Watch Live TV On Your BlackBerry with VuiVision

By Adam Zeis on 8 Oct 2009 09:12 am EDT

*Update* - looks like we crashed their servers (oops!) ... hang tight and hopefully they'll have things up and running soon. 

Yesterday this thread popped up in our forums letting users know about a cool new service. While it may be a bit buggy, allows you to watch live streaming TV right from your device - with no catch! Simply point your browser to, agrees to their terms and you're done. You can currently choose from NBC, CBS or ABC. Some are reporting some sporadic usage, but give it a shot anyway (just not all at once or it may crash :-) ). The resolution isn't all that great, but it is only a few seconds behind the live feed on my TV. We'll have to see how long this service lasts (or stays free) but it definitely shows a ton of potential.

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Watch Live TV On Your BlackBerry with VuiVision


I checked this service out, and it works pretty good. Resolution is ok, but not great. I tried NBC and I got an error message, then I tried ABC and connected just fine. There is about a 16 second delay from the actual broadcast. I think that this service will be great if they add more channels, and improve resolutions. I did not notice any pauzing, freezing or hiccups whatsoever.

Does this work over Wifi?

Edit: NVM it does, I didn't realize it was just a browser application... I noticed a few hiccups where it had to buffer

My Verizon Overlords but I can't even get on the site. I keep getting an HTTP error 504: Gateway Timeout message. R.I.P. vulvision. Alas, we didn't get to know you very well. Lol. I'll also note that there seems to be no info on this anywhere on "The Google".

networks will probably crush this website with their legal department. oh wait, i think it's already happened because i can't get any of the stations to stream.

When I click on a channel all I get is the message "The media being played is of an unsupported format." I'm using a 8330.

it appears we have flooded their servers... they claim over 100k hits... hopefully this is motivation for this company to really strive hard for excellency... I'd pay a few bucks a month for this...

It will only show about a 20 second clip and keeps replaying the same clip over and over on my Curve 8330. Still needs some work it seems.

I realize this is just getting started, but when I tried it, all the links came up with errors on my Storm. Maybe this will be fixed as the site grows. Great idea though! I wish Sling Media would finally make a mobile version for the Storm!!!

Wow. 100k hits today. Must be all us people who refuse to pop for a SlingBox. They claim they are adding more servers. I have visions of the guys who started it waiting in line at some PC Depot with carts overflowing with 'em.

I'm trying it on my Tour (Sprint) and I used 2 different emails and double/triple check the address and gets thes same message. At first I thought I had to click on a confirmation email, but nothing was sent to either email addresses.

After finally getting onto the site I had it reject as invalid every email address I put into it until I used my old AOL email address. For a site that supposedly only wants our email address to notify of updates it's mighty picky about what email addresses it'll take.

You crashed our servers.
Please come back in two hours and try again.

(and this time... not all at once)

this was the message I just got!!!

This shows how on-top of all the new tech we all are.....crashed the servers. NEXT TIME REALIZE THE FORCE YOU ARE DEALING WITH! LONG LIVE CRACKBERRY!

I get the same invalid email.... Oh well...will try again, but I don't think you need to enter an email, only if you want to be notified of iPhone avaialability

Congrats to!
You crashed our servers.
Our limited service has crashed.
Please check back later.

Damn we are good! If you want to do any server load tests just get CB to blog about your service and the load will come. ;)

In the long run this is actually quite good for them, they can optimize their servers and get them up to speed before the beta launch with our help.

We have GOT to get them to do a launch contest, give away a ton of free subscriptions (limited time of course, say 6 months or 1 year), and maybe some other prizes (grand prize, BB of your choice on them????)

I can't believe they put that on their website!! A simple "Server Crashed" message would have sufficed - no need to thank us :-)

Congrats to!
You crashed our servers.
Our limited service has crashed.
Please check back later.
This is an alpha site and you should
expect that service will be spotty
until we enter beta testing which is
schedule to start November 1st.

tried the site today and its still saying that its down:(
i wonder how long bofore its back up and running again cause that will be an awesome site..

I still cant get on with my VZW Tour 9630. says "invalid e-mail" and screen stays white....ill wait awhile till calma down..

wow... and they think they will be back up in november to handle the traffic again?

by then, all the top blackberry blog sites plus just about every other blackberry blogsite will have a link to their site.

And then there are all of the sites within the Smartphone Experts Network that will be linking to those as well as every other smartphone site + all the iphone sites blogging "well there is this real time broadcast website at LINK but we cant watch them!" etc etc etc.

Also, im sure there will be a few other techie sites blogging about this new "idea."

and just think, in their alpha stage, one website, ranked at 1,874 (according to down their site!

i sure hope it doesnt show up on yahoo's main page.

That has to be one of the funniest messages I have ever seen!!! Kudos to the company for keeping a sense of humor about it.

Got connected to main page OK. NO NEED FOR E-MAIL ADDRESS that is only to be notified when iPhone compatible.

Main page says they have shut down for the night. I accessed it via Opera Mini 5 and was hoping to connect at least long enough to see if it is OM5 compatible.

Congrats to all you Crackberry-heads that managed to crash the site ... LOL. I love this place.

Has anybody been able to get their local stations. I was watching the NBC station they provide and it was a feed from N.Y. and I live on So. Cal. The feed actually looks pretty descent, it looks just as good as the feed from the actual NBC website, back when it was working on the storm.

Yeah lol, I was able to see some of the live feed between their system crashes , by the time I was on their site the only channels to choose from was ABC or NBC both worked , sometimes got errors , . Try later and might get an error or two or booted out before connected but figured that much from reading their messages lol but did connect. Funny thing was when the came back online after their first crash they had the messaged posted thanking for the overload , but also said was on a "limited service" with only the 2 channels turned on.Wasn't long they was down again :p I checked this out on my 8330 Curve. It only has 6 channels...none of which are ABC, NBC, or CBS. The only ones available are Catholic Channel, C-Span, Cartoons, some medical channel, some bible channel, and Classic Martial Arts. If you're lucky, you MAY get NASA.

After all of that, you have pay a $3.99/mo subscription charge or a $24.99/yr charge.

If I was to pay for this service, I probably would want to WATCH something I was interested in.

They got bought out I think because when I first read this and went to the site it was abc nbc and cbs but it was sketchy but now its crap

Sorry the question is a little irrelevant with the topic, can I know whether we can play a Live TV on BlackBerry Dev Alpha Simulator? Thank you.