

It is also permanently badged with a "new message" icon/spark which is very annoying. Opening the app makes it disappear, closing the app makes it appear again.

"...Option to vibrate when an outgoing phone call gets connected: You won't have to put the device on your ear too early..."

Very much like that idea, save a few milliwatts / seconds of SAR for every call, while the phone is connecting, i.e. pumping out a lot of radiation.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Nice Price for that Feature List.

I hope BlackBerry will give with OS 10.3 the API's to Block specific Numbers. Til then no Dev is able to create a "Call Block Manager". BB still sucks in many Details. Let's hope Chen brings a real Change. I would be sad to sell my Device as I really like the OS.

Posted via CB10 App / Z10-STL100-2@

The update to this application is pending in BlackBerry World. If you have Watcher installed keep an eye out for the updated version. It will have all features mentioned. 

It works great on my Q10 running Q10SQN100-5/ Now I can dump BeBuzz Pro. I uninstalled Hub+ a long time ago because the network coverage LED never worked.

You can pry my BlackBerry from my cold, dead hands.

Hi, did you get the version or? Because there is issue with BB World which only show the very old to everyone so far. Please let me know. Thank you.

I just purchased the App and didnt notice until after i installed that the version is How can i update the App?

This is stupid why have a pic of the q10 with the feature and when I go to download it. It's not for my phone which is a q10. BlackBerry your are holding on to little faith that you have. It's little things like that. That makes this company suck

Posted via CB10

Hi, which version of OS you are using? By the way, if you get the version, this is not the right one, we are waiting for or at least, they should give back the stable version

Thank you.

At the bottom it states that the app will back up/restore settings. Is the the in app settings? Or will it back up my Z10 settings so they can be restored after a new leak is loaded?

Posted via CB10

Does anyone know if you can set up a vibrate alert for in coming calls, text, bbm, and email's while on an active call like you could in the old os?

Posted via CB10

This is a great app with many options which will only grow in time. I've worked with the dev and he's a dedicated fellow.

Posted via CB10

As they indicated in the first sentence, it is headless and does not need to be run in an active frame.

Via CB10 & Z10 or Q10

Headless of course! You don't even need to restart it after a battery pull or reset. It starts itself.

Sounds absolutely gorgeous. But for those of us waiting for 10.2.1 to drop, here in the USA, it's one hxxx of a teaser...Honestly folks, ya think that the American carriers will ever update BBOS?

NOTE TO BlackBerry!:

Pay developers like this to present these great features to your software design team, and 'bake' them into upcoming OS releases.
One of the things us legacy BlackBerry users are clamoring for is some of the features of BBOS. An example is the customized LED. I refuse to pay for this through some app; especially non-headless.



And by the way, and since they thought the physical buttons and the trackpad were not necessary, so wrong 'cause it was so distinctive for the BB and so useful (note how we have BIG in-screen buttons in the os, reducing screen size usable, cleaver huh?), it is really so hard to desing an static bard on the bottom of the screen with some buttons division (maybe the 1/4 part of the bar that shows the in-screen back button) to use them like if they where really physical buttons? i mean they could include all the buttons of the olders BB or just the menu and back icon but always leaving the right space in the middle for the swipe gestures and thats it!, home and the hub will be always accesible from the swipes gestures in the middle with no problems. And aditionally there should be an virtual trackpad that only shows when u need to scroll throught text, it should assess the speed of the swipe of the finger on the screen so it acts like you really had a physical trackpad.

dont know why the do not listen... or think what we really need.. it's all about common sense

by the way, dont judge for my bad english

Shortcut keys to launch apps from the main screen for the Q10 too! :-)
I still find myself hitting "M" for messages, "N" for Messenger, "L" for calculator, etc.


Did you even read the article, or the comments before mashing that out?

Some people should just get an iPhone ffs


The update also fixes a problem I was having. Prior to the update, I had the app set to change the profile to vibtrate only when the phone was placed in a holster. That worked, but removing the phone from the holster did not change the profile back. After the update, the profile changes back correctly. That is one of the features of the legacy OS I was missing the most. Now, if Blackberry would please bring back a shortcut key to mark items read and unread, I might be almost as produtive as I was with legacy devices.

I'm still having problems
I refresh my app world. Check for updates no new apps show. Check my app version using old 1.00.11 when I try to delete or uninstall it says " failed to uninstall watcher"  if I just delete the icon it re appears as soon as I restart my phone. 

Any ideas?

Posted via CB10

Finally got the app to delete but app world still shows even after app world refresh and phone restart. Even though if I look on Web app world I see proper version there

Posted via CB10

I purchased but can only get v1.0.0.1. Have refreshed App World but still the same.

Posted via CB10

Z10 with stock
I cant sideload due to it being a work phone and it has development mode locked out.

Just had an update from the developer letting me know there was a bit of an issue with App World and it should be coming soon.

He just replied to me also. Poor guy. They have put it's just not showing for everyone yet even if you refresh apparently.

Posted via CB10

Please stay calm and patient, I am trying my best, BlackBerry guys are trying their best too to fix this, this is crazy.

Thank you so much and please stick to the original thread of Watcher in the forum for latest updates and news.

Posted via CB10

Ok, the answer from BlackBerry World is: User must be running OS 10.2.1 to obtain the version and later updates. Because Watcher is long-running-headless application and this requires 10.2.1. If you are on 10.2.0, all you could get was version which is not headless at all and you need nothing from this version.

So, to whom still prefer 10.2.0 but also wanna try Watcher, please head to the original thread of Watcher in the forum to obtain and sideload the trial/beta version in the first post. And stick to the thread for latest news either updates:

Thank you so much to James, to everyone here on CB.

It says the app is not available for my device!

I am running on Q10 - Bell Canada. Any ideas?

Posted via CB10

Yes, now I lock it from being visible to 10.2.0. This has been causing enough disaster for all of us because BlackBerry forces this kinda app only running on 10.2.1. They won't give 10.2.0 the correct version.

Please upgrade your OS to 10.2.1 or heading to the original thread of Watcher in forum and sideload the beta version, this is the only way to use this app on 10.2.0

Thank you.

Posted via CB10

hello, I just purchased the software, I have the latest version leaked, 1925, but the audio profiles do not work. 'cause

Now black berry world says unavailable for this device. Does it means that I lost the money? App is not working on my z30.

Posted via CB10

Bought this yesterday and I love it! One issue I found overnight though is that the LED still blinks even while on bedside mode, was a bit annoying and hopefully will be fixed in a future rework. Otherwise great job, simple app that doesn't try to do everything!

Should be implemented in future updates of OS10 select color LED. Whether for applications that are installed. So if you default on how you can in OS 7.1.


Posted via CB10

Downloaded the app for $2.99 CAD even though the article and BlackBerry World app description both say $0.99.

Why the difference?

Posted via CB10

The difference is that the Dev seems to have put the price up just after his app gets a higher profild.

As he has the right to

Posted via CB10

Using the 1055 leak.
Watcher app causes me a problem:

Music player can't move to the next track, it returns the same error every time the playing track ends.

Uninstall it and the problem is gone.

Looking toward to see if the problem is fixed.

Posted via CB10

I wish you could assign different colors to different contacts... hopefully this feature is on the roadmap.