Watch Tank Recon 3D for the BlackBerry Storm2 Action Videos; Promo: First 500 Customers Save $2!

By Kevin Michaluk on 15 May 2010 04:44 pm EDT

One month ago to the day I made a blog post here about the availability of Tank Recon 3D for the BlackBerry Storm2, which is an awesome first person shooter game that puts you in the seat of a tank as you go through various missions shooting down planes, AT guns, tanks and more. When I first made the announcement post about Tank Recon 3D I only posted a couple of screen captures, but now we have two videos (one above, one below) you can watch that show off Tank Recon 3D's gameplay and 3D graphics in much more detail. I've spent quite a few hours now playing this game on my BlackBerry Storm2 - it definitely gets my two thumbs up!

Tank Recon 3D Promotion - Save $2: Lone Dwarf Games, the developer of Tank Recon 3D, have created 500 coupon codes (first come first serve) that will knock $2 off the price when you used in our mobile app store or on-device CrackBerry Superstore. The coupon code is CBTankRecon3D. That means you can grab it for $5.99 vs. the normal $7.99 price. Be sure to hurry if you want to take advantage of this one.

Another Video of Tank Recon 3D in Action

Reader comments

Watch Tank Recon 3D for the BlackBerry Storm2 Action Videos; Promo: First 500 Customers Save $2!


RIM can do on a BB. Graphics compare to other phones out there = LAME

Let's see it on 6.0. Might be smoother

Or just buy it off App World and its already 2 dollars off with no code required,which in hindsight is what I should have done because I didn't see anywhere to put the code and paid full price..thanks for the heads

Just bought it. Had to. How long have people complained that there are no games like this available for BB's. Figure that I should at least support the developers effort.

that is pretty bad ass... Graphics is awesome compared to some of the games I have bought... :P Wanna see that on the slider! :P

is it just me or is this a very lame game? i want a refund! it took almost 2 mins into a 3.5 min video before anything blew up.

back to brickbreaker 3D on my storm 3. mental. geeesh.

LOL, the top video is pretty new...I saw my name on the leader board! :) Anyone badmouthing this game obviously hasn't actually played it. It's AWESOME! The graphics are excellent and the game runs smoothly. I'm so addicted I've been playing it for hours a day and I'm not normally a game player. Once you get to the third and fourth levels it starts to get pretty intense and keeps you on your! Only problem with it? I think I'm going to wear three holes in the screen!

I've had this game for a little over a month now, and I still play it all the time, I love it! The graphics are excellent for the Storm 2 (Open GL) and the game play is a terrific, first shooter game. Balance of a good challenge, but you won't make it all the way for several games(if that)! Some games seem impossible and that just geats tiresome. The game has good tank artillery and great missles, plus a pretty decent radar (could be just a bit more accurate, but it definitely gives you a heads up when someone is coming up behind you), makes for a great game. The enemy aircraft are annoying, which is a good thing!

I'd like to see another level or two, introducing something new, but I highly recommend the game.