Missed it? Watch BlackBerry's first-ever Super Bowl Commercial!

If you didn't catch BlackBerry's first-ever Super Bowl ad live, or if you live in a market where it didn't air, you can hit play on the video above to watch it again and again and again. Heck, in honor of BlackBerry 10 I'd suggest watching it TEN times.

By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Feb 2013 08:41 pm EST

Once you're done watching, jump over to this article for the back story on the Super Bowl ad. I sat down with BlackBerry's Chief Marketing Officer, Frank Boulben, to discuss the ad and BlackBerry's upcoming Keep Moving ad campaigns. And from there, jump over to this poll to weigh in with your thoughts on the ad.

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Missed it? Watch BlackBerry's first-ever Super Bowl Commercial!


Creativity my friends - The world does not have enough of it. These days if a commercial doesn't have a celebrity, sexy girl, cute infant or cute animal it's "meh". I love this commercial because I'm tired of this whole "Blackberry should do like those guys" mentality. Get a touchscreen? Yes, I totally agree. Get all that instagram, netflix mumbo jumbo? I guess I agree. Get 700 000 apps? Well.....Ok. Make a 30 second ad like that other unofficial one on youtube? WTF for? Stay creative Blackberry!!! Don't listen to these uncreative fools. In fact, I say go even crazier than this. Please pay attention to the punchline, people. That's all. Oh and for the record, I hear this is actually the preamble to a series of commercials coming. Apparently those commercials will satisfy the uncreative and unwitty bunch among us.


+10,000! Totally agree! If BB wanted to re-introduce themselves like Apple and Samsung it would've made them fall flatter on their face. BB has a certain perception by the general public. This totally goes against what the average consumer thinks BB is. I look forward to seeing more creativity in BB's ads too! :-)

Remember the last set of commercials, with the two DJ brothers, and the guy who bought fruit and veggies? Those ads stunk because they didn't show the device, and didn't show what it could actually do. To this day, my non-BB friends still have no idea that Blackberry's HAVE touch screens, like on the Bold 9900 and the Torch series.

THIS commercial did the exact same thing, only THIS ad said it flat out. They might as well have said, "We're specifically NOT going to show you anything on purpose. You wanna see it? Go to our website. Otherwise, beat it!!"

Not going to work. Stock drops in the morning. Mark my words.

Lol, everybody outside of CB is talking about the Blackberry 10 commercial = BUZZ.

Monday "Keep Moving" starts in Canada then USA (March) !!

I love the opportunity for having done such an amazing funny advertising. Imagine the Americans who will take BlackBerry like a super cool device. The out results will be endless. Finally BlackBerry is not ONLY FOR THE BORING BUSINESS PEOPLE, WORKING CLASS.

BlackBerry for everyone. This commercial is great, we will witness the beginning of something fun and young.

I will be getting the white Z10 this week. ; )

No, no, the commecial is great. The message is blackberry no is DOA, is indestructible. The trailer is apple, toys is iphone.

For all the doubters, Blackberry10 Super Bowl commercial made number 1 rated for third quarter commercials!! I suppose some tech blogs wrote their narrative too soon,but that was to be expected.

BTW, Bud Light ranked #29 in the same third quarter.

Others stats, 85% voted thumbs up also on the Blackberry 10 commercial, goes to show the disconnect when paired against some comments here. One has to wonder "who" would post negative comments here that are not any where close to the REAL stats coming back from the general public.

Think about that folks. ;)

#TheNextBigThing commercial from Samsung just made the BlackBerry commercial look amateurish. Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd and a Labron James cameo. Plus, humour!


Samsung ranked #39 in the Super Bowl fourth quarter, that would be miles and miles behind Blackberry10 ranking #1 in the Super Bowl third quarter!

One word...Pixelcarve. I believe BB would have been MUCH better off going with Pixelcarve's outstanding unofficial commercial at whatever cost, instead of giving up $4m on something that I believe was not very memorable.

