Watch Hulu videos on your BlackBerry PlayBook with luhu

Hulu BlackBerry PlayBook
By Adam Zeis on 18 Jun 2012 12:56 pm EDT

If you find yourself lounging around wanting to watch Hulu videos on your BlackBerry PlayBook - we have just the thing. Daniel Bigham (creator of Flix for the PlayBook) is back with luhu - an app that lets you stream Hulu videos to your PlayBook via your PC. While it's not the greatest solution, it is pretty sweet if you're a big Hulu fan. You can use luhu to stream videos to your PlayBook over a shared wifi connection, meaning you can watch right on your tablet or even hook up your PlayBook to your TV via HDMI and watch to your big-screend hearts content. Currently only available in the US.

Hit the link below to grab it from BlackBerry App World for $1.99. Keep reading for a quick demo video.

More information/Download luhu for the BlackBerry PlayBook

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Watch Hulu videos on your BlackBerry PlayBook with luhu


I remember when the BlackBerry Playbook first launched and sites including Hulu, WSJ, and TechCrunch began scrambling after the first few days after they realized the Playbook could access all their full content.

Then they added user-agent blocks.

Hulu is going deadpool. After that debacle, no reason to use them.

For me Flix and this new app are the same kind of useless. If I have access to my PC I will use that as it has a larger screen, and better sound system. And if it is for movies and tv shows that is what I want. I want these to sites to be true mobile, its a hit in the park, but no homerun, appriciate the effort though.

Not bad alternative for, say, around the house, maybe outside lounging or for use in another room when you want to access Hulu but can't. Maybe a rec room (do people still have those) or office. Just goes to show you the PlayBook may be locked from certain things but definitely has the capability!

Install hotspot shield on your PC, set it up, and it should work. Not sure if its still free or they charge $2 like they do on the iPhone but either way it's worth it. It changes ur IP to whatever country u want it in. So let's say u choose a US IP, u can steam content from US sites but not Canadian unless u change it back. Give it a try, hope it works :)

Was going to recommend PlyOn myself. It not only works for Hulu but Netflix and hundreds of other sites as well. On top of that you can set it up to stream to your device OUTSIDE of your home network directly over the internet like Sling does with regular video. While the lifetime license is $89 it does come with a free Roku HD which is a pretty good deal considering the 1 year subscription is $39.99 and no Roku. I've been using it for several years. First on my iPod Touch, then my Nook Color and now my PlayBook.

Don't get it. Ill just watch on my pc if I have to use it anyway.

Crackle works for me and I don't need a pc.

I use Splashtop Remote Desktop. It lets me watch hulu, slingbox and netflix on my Playbook through my PC. More expensive, but it works for me.

I just watched "Big Bang Theory" on with my playbook hooked up to my flat screen tv via mini hdmi cable. Worked great! Love my playbook! Seems there are alternatives out there for us blackberry fans!

Playbook 64
Nexus S
You watch a tv show on your playbook that is coming via usb from your tv and you think that is great? I don't get it, am I missing something, is your tv screen broken or something?

Im afraid you are missing something. Blackberry has these devices called playbooks and you can purchase cabels called hdmi and they can plug into your television from playbooks. Then you can watch TV shows on your television.
So this process is called mirroring. When you pull video(s) or movies or tv shows up on said playbook and then take the hdmi cabel and plug the other end into the tv you can watch the video(s) movies, tv shows on your television.