Watch2Watch for BlackBerry 10 lets you send messages directly to a Pebble watch

By DJ Reyes on 8 Feb 2014 01:18 pm EST

As you know, BlackBerry 10 Pebble owners only really have Talk2Watch as their best option right now. That's not a bad thing as the app itself is pretty feature rich and has lots of goodies to come. On top of that the developer is slowly making APIs available for developers to make 'companion' apps to Talk2Watch. One app is being developed already and is currently available in beta in the Smartwatch Fans forums.

The app is called Watch2Watch and it allows you to send a message directly to a Pebble watch, provided you know the PIN ID which is the last four characters of the Bluetooth/serial number. You have to reply via the app but you can set canned messages to auto-reply from the Pebble watch.

I've been trying it out and I'm enjoying it so far. If you want to take part in the beta, head on over to the Smartwatch Fans forums and let the developer know. You can out the video above to see it in action.

Learn more / Sign up for Watch2Watch beta testing
Check out the Talk2Watch API

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Watch2Watch for BlackBerry 10 lets you send messages directly to a Pebble watch


Foxconn cloud whip up a BB watch in 2 seconds,that would be nice .Inexpensive ,could gain market share as they don't have one.Make for a good feel headline,haha

That's probably the only thing that would keep me from buying a Pebble. Which I've been thinking about for quite some time now.

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Never for me. I don't see a point to a smart watch when I always have my smart phone near by. But that's just me

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In my opinion, it depends on how you use your mobile device and how you want to extend its functionality. I would simply want to have my notifications alert me by having a smartwatch vibrating discreetly on my wrist. I don't think I would bother with composing anything on a smartwatch. For that I would whip out my mobile device. Some people can see themselves playing games, making calls directly, and watching TV on them. But not me.

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Yeah, that's why smartphones will be short lived.
Eventually the glass will also replace phones, all you need on the glass is a pull down mic for talking.

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Most useless piece of technology so far, it's redundantly doing the same task as something else.

Dumb watch.

If you own this you fail.

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I work in a bar and can't pull my phone out. The watch is amazing and let's me know every time my phone goes off and what it says. Plus with the e ink display it lasts over a week on one charge. Useless isn't what I would use to describe the highest grossing kickstarter of all time.

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I guess it must be all those drinks orders you want to check out on your phone?

I guess that's the reason why I wait sooooooo long for a drink at the bar

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If you could read. Which you can't. I said I don't use my phone that's why the pebble is nice. Bartender probably choses not to make your drink after talking to you.

My Q10 is sexier than your Q10.

Anyway RJ, chill. I was joking. Maybe with an attitude like yours, I wouldn't be asking you for my list of drinks.


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Interesting, I've worked in labs and you do NOT want those chemicals and organisms on your phone...dirty gloves and phones... *shudder* lol. We even had work related messages in lab...

I might just look into that.
(btw Borderlands 2

I've tried a million ways and I can't find the app Talk2watch anywhere in the BlackBerry world. I miss my pebble.

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It says request not found. What did you search to find it. I've tried every combination of words I could think of

My Q10 is sexier than your Q10.

A Pebble is not for me, I don't see the use of a watch anymore since I use (smart)phones and now I'm used of having nothing on my wrists. The only advantage of the Pebble watch I personally can think of is that surrounding people won't drool over my Q10 anymore.

Lol that would be a benefit but now they say "oh is that a pebble can I see it!?" lol.

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This is an interesting thread.

There is an overwhelming lack of interest in the (this) 'smart watch'.
If the trend is parallel to the general public, the watch will be an icon of the past soon enough.

An "overwhelming lack of interest" by a handful of bored CB'ers ;-)
Most people with Pebbles are out and about doing stuff instead of reading CB :p. They don't need to pull their phones out to simply check a text message or email or change the volume of their music or pause/next tune etc.
I was a skeptic til I tried the Pebble and the awesome Talk2Watch app. Now I use it regularly, especially when I have a day full of meetings and don't want to keep pulling my phone out just to see why my phone is buzzing. I like the simplicity. I don't need to do everything on my watch! That's what my BB10 smartphone is for :-D

Like the ones in the black & white movies.
They're a little too big to strap to the wrist and they're no way smart.


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A CooKoo is a brand of smartwatch. There are a number of them out there right now. The problem for us BlackBerry fans is that none work natively with BB10. Although Talk2Watch is a third party app that gives most functionality with a BB10 device. Check out for more reading on this.

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Until ATT in the USA rolls out 10.2 to BlackBerry owners we don't get nothing, Nada. We don't get no respect.

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Not one smartwatch I saw looking looking good, think i'm keeping my Tag Heuer and Smartphone.

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Yeah the smartwatch was short lived.. it worked well for a little time.. I mean look at David Hasslehoff and Kitt, the Knight Rider.. after that show ended so did the watch.. I wish they had a smartwatch for me when I'm on the couch at night, I could 'Honey, I need you!' ;-)

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BlackBerry smartwatch, Porsche Design. Would def sell to hundreds of celebs. And bring out a peasant's version too.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

I want Contact Lens running BB10 and navigation with my eye and pupils . Double click two times close my eyes etc.

That would be a real innovation, come on blackberry get it done wearing glasses and smartwatches I not want and looks bad.

Ericsson GF198(GSM900) im D2 Privat Netz

To replace my German engineered Sinn 856s or my Bauhaus icon Chronoscope Max Bill with something so ugly like this?....and yet another battery to watch, and bluetooth range to keep an eye on must be kidding me.

Ok, these watches will sell, there're passengers for every train, but I at this point of time and in that form, totally useless for my. Personal opinion.

 Q1o

I love watches......have a collection of 23 so far but this is probably the most useless redundant useless thing ever.
But it will sell because the morons will believe they need it because is new or they are told they need it.......forget that!
Don't really understand how morons think because if I did then I would be a moron but I am not because I will never be caught dead with this useless redundant useless sales gimmick.

I wish I did think of it though......would love to invent some thing completely nonsensical & watch all these wanna be tech savvy fools line up at midnight to be the first to have one

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I would not have any use for this, I no longer ware a watch as I always have my phone with me. This "watch" is not good for much but reading messages and notifications. You still need to use the app on your phone to send a message or respond, which means you're still pulling out your phone, so why do I need or want this watch?