I really liked the commercial, but i don't understand why blackberry didn't put "superbowl" in the title, it doesn't even come up when i search for "blackberry superbowl commercial"

I liked it, BB is trying to get people talking about BB again, this commercial has that ability. wacky things happening, big bright colours. the music fit the message very well. the BB user was young and not dressed in a suit. I think they made a good choice to go comical basically saying, "what can't this phone do". instead of a boring features ad.

Blackberry by Choice

Scratched my head after the first viewing. Loved it the second time. A+. Stoked to grab my trooper Tuesday. Go Caaaaaanaaaaaaaaaaadaaaaaaaaaaa gooooooooooooooo!

The problem for many of us on CB is we had seen the unofficial almost 2 minute commercial and thought the same could be done by Blackberry within 30 seconds, we were "conditioned" to see something along the same lines. The general public is NOT into tech blogs like us, their perspective is different. The ranking tonight shows us that clearly. Sometimes we need to step outside CB and see/feel the general public response for a different perspective. :)

The one thing I kept seeing in the ad was the person kept going into the Hub. That was it. Swipe up, then right. He didn't do anything else on the Z10 at all. Even when they finally showed the device, it was the exact same action.

I think things like turning into a brightly colored puff of smoke will be memorable, along with the rubber ducks, but will it be enough to pique people's interest on its own? Hopefully they follow it up with showing more of what the Z10 can do (and not just show accessing the Hub).

I didn't get it . After watching it five(10 now) times . "In 30secs , It's quicker to show you what it can't do " Whut ? Catch yourself on fire and put yourself out ? Walk with Elephant Feet ? Didn't make sense . Seems they wanted you to go to the website only . ? .

Maybe the blackberry community should push the other commercial VIA social media because Blackberry marketing seem like they do not know how to do there jobs. The commercial sucked. But I still want one.

I loved that ad, great acting all around!; I think the message is that the potential of the BlackBerry operating system is amazing, and as the future/time unfolds one with a BB-10 will have many opportunities!


And yet another example of the BAD DECISION MAKING AT RIM!!! Who the hell thought this one up? Who approved it? I mean are you freakinkidding me? THis is the stupidest commercial ever. Hardly shows the product, does nothing to exhibit the coolness of the OS, its interface, BBM (or BBM Video)...basically they failed to show all of the things that make the device 100% unique (and awesome). It looked like they were advertising the guy holding the phone, rather than the phone itself. I mean I really can't believe how stupid it is. Apparently the days of making STUPID decisions at RIM are not over. Doesn't leave me very hopeful for things to come. Maybe I won't get the Z10 after all. It'll probably be discontinued 2 weeks after launch, replaced by a pink aluminum Pearl. Trackball and all. "Beleef me gyce , dis is das phone of dur future. We have lotta surprises, but we're gonna keep them all a secret right now, ok" morons. I'm so pissed off right now.

oh cmon guys its a great marketing strategy. The point of the commercial is to create curiosity! "what? a new blackberry!?" *goes to google* not "BUY ONE NOW ITS AWESOME" but rather "hey we have a new smartphone check it out!"

And yet another example of the BAD DECISION MAKING AT RIM!!! I mean are you freakinkidding me? THis is the stupidest commercial ever. Hardly shows the product, does nothing to exhibit the coolness of the OS, its interface, BBM (or BBM Video)...basically theyfailed to show any of the things that make the device 100% unique (and awesome) in a market that 1) Is SATURATED by smartphones already, and 2) Has totally given up on RIM. I mean I really can't believe how stupid this is. Apparently the days of making STUPID decisions at RIM are not over. A superbowl ad barely worthy of even a YouTube video ad campaign. I'm so pissed off right now.

