Watch the Emirates Australian Open through your BlackBerry smartphone courtesy of theScore

By DJ Reyes on 10 Nov 2011 01:38 am EST

Emirates Australian Open 

Love sports? If so then you probably already have the ScoreMobile app installed on your BlackBerry. Now, do you love golf? If you do, then you may want to know that Score Media has managed to get television and digital rights to provide you live coverage of the Emirates Australian Open, which begins on November 9th. Greg Sansone, Vice President, Broadcast Operations, Score Media Inc. says:

The Emirates Australian Open is one of the world's oldest national golf opens and this year's tournament, featuring some of golf's most notable names, will be a highlight for golf fans

The schedule for the exclusive live broadcasts are: 

  • Wednesday November 9th from 8pm - 1am
  • Thursday November 10th from 8pm - 1am
  • Friday November 11th from 10pm - 1am
  • Saturday November 12th from 9pm - 1am

The final round will also be replayed on Sunday November 13th from 8am - 1pm. You can watch the live coverage via ScoreMobile beginning November 9th but also on theScore Television So, if you want to watch your favourite top golfers in action get the app now and keep the date in your diary. 

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Reader comments

Watch the Emirates Australian Open through your BlackBerry smartphone courtesy of theScore


Omg live tv on a smartphone will be awsome. I wonder if it is limited to wifi only or if data only is allowed. Maybe there will be other sports available to watch on mobile apps for free. So excited!!!! ( For possibility of more sports not the golf :p )

got a java 529 error after installing this... luckily I was able to start in safe mode and my berry didn't get nuked.

I already have scoreMobile and I couldn't find it? I was on within the time frame, but I don't know what time zone?

Wait, isn't Tiger Woods washed up now? Why is he presented prominently in the front of the ad?