Watch TV on your BlackBerry PlayBook with HBO GO & MAX GO

By Kerri Neill on 19 May 2011 01:30 pm EDT

Anytime between 8 am to 5 pm, the sounds coming from my TV are usually that of My Little Pony or Bubble Guppies thanks to my 4 yr old taking possession of it. I usually try to cram as many of my DVR shows in as possible during her naptime but with so many to catch up on, it can take me weeks to get caught up. Now, thanks to my subscription to HBO through my cable provider (I have Comcast), I can catch up on shows & movies via my BlackBerry PlayBook. Cinemax also appears to have the same setup going on. 

According to both the HBO GO & MAX GO websites, BlackBerry devices are not listed as being compatible. I'm here to tell you that doesn't appear to be correct. As you can see in the video above, I had no problem running the HBO GO website content on my PlayBook. I don't subscribe to Cinemax so I was unable to test that one out. For anyone who does have Cinemax and has tried it out, comment below and let us know if it works! Hopefully more of the premium channels will follow suit and have sites like these available soon.

More information of HBO GO
More information of MAX GO

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Watch TV on your BlackBerry PlayBook with HBO GO & MAX GO


A minute or so into watching ANY video on HBO GO, the video becomes choppy, freezes, and only the audio (if lucky) keeps playing.. this also happens with ABC Video and other video heavy sites.

Yes, connected to WiFi, 2 feet away from my router.

Works fine on my iPhone 4 (through the HBO GO app), works fine on my laptop, and works fine from my desktop two rooms away.

this is the first thing i did on my playbook (go to hbogo, that is) and i had the same problem as dasilvetz. plays great for about a minute over wifi then becomes unwatchably choppy. rewinding does not help either. i have read people with hbo through xfinity are having this problem. dont know why that would matter though.

Good concept....but movie freezes about a minute in. Maybe this can be corrected when the PlayBook gets an "UPDATE"......HINT, HINT!!

I think the "surprise" that it works when the sites say "not for BB" is not really a surprise. These sites use Flash, right? Thus, they wouldn't work on a BB handheld, but since the PB does do flash, it should work. no surprise.

But thank you Kerri for the quick update/review. Always appreciated!

What is that I feel????

Oh now I remember... It's the shaft!

I want Hulu, HBO Go, and a better Netflix selection too... stupid outdated Canadian digital rights laws....

It really has nothing to do with Canadian digital rights laws --- it has to do with movie studios sold the movie distribution rights to other companies overseas.

It's like the olympics games. Canadians can't watch streaming olympic videos on It has nothing to do with Canadian digital rights laws. It has to do with the Olympic committee only sold the US rights to NBC and the Canadian rights to CTV.

It has everything to do with digital rights and the differences between Canada and the United States. There is no secret that the United States does not like the way we handle digital media, relatively speaking, we are pretty lax on the rules when it comes to streaming and downloading media. Until we see an agreement in line with that of the United States, we will continue to see a lack in the streaming media world.

I did find this out, by chance, that it worked on my PB but didn't bother saying anything since it does use Flash...Ah well, nice that it's news.

Works great, but I think they are referring to there being no BB app, like the new HBOGO app for android and iOS. However, unlike Netflix, this works just fine. Very nice!! Woo woo!

Just checked the Infinity site as well. Comcast/Infinity states that its OnDemand will not work in the BB browser; however, if you hit continue anyway, it loads and plays just fine. Wow!

Cool HBO but if you don't have a Blackberry phone you still can't get your contacts or calendar or email. How long is it going to take Blackberry to get this pushed thru.

my 600 dollar mini tv has a fully functioning browser that accesses google applications including but not limited to gmail and google calendar. as well as mobile me, yahoo mail, and hotmail. a browser is a powerful tool.

I get my mail just fine, as well as my documents and calendar. I just have to use the browser for now. The frustrating part is not being able to upload attachments/files to an email. But they said "summer" from the start. I have no reason to believe that won't come -- summer or the updates.

Just tried Cimimax from my company visitor wifi and it works. Btw it looks like they are both using the same service/streaming portal. They log in and and the look and feel are the same.

Mine does the choppy/freeze thing after a minute or two like most others. ALOT of people complain about this in the forums. I vote for a retraction until its resolved either w/ the flash update or something else (app). Ive tried on many different connections including my comcast blast, and same problem.

I'm on comcast so I guess this isn't going to work for me. But when I saw HBO Go ads for the iPad I was wondering hmmm do I want to watch TV on my iPad or my 50 inch screen? Who gets HBO and doesn't get on demand, which has everything... sorry I just don't see the value of this product at all.