I couldn't agree more with the Comments I've seen thus far! I was afraid I'd come to CB, and everyone would be saying how AMAZING The commercial was.. My personal opinion, that commercial was straight GARBAGE (not to say that others were too far off. Majority of the commercials this year in my opinion were sub-par.) Like someone else asked above, WHO APPROVES THIS JUNK?!?! I was waiting the WHOLE GAME to see the "first ever BB Commercial." 10 Mins. after I saw it, I couldn't remember one scene from it. Meanwhile, the Samsung commercial keeps replaying in my head. That's why Apple & Samsung keep winning. They continously keep getting it right! From Hardware, Software, Advertising, Product Availability, Product Launches, etc.. How is BB's Commerical supposed to get a non-BB user interested in the product by seeing this useless 30 seconds?

I think I understand now. The more I see it, the more it has grown on me.

This is how I break down the symbolism:

Man walks out. Looks like your typical BB user or someone who just bought a new Z10.
The fire and elephants legs - The people around him see these unusual sights and it grabs their attention. The fire may be BB saying, "Instead of getting *burnt* out, we put out the fire and kept going." The stomping throws the non-BB people "off balance" whereas BB user is "balanced" as in BB Balance. He's clearly unfazed, cool, calm, collected, and happy. He seems to enjoy the *power* and *attention* his Z10 is bringing him from the public (non-BB users).

He disappears into a colorful explosion of smoke and reappears from the manhole - This represents the ignorance of the general public who thought BB has disappeared, but he emerges from the hole. "People thought we were gone, but we are on our way back up."

The tanker turning into rubber ducks - This is Apple and Samsung. The old "BlackBerry is dead" mentality comes to mind. Far from letting the big tanker destroy him, he just smiles, swipes his phone, and the tanker's power is obliterated and exposed, revealing the competitors for what they really are - toys. Notice the people behind him - they look like business people, the bulk of BB customers. The BB guy's Z10 has saved their lives.
The final shot is BB's way of saying: "We have made a solid smartphone for grown-ups. Leave the toys behind and move forward with us."

Also, the lyrics of the song, "Who knows what tomorrow will bring?" This represents the new beginning for BlackBerry.

And that's what I've got. :-)

Lol u don't get it yet. Did you not hear their tag line at the end?
"It's easier to show you what it CAN'T do in 30 seconds"

Therefore, everything what they showed in the video (burning into flames, turning your feet into a elephant feet, being able to turn a truck jack knifing towards you into a bunch or rubber ducks), are the things that it CAN'T do.

Ever hear the saying "well can it blend? Or make coffee?" Well it can't. That's exaggeration but if you want to see what it can do, then visit the website.

I do understand what you mean. This is only my *interpretation* of what I *think* it means. :-)

The ad grew on me and I still plan to buy one.

Re: CNET, that's actually funny because they wrote it before waiting to see that the Blackberry10 Super Bowl commercial ranked # 1 in the 3rd quarter,lol. Some other tech blogs followed their narrative and will have egg on their face also. You can't change the math (Super Bowl stats) with a tech article,lol.

Hundreds of $$millions in ads coming, you think some less informed tech blogs can fight that $$ tide, not a chance. Blackberry 10 is moving forward, in spite of some silly tech blogs.

If I was Apple/Samsung I would be very worried. ;)

entertaining. surprising. interesting. though not what most people here expected to be, but from "non tech/gadget aware people" point of view, i think they will like it. nice ad.

This ad is pretty good.. Most people here forget the this isn't for users like us.. It's for users not like us. People don't want to see that other commercial everyone is raving about. It's BORING, trust me.
I think it was a good commercial

With all due respect, in my opinion I thought it was confusing and I was disappointed that there was meaningless distraction instead of focus on the new platform. I was hoping Blackberry would have made a push to sell their new product to newcomers. I felt Blackberry fell short of showing how improved and different and how much better their new os is above the competition.

Nice ad makes me want to run out and see about getting one......... OOOOOPS I forgot the target market of this ad cant get one for at least 2 months, because by RIM/BB's own admission they don't have US VZW production units yet.

