Watch Thorsten Heins deliver the keynote speech at BlackBerry Jam Americas 2012

By Michelle Haag on 25 Sep 2012 07:36 pm EDT
If you missed the live stream of the keynote this morning at BlackBerry Jam Americas, here is your chance to see the first 40 minutes with Research In Motion's CEO Thorsten Heins. Mr. Heins took the stage and spoke not only about RIM's vision, leadership, and momentum, but also provided a sneak peek at some of the upcoming features of BlackBerry 10 such as the BlackBerry Hub and BlackBerry Flow. The video is a bit long, but full of good information on user numbers, the approach to the market and BlackBerry 10, partnerships being formed, and looking forward to the release of BlackBerry 10. It's good stuff!
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Watch Thorsten Heins deliver the keynote speech at BlackBerry Jam Americas 2012


"Gone are the days of going in and out and the home button"... Ouch... that's gotta hurt some ppl hahahaha ;)

He also said," ... you can use all your old conectors too."
That said, I am sold onto making is sleep and that clock app. So simple yet oh so cool.

Home button?
That is VERY old style now. This is 'COOL'

The home button is a joke compared to cool swiping.

I'm excited for bb10 but they really need a proper speaker for these engagements. A dedicated face that bleeds passion for bb. TH just doesn't have that "rally the troops" feeling in his speeches. Also noticed that the gestures didn't seem to work all that well... Yes I know it's a device device but still.

The gestures worked perfect. Did you not notice that Vivek used 3 different Dev Alpha units? 1 for homescreen, 1 for bbm, 1 for the sleep etc... Remember when Thorsten said that BB10 needed to be delayed. I'm sure you would be even more critical if it came out next month and you were having those issues. Besides this is still the prototype. Not only that. In the keynote, Thorsten said there are still some things they are keeping quiet. I personally wanted to see the usage of the front facing camera!

Totally agree with you. Thorsten and his team have made a GREAT product! but he really seems have just woken up from a nap lol...

Kinda needed a sexy 3 minute video to get people pumped right off the bat showing how BlackBerry will change the way we use smartphones in real world settings.

After that I'd talk about successes like 105k apps, 80M subscribers, 60M BBM users, etc so developers can see that BlackBerry is still growing and RIM is not doing downhill.

The first 20 minutes was a little dry even for devoted BlackBerry fans. Still Thor did the job and conveyed the right message.

Thor was great. Comes across like a physicist with a real passion for what he is doing. Measured and calculated. Unlike the iPhone5 launch which any rational person would have confused with a funeral. We saw a peak at the future today.

Hmmm, interesting to see the BlackBerry logo next to the WiFi symbol indicating it's connected to BlackBerry Service.

Wow! I LOVE the work vs. personal tabs :) INNOVATION, bb! good job, that is one that that really stands out! I think the UI is great, but its always a selling point (case in point, the playbook has GREAT UI)...I also love the pull-the-shade down to sleep...thats cool! Overall, great UI! much better than android (of course), better than Apple (which also can switch between applications pretty easy but not as fluid), and ? on WP8 (but it does make me feel restricted). Overall GREAT demo!

IOS can switch between apps but most third party apps will not run in the background -- very limited multitasking.

So fantastic to see the BB10 browser take a huge lead in html5 rendering, even over desktop browsers!

What happens if I have more than 8 running apps. How do I get to the 9th app?

How do I force-quit running apps?

I wanna know about autotext! Is it coming?

I heard about email and calendar but nothing about tasks being easily accessible. Is it or do I have to find the task app?

Does the new browser allow you to organize/group bookmarks?

Can someone answer these?

Nobody has mentioned that in that presentation. I haven't heard it mentioned in any of the videos yet. So no, just wait for it. If 2.1 isn't coming, BlackBerry 10.0 will. :)

Wait for CrackBerry to mention it, as they get it all from blackberry's blog and other news contributors.

Nobody has mentioned that in that presentation. I haven't heard it mentioned in any of the videos yet. So no, just wait for it. If 2.1 isn't coming, BlackBerry 10.0 will. :)

Wait for CrackBerry to mention it, as they get it all from blackberry's blog and other news contributors.

For the menu/options button on the browser or the whatever, RIM should have had used the BlackBerry logo just like on the current phones instead of the 3 dots because BlackBerry users are already familiar with the options button logo. What about BlackBerry Bridge RIM? I wonder what new stuff they will incorporate into it or if it will be available at all. I really hope they continue it the way it is now or even imporve it with more cool stuff you can do together! In addition I'd like to see the 2 convenience keys like the 9700. I also hope that it has multiple alarm clocks and doesn't restrict you on the number of Apps you can install.

I don't think app restrictions exist for personal device sides. You are getting it confused with Enterprise users.

Convenience keys? Just wait for it. Dev alpha devices are vastly different from the real production units that'll be in carrier stores once released. Don't hope for everything, because it might not have it. You don't want to be disappointed due to your own overly high expectations. Heck, I don't expect to see anything until I see it for myself, this way, I'm truly WOW'd. :)

Thor just keeps getting better. BB X is the best. People always want to compare it to something else, "Smells like Teen Spirit! ", but you watch the demos and you know it feels like nothing else.
"Flow, Connect, Extend! "
Just like great sex - feels natural, feels right !
People think they see what this is, but all they see is what they think BlackBerry is.
They don't see it 'cause they can't touch it.
After BB X. everything else will feel like an insult.
This is the Autobahn.
Everything else is stop-and-go traffic...

Wait... Did he say something like HDMI in his speech, like using the standard HDMI and Micros USB power connectors... hear it at: 03:56

Looks like he mixed up micro usb to micro HDMI ;) or mau be we get both!

I really wish the production device comes out with the charging points like on the Bold 9000 and they move the charging port to somewhere on the top or bottom so it can be plugged in while in the holster, again like it used to be on the bold 9000..
They have forgotten some of these very simple things with their newer designs since the 9000

if we get both... awesome... I am sure they will design a holster to get the charging done... and I hope they dont forget about the phone autolock when in holster... small things make the experience so great...



Nothing like watching your CEO confess to the world that his company has already accepted defeat, and is OK with 3rd place.....

Guess that means I should probably use my upgrade somewhere other than BB10....I mean, why wait until Q1 2013 for a "third place device" when I can get a first or second place device right now. Hell, even Microsoft will have their new phones out in a month (and by looks of things, will most likely be 3rd place, not RIM).

That was a great keynote speech from Thorsten. I haven't watched it all the way through because it's longish, but I think his delivery and vision is great. Going to be looking forward to the new BB 10 devices!