It would be nice if it worked on my playbook, but even if it did I don't think I'd use it.

i find myself watching videos on my playbook quite frequently myself. crunchyroll works great and mortal kombat legacy from machinima is a must for me. i think hulu is a waste of money (pay and still have to watch ads?!!) but once netflix gets on board this little guy will replace my laptop for online entertainment. the screen is perfectly sized for in bed viewing and killing time at a wifi cafe.

comcast includes hbogo for me thru xfinity at no charge. having access quietly and without a bright screen while trying to have a 5 month old try to go to sleep (or not wanting to disturb his mama next to me) is truly a blessing. i can see many opportunities for all sorts of justifications for the portability of my pb.

Ha ha. This was the second thing i tried when i used my PB. i use wifi and i have verizon fios. Interestingly enough, like others have said the HBOGO site does lag and freeze after some time. The MAXGO site works flawlessly. The ironic part is as someone had posted before, they seem to run on a similar system. I was wondering if the more popular HBO portal just had more traffic. I had also thought that if the PB can play the movies why doesnt RIM push for more promotion. Often times many advertisements i see say "on ipad and andriod devices" . Why can't RIM have them just include the PB in these ads. After all it is another way to promote the product. This can also help celebrate the fact that you dont need an app for everything. And that the PB can perform right out of the box.

Indeed. I am so sick and tired of seeing "download our iPhone and iPad app" everywhere followed up with "soon coming to Android...". What about BlackBerry?

I subscribe to HBO and cannot watch HBOGO on either my phone or PlayBook.

I'm a charter member of Netflix and there are apps for iPhone and iPad, but nothing for anything BlackBerry. What really makes me mad is there is a flashing Netflix ad right next to the box where I'm typing this.

I'm a Good Sam RV club member (which is not free). They have a free iPhone app for searching for campgrounds and "it's coming for Android". No mention of BlackBerry.

I subscribe to Consumer Reports magazine and their online site. They have a free iPhone and iPad app - nothing for BlackBerry. Humorously, CR rates the iPhone "unacceptable" because of the crappy antenna issue.

My membership fees for these companies are all going to the creation of apps for one brand of product that I will never own. I have written emails to all of them letting them know my membership ends unless they come out with a BlackBerry counterpart.

Are BlackBerry apps more difficult to create or what???

same here. i have at&t u-verse and it is too choppy to watch anything. it is nothing like the hbogo app. i'm sorry, but when you are the last entrant to the game you have to move quicker to catch up to the competition. i hope rim eventually gets all this resolved. like most people on this forum i held off purchasing a tablet waiting on the playbook. now i feel (hope really) like it will be another 6 months before the playbook will be able to hold its own against an ipad.

Playbook already kills the ipad because of its killer app: the "I don't look like an asshole using it in public" app.

Wifi connections is always needed when streaming heavy video from hbo thats a no brainer

I have Cox Cable and HBO GO doesn't work on the PlayBook except for the first couple of minutes, then the video stutters and stalls and often crashes.

I resent that I've been paying my subscription fee to HBO for over ten years and they come out with an app for the iPad and iPhone, but fail to provide one for BlackBerry products. Unless they charge for the apps, that seems a bit unfair. Maybe they're working on this...

I experience the same thing everyone else on here is experiencing, HBO works great for a MINUTE. Can we get something to make us wanna watch videos on the Playbook???

I watch Boardwalk Empire all the time on HBO Go on my Playbook. I bought an HDMI cable and lately have been enjoying it on my flat screen TV by hooking up my PB to my TV and using my Bold 9900 as a remote through Blackberry Bridge. Works awsome. I have experienced what some of you are experiencing but if you're patient and wait a few seconds it goes back to working. At times the quality does diminish and the screen appears a little pixlated but after a few seconds it bounces back to a crisp, clear image. I have two WiFi signals accesible to me and have found that most of the time, switching from one to the other does the trick to minimize this problem. I really do believe it has something to do with WiFi signal strength and/or how many people are using the same WiFi signal. I say this because my wife has the HBO Go app on her Kindle Fire HD and experiences similar distortions or pauses, around the same time I do on my PB, when we are not watching Boardwalk Empire together on the Flat Screen off of my PB. With that being said. An app would be nice. Soon. Its great PB has Flash and we can access a lot of stuff directly through the browser, but that is no excuse for not giving us an app..