I think they missed the point. It's not what it can do, if anything it does less then other phones because of the current app selection. It's HOW it does what it does that's impressive.


Yep that Blackberry 10 commercial is a rockin! Even more so when one considers some top brands Blackberry 10 crushed tonight.

Stupid commercial! What a waste of money, I would preferred a funny one like the ones budweiser usually makes. Anyways, their loss both on opportunity and money.

Okay... So I get the point of the ad but the problem is no one knows what the phone CAN do yet. They better follow up this commercial with a TONY of feature commercials that show off what the Z10 can do. It's a dropped ball in my opinion. I really was hoping for a knockout, belly aching laughter of a commercial. Something that sticks in your head for awhile and makes want to check the phone out. THIS doesn't do it. As a looooooongtime BlackBerry fan, I'm disappointed. The keynote and now this?!!!.. We're doing our part with twitter updates, shares and keeping the BlackBerry name going. Blackberry needs to do the same for us.


I think too many people are looking at this from the wrong perspective... we here at CB know alot more about the new Z10, Q10 and BB10 in general than the average person who's probably written of BlackBerry would.. maybe they switched and never looked back...and hence they stopped checking up on other OS and phones.
The ad was just there to get viewers intrigued and hence they would probably search online about the new device and they'd get all the information regarding this device (as many have said above). It's just the nudge the viewer would need...

i am not sure what the fuss is about ... the AD was fine and effective ... in 30 seconds, they'll show you what it can't do. means that there's a whole lot that it CAN do ... chill guys .... the AD is currently #1 rated on NFL.com ... of all the commercials aired ... i'd go vote for the AD if i were you and send a message ..... instead of whining about the AD, what did you expect in 30 seconds ?? Superbowl ADs are about making a statement and getting people to actually want to view the ad again ...

Anyone that ask me about this ad I'm gonna ask why they don't get it and I'm gonna tell them to keep watching it until they do LOL.

I won't tell them the answer, to the point that it drives them nuts as they constantly think about the ad. Haha.

The ad is freaking brilliant!

The problem with saying, "Here is what it can't do in 30 seconds. Everything else it can do." Is when USA launch comes and BB World has no Skype, Instagram, Netflix, Google Maps, etc. People will remember that commercial and then not see their favorite apps and will feel lied to and will dismiss BlackBerry. Seems silly, but that is the truth.

I'm going to have a few margaritas and then watch the commercial again!! Perhaps you have to be wasted to appreciate it? I LOVE Blackberry...but WTF was up with that commercial??? I just don't get it :-(

LOL that's the whole point! You wanting to watch it again is the whole point of the ad. I didn't realized that until I watched it again and realized I fell for their marketing trick.

I don't need to go to their website though because I already know what the BB10 is about.

Hmmmm, I dunno, that commercial was pretty bad imo and I've been a Blackberry fan for years. The Tide commercial was the best imo.

SERIOUSLY! Come on, why didn't Blackberry air a commercial that was as moving and striking as the unofficial one? I don't get it. If they want to get peoples attention they have to come strong from the heart with there advertisement in order to make people look seriously once again.

Has anyone noticed that the BlackBerry commercial was voted number 1 in the NFL website? But they removed it some hours later and the top commercials list starts with the second best? Fishy...

With the time lag between when this was aired and release of BB10 in US. Great way to start. You have to remember none of us was in the target audience. DROID an iPhone users were the target and the goal was to get them to start checking out BB10.

It's only a guess, but perhaps so many robot votes came in for the Z10 commercial that the NFL suspected funny business and pulled the ad from the voting to look into it. I mean TWICE the votes of the #2 commercial? On the plus side, scandal creates a lot of chatter and it might become a viral topic.

So i went to NFL.com to checkout the ads and vote for blackberry add, surprise surprise, its not even there. Whether u list by rating or all ads, blackberry is not showing up anywhere. Can someone else confirm that?

