Watch the CREED Concert Tonight LIVE On Your BlackBerry - We Have 250 Free Passes - 1st Come 1st Served!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Sep 2009 06:03 pm EDT
Watch CREED On your BlackBerry Tonight

* Update Again - We still might get a link for the mobile app tonight, but best bet now if you really want to see the concert is watch the stream for free on your computer at *

* Update - OK, if the site isn't working, apparently you can go to and you should be able to gain access from there. Note - apparently the Tour and Storm are not yet supported. Fail. Keep in mind, this is kinda whack. At the url I can't find any link to download the mobile app nor use the coupons we were provided. I guess this is a beta / first attempt and it's not quite running so smooth. If you get it figured out post it the comments, or just bail on tonight's attempt and we'll try this again. I really wanted to see what a live streaming concert on a BB would look like. D'oh! *

* Update - 7:27pm EST: The mobile site still isn't up yet. I've emailed the promoters in hopes of getting a direct link to download the mobile app - once installed that's all that should be needed to stream the concert live. Hopefully they get back to me with that shortly. If not, hopefully they'll give us double the licenses to their next concert if this doesn't pan out tonight. I'm really curious to see how this looks on my Bold! *

The press release below goes over all the details of what's going on, so give it a read. And if you want to take in the CREED concert tonight via your BlackBerry (pretty cool concept!) then we have 250 FREE licenses for the show. Download the Rockpit mobile app and use the code CREED2009. It's first come, first serve, so once it's been used 250 times that's it. If you miss out on the coupon above but still want to watch, licenses cost $14.99. The site is JUST going live as I type (DNS still propogating through so you might have to wait a bit before it goes live and starts working) so have patience and keep refreshing. In the meantime, you can visit the site for more info. Enjoy the show!

Press Release live mobile webcast of Creed to be delivered exclusively to BlackBerry smartphones

WHAT: Live mobile webcast of rock bands Creed and opening act Staind streamed exclusively to BlackBerry smartphones via mobile application. The CREED live webcast, produced by DC3 Music Group, LLC and directed by co-founder and awarding‐winning director Daniel E. Catullo III (Rush in Rio, Nickelback Live From Sturgis, Godsmack: Changes), will find its place in the Guinness Book of World Records as a world‐record breaking cinematic experience featuring 227 cameras - the most cameras ever used for coverage for a live music event. Coverage will include simultaneous filming of backstage footage, extended aerial "Fly Cam" stadium views, the full‐length concert and pre‐ and post‐concert band interviews.

WHO: BlackBerry smartphone users will be able to view the event via the Rockpit mobile application created by Ocean 20 in conjunction with Billboard.

  • Users will be able to pre-order the concert DVD on SD Card.
  • Only 4500 licenses available for the Rockpit mobile application

WHEN: September 25th, 2009. 8 pm Central - 11 pm Central

WHERE: In the palm of your hand live from Houston. Register for PC viewing at Widget for PC viewing can be found here. Register for mobile access at

WHY: To change the way music is distributed and consumed.

HOW: 4500 licenses are available to BlackBerry smartphone users for $14.99. Visit or to download a copy.

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Watch the CREED Concert Tonight LIVE On Your BlackBerry - We Have 250 Free Passes - 1st Come 1st Served!!


i wrote in the post above... they just flipped the switch on the mobile site... it's still propogating. New it wasn't up yet when I posted but figured it's no sense learning about the concert two seconds before it starts so got it up early. Have patience and just refresh. Hopefully should be up soon.

no offsense taken!  i just hope the mobile site gets working soon... this is taking a while and the show isn't that far away. preshow kicks off in 1h52m.  i really want to try to stream and see how the quality looks

I tried on myBB didn't work and when I tried online it didn't work for the .mobi link either but it does allow me to register and see it live online which isn't as seeing it on my BB- which is the only reason I was interested (as crazy as it sounds)
So this isn't working and on their site there's no where to type in a code it seems free if you just register your email address

..for the copycat asshat singers that tried to emulate that annoying voice.

Title says it all really!!!I mean of all the phones not to have you pick the storm with the biggest and easiest to see screen?? Seems like a real gimmick here guys

why would you market this to "blackberry smartphones" knowing that it would NOT work for those of us that have a Storm or Tour, 2 of the newest BB phones on the market. gotta love promoters that don't have their ducks in a row.

exactly...this is much for watching it on my Tour>>>> Freakin idiots...cant believe it...they know that these two phones are the newest not surprised about the Tour as much as i am about the Storm...gosh..

Just tried to download the OTA app to view the stream, and i get a Error - 907 - Invalid COD.

So looks like it definately wont work on the storm.

Oh and BTW, i thought i would get an option for the Coupon after entering in my details, So i just played fill in the blank with name and addy and Credit card number, and um yeah, It went through and said thank you for your purchase and a receipt LOL!!! Thats how i got the mobile download link just to fail cuz its a storm.

Im watching on my PC now, pretty good stream on there. Would have been nice to try this out on the BB (as I am actually a fan of Staind and yes Creed :P ), but I dont think paying $15 to test beta software that may or may not work is really fair.

yea it was slow on the 8900 so i popped on the wbesite and its not bad. seen staind so many time.hometown for them. not bad though

I love Creed - thanks so much for the info. couldn't get it to work on my 8900 so I improvised, got it streaming via wifi on my netbook and plugged in speaker....all while working...hee hee. TY

Thanks for the constant updates its ok u tried ur best- THAT'S WHY I LOVE CRACKBERRY.COM

CUSTOMER CARE! I mean blogger care lol

Cmon guys - this stuff is hardly seen here in India. Let me show-off blackberry and its Add-ons here in India. give me one!