Watch classic films on your BlackBerry PlayBook with Movie Vault

Movie Vault for BlackBerry PlayBook
By Michelle Haag on 20 Aug 2011 03:13 pm EDT

We may not have Netflix or Hulu for our BlackBerry PlayBooks yet, but there are some alternatives out there. One of these alternatives is a new app that was released today, called Movie Vault. While connected to wifi or tethered to your BlackBerry smartphone, you have access to over 900 classic movies, with more being added all the time. The movies are arranged by genre but you can also search by keyword, actor, title, director, and more. Movie Vault is integrated with IMDB for cover art and movie information including ratings, plot summary, and other details.

I like this app. It's laid out really well and is easy to navigate. I would like to see a children's category added just to make it easier to find movies that would appeal to my kids, but that's just me. All movies contained within the Movie Vault application are Public Domain works as classified under Creative Commons. You can pick up Movie Vault for $2.99, so why not pop up some popcorn, hook up the HDMI cables, and settle in for some good old fashioned family fun?

More information/screenshots and to purchase Movie Vault

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Watch classic films on your BlackBerry PlayBook with Movie Vault


Are you kidding?  There are some great classics in there!  I watched Little Shop of Horrors this morning.  And it's only 2.99 for the lifetime of the program.  Of course it's not Netfilx, or EpixHD, but it also doesn't have a monthly fee or require you to subscribe to a cable channel!

I like classic movies. Even the B-movies. There aren't very many current movies today that I want to pay to see.

Most of the screenshots show it as having tons of movies from the 40s, but I'm curious as to whether it has more recent ones (as in 60s and 70s). Can somebody who has the app comment on this?

It's a little lame at this point, to be honest. Netflix aside, apps like HBO Go offer so much more. Hopefully the significant update expected this fall will start really addressing the playbook's software shortcomings.

It was just an example. My point is that the Playbook is getting very substandard apps compared to the competition. I'm very surprised it doesn't yet have Netflix. It's great hardware and a great OS being held back by a serious lack of software and apps.

You must be from the states I can't get any hbo app for my iPhone - we in Canada are tied down by our ever controlling crtc.

Just downloaded/installed Movie Vault last night...must have timed it just right. :)

Checked out a couple movies from the 20's as well as Night of the Living Dead and I must say...super glad I made the purchase!

Now to get an HDMI cable for the PB.

It makes no sense to complain. I got the app and haven't even used it. People are acting as if they spend $3 that their kids won't eat. If that was the case then you shouldn't be worrying about this app. You should be tending to your fam

It has nothing to do with the price of the app. Any app that is worthless is a waste of money. And to say in the blog that this is an alternative to Netflix or Hulu is laughable. Instead of buying these joke apps maybe RIM will listen to the public and get their asses moving on quality movie apps.

For whats out there it may just be the alternative. There was nothing in the article stating ”who needs hulu or netflix. I have the answer for you." This is not a solution by any means but it will do for what it promises...old movies...thats it.

People are just frustrated that after several months, there's still such a lack of quality apps, and no native email, etc.

I have a suggestion, why not offer a free preview for say a month? If customers like the app, then give them the option to buy and if they don't, just disable the app after a month.

A month? For an app that costs $3? :D 15 minutes is all I want. You can see if an app is good or a total crap in the first 15 minutes (or even less) of usage.

A better alternative if your an Amazon prime member is their instant stream. I got a notice that they added another 2000 movies last week for a total of 9000 instant stream movies. Not Netflix but a good alternative. Use it all the time and it works in the browser.