This whole blocking out blackberry and delaying it in US is just a giant propaganda by US carriers, Samsung and Apple.

It depends on how you interpret the contents of the ad. To me, it is a funny one. If you watch it several times, you will see it in a different angle and come up with some different ideas.
a) a man is using a new smartphone
b) the phone is a hot stuff which makes the man excited like burning fire
c) do overall consumers like the phone? Don't know what it will be - good (sunshine) or bad (rain)
d) the features of the phone may shake the world and lead the smartphone industry into a colorful future
e) the last but not the least - the phone CAN do everything - what else can't it do? If you want to know what the phone can do, please visit the website .......

It depends on how you interpret the contents of the ad. To me, it is a funny one. If you watch it several times, you will see it in a different angle and come up with some different ideas.
a) a man is using a new smartphone
b) the phone is a hot stuff which makes the man excited like burning fire
c) do overall consumers like the phone? Don't know what it will be - good (sunshine) or bad (rain)
d) the features of the phone may shake the world and lead the smartphone industry into a colorful future
e) the last but not the least - the phone CAN do everything - what else can't it do? If you want to know what the phone can do, please visit the website .......

the interpretation of the commercial is simple:
it is much easier to show in the time the add takes what the phone cannot do then all the things it can do....

I liked the commercial. It's well shot, funny and AMBITIOUS. While watching it I was kinda expecting something like 'DON'T SHIT YOUR PANTS! THE BLACKBERRY IS BACK!" in the end - that is why I was rather surprised by the final phrase. And it made me grin in 'Huh?' way.

At some point, I agree with those saying it should've been more aggressive. But on the other hand, I like that it's not, because it's actually nice that BB is not stating "WE ARE TOUGH AND COOL!" They just tease you and let you decide yourself.

It's not like Zombie commercials from Apple... :))))))

All is IMHO.

Impressive, small, to the point, fresh, crisp, intelligent ad by Blackberry.
They have delivered the message very clearly to the their Target Audience.
Simple is that they have too many new features and things too show which
they cannot show in such a small 30 second ad, unlike other ads who have
only 2 , 3 new features which is being highlighted in al their ads.
Smart move here by BB, because, automatically i will increase the traffic
on BB sites as well.

I just noticed that, the guy is holding the phone in one hand and operating it, all the way long with only one thumb. That's an awesome Ad.

This was a superb AD. It was not targeting this audience. Anyone who even logs into crackberry knows all about the Z10. It is not surprising that most comments here are negative and in many ways confirms that the ad was a success. For the real target audience who knows little about the fact that Z10 is even a new product this was superb. It gets your attention right away with the visual imagery. The song is very catchy and then at the end it says welcome to the Blackberry Z10 and also a teaser about that fact that it has a lot to say about what it can do. It screams, Check me out! Brilliant marketing.

Walking on toys at the end love it, I actually liked it very much. I see the point that it is not funny as the Samsung was but, I am sure those will come later.
I loved the reference to the fantastic four (torch, dissapear like invisible woman, elephant legs the thing and platic duck for mr fantastic) although it could have been more explicit.
It makes you wanna go check out the Z10 which was the purpose of the app, we're back

i liked the last 30 seconds of the other add more. However they showed the possibilities of qnx a bit. Blackberry is totally back and QNX will rule the world for years to come.

Waiting for my white BB Z10, getting it tomorrow here in Canada.... the commercial was a good effort only, but for me I am part of the congregation not one that needs to be converted....I liked the unofficial commercial way better.....

Torch os6/Playbook from day one

BBRY better get on the horn to NFL offices on Park Ave ASAP. Why is the ad no longer on the SB commercials page??? Because it was beating the Bud ad, a high-paying sponsor of the league?

