Watch free streaming and on-demand videos from NASA with Space TV for BlackBerry PlayBook

Space TV
By Michelle Haag on 30 Aug 2012 10:28 am EDT
Space TV is a cool new app for the BlackBerry Playbook that allows you to access videos and pictures from NASA in an easy to navigate interface. Connect your PlayBook to your television and your whole family can enjoy HD videos from the main NASA stream or from the International Space Station (ISS) stream. You can also view a long list of on-demand videos of scientist lectures, interviews, history, and tons more.

The Space TV app was updated this week to include a section devoted to images from the Mars rover Curiosity. This is in addition to the Curiosity videos that are in the on-demand section. Overall this app is a perfect way to easily keep on top of not only the latest news coming out of NASA, but also a treasure trove of other educational and entertaining videos involving space and astronauts. Space TV is free in BlackBerry App World and you can grab it from the link below.

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Watch free streaming and on-demand videos from NASA with Space TV for BlackBerry PlayBook


Thanks for all the positive comments on Space TV! Once OS 2.1 for PlayBook launches, the main video feed will be played using the native media player rather than Flash.Currently, on OS 2.0, the video codec isn't supported. Also, if you would like to view the Curiosity image galleries used in the app on your PC or other device, visit Lots of updates are planned for this app!

No, THANK YOU for the great App. But you shouldn't tease the inmates with talk about OS 2.1. You might end up answering more questions about OS 2.1 then your amazing App. ;)

I am going to download this now and watch some Space TV. Thank you for this app and for supporting the PlayBook users. Now I really cant wait for the 2.1 version.