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By Kevin Michaluk on 14 May 2013 01:39 pm EDT

Live from BlackBerry Live 2013, it's the CrackBerry Live Show!

BIG DAY TODAY: With the BlackBerry Live Keynote behind us, we have LOTS to talk about today. The Q5 is announced, as is BBM Channels and we even got word that BBM will soon be going cross-platform. A BIG day for BlackBerry. Be sure to tune in live!

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Watch the CrackBerry Live Show!


Not reading into it, that's why I said "Possible ". Hey I'm just yearning for any PlayBook news (hopefully positive ;-)

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Thanks Kevin, I think everyone just want the Playbook running nicely, with a quick and stable browser and bridge fully restored - at the very least.

If BB10 didn't happen at least owners could then live with it.

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Yes, Virginia, there IS a Santana Claus! Just in the process of updating My Bell Z10 to 10.1, and I'm seriously excited especially given that I didn't leave any milk and cookies out. We'll I suppose I have in a way insofar as having held on to my Booful BlackBerry CrackBerry Ho addiction... AND also under the Christmas tree is what looks like an improvements the likes of which only Advanced OS and LED could provide, which I sorely, sorely missed and yearned for from his eminence Sultan (who user rocks, BTW) Shall wait for my update and explore. I luv you Santa Thor...


At quarter to 2 around a half hour ago it was supposed to be starting in 20 mins prob just technical difficulties I wouldn't be worried

Sheesh, was so excited writing my earlier comment that I TOTALLY didn't notice my typos, so don't anyone think it's the fault of the kickass keyboard... Tiz all mine, mea culpa!


Please talk about the PlayBook situation? Why can't anybody there just ask the right person straight awaya nd say "PlayBook, what's happening with it now?" to like idk head of hardware or software, or heck TH himself?

Only reason I bought my PB for xmas, was because I knew i wouldn't be able to afford a Z10 :'( Then I never win the competitions either :'S

I was gonna watch a movie or something tonight (9pm UK time). Instead I have my laptop tuned in to Crackberry. Glass of wine in one hand and Z10 in the other. Happy days :D

Is it just me, or has all of the news been decidedly underwhelming?

Absolutely nothing so far has been of interest to me. No PB announcements. No interesting devices announced or hinted at (no, the Q5 is NOT interesting). Channels just sounds like an attempt at reinventing the podcast wheel. Cross-platform BBM just seems like a way to lose customers.

Did I miss something?

I can't believe you guys are wasting our time about the Playbook. I muyself have a playbook but could not careless about it. What is really important is new APPS/DEVICES/NEW BBM Features, the playbook is good enough for what it is and it will never be an IPAD so please.

What people are missing with BBM Channels and cross platforms is that from a business stand point you can communicate with other contacts who *gasp* might not be on BlackBerry in the BlackBerry platform.

I think the channels and the cross platform is a great idea and when it's all said and done will show to be a very forward thinking move.

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The Q10 delay in the US is the huge disappointment for me! And Heins said nothing...after he's been promising May for weeks to all the US media.

This is becoming like the Derrick Rose saga..either BB10 is coming to the Playbook or not, I wish we would just have a definite answer. And yes I know TH has said on multiple occasions it in the work etc etc, but there's reports today it may not come after all.

Big thanks to Miche11e for keeping the chat straight during the whole stream!

CrackBerry trully is the best source of information for those who couldn't make it to BlackBerry Live

If bbm goes cross platform doesn't it defeat the purpose of owning a BlackBerry in the first place ...
What about the pins unique to each device and security?

BBM has already switched to use your BlackBerry ID instead of the hardware PIN.

I don't think that security will be a problem we are speaking of BlackBerry here, conversations will surely be tightly encrypted. The only worries I have are about android spywares spying on your BBM conversations. For better security, use a BlackBerry!