I have to agree that I was underwhelmed at first. However, after seeing how it has captivated so many opinions I realise that is mission number 1 - create discussion about a brand. Secondly, after watching a few times, I think I may get a theme that Blackberry is creating. If you think of the Apple adds which solely focus on a feature, Blackberry is taking the opposite route and saying "We won't bore you with showing a feature, but go look for yourself." And, seems to be a message with stepping on the "toy" at the end of the commercial. It also seems like the "What was that?" is a great trigger to make people do just that...look more into what it was about.


Exactly! They didn't want to bore everyone with "Oooh, look at all these cool features! Our smartphone is the best!" The competitors have been doing that for years. The average beer-drinking sports fan wants to be entertained during the Superbowl. This ad was not targeted at us BB users. It was a call-to-action to the non-BB people who thought BB is dead.

BB wanted to take the opposite approach to stand out from the competition and do it differently. I have to give props to Boulben and AMV BBDO for thinking outside the (black) box for this one. :-)

I'm sick of entitled Americans who need to be CONVINCED of BlackBerry's worth. Apparently the entire population is highly educated in marketing. That's pretty sheepish if commercials are THAT big of a deal to an entire nation. Like, go toss a salad.

This commercial was fun and works well for 2013. did you really think BB10 could have a 30 second commercial that could convince iphone fans n such to ditch their phone and go buy a bb10?

Good luck. They did good, they caught your interest and basically dared you to look at the website and actually LEARN about the phone, instead of doing what most do and just assuming stuff

Anyway, that is how ads should be. I dislike how apple thinks their customers are stupid (this is your thumb, this is your ear....) commercials, and tells you how its newest phone is the best for reason X. BB10 just said hey, we have a new phone, go online and objectively look at everything that you would like to....bye

Glad to know they restored it. As you will notice from earlier posts, it mysteriously disappeared from nfl.com this morning, when most people were likely checking the website. How convenient for Budweiser.

my commercial of bb10 would have been a baby playing with an older bb, then that baby turns into a child who uses it os4/5, then that child turns into a teen with a bb bold on os7 and then finally she turns into a mom with the new bb10 and says "its always been in my blood, and it will be forever, blackberry by choice" the end, the commercial would have shown the early days of rim to what it is today, showing the watchers how rim evolved into blackberry

I have to admit that I was expecting a lot more from the commercial; however, after playing it a few times I can actually see where they're going with it.

At first I was caught up in the visual stuff (i.e. the guy on fire, the elephant feet, falling through the manhole, the rainbow smoke, the diesel truck turning into ducks). and then I realized that the real message is in the lyrics of the song.

Yeah you may dislike the song but the message is loud and clear and the beat is kind of catchy:

"Who knows what tomorrow will bring
Maybe sunshine or maybe rain
But as for me I'll wait and see
And maybe it'll bring my love to me
Who knows..."

For all us BB crack heads, Blackberry is telling us (especially the USA Market) to be patient and to trust them ;and that if we do that we may end up with the Smartphone we've all been waiting for and hoping for. This ad was basically saying: "USA MARKET, we're truly sorry you're getting screwed here, but if you wait just a little bit longer you'll get this Smartphone and LOVE IT!"

On a scale of 1 to 10 - I initially gave it a 1 but now I have to bump it up to a solid 9.

It's just BB LOVE, baby!

another point of view is:
a) iphones burst into flames (many reports of BOMB iphones) - flames
b)nokia lumia 920 is a very heavy phone (185g) - elephant legs
c)maybe android-google represented by colour poof
d)at the end, smashing a rubber duck, maybe represent that all the other platforms is just toys!
and of course the obvious message that this phone can do a lot of things, that 30 secs isnt enough!
My point view!

Allot of complainers, but I liked it allot, especially crushing the rubber ducky. Lol

The rainbow was windows phone, android was the elephant legs, fire was webOS or battery pulls. Lol

Nope, didn't like it then and looking at it again just had me shaking my head at the money that was spent on the ad. Bell put out an ad at the same time and they managed to show some of what BB10 COULD do.