Missed it? Watch BlackBerry's first-ever Super Bowl Commercial!

If you didn't catch BlackBerry's first-ever Super Bowl ad live, or if you live in a market where it didn't air, you can hit play on the video above to watch it again and again and again. Heck, in honor of BlackBerry 10 I'd suggest watching it TEN times.

By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Feb 2013 08:41 pm EST

Once you're done watching, jump over to this article for the back story on the Super Bowl ad. I sat down with BlackBerry's Chief Marketing Officer, Frank Boulben, to discuss the ad and BlackBerry's upcoming Keep Moving ad campaigns. And from there, jump over to this poll to weigh in with your thoughts on the ad.

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Missed it? Watch BlackBerry's first-ever Super Bowl Commercial!



Did you guys notice what he stepped on last....toy.......toys are crushed .....no more iToys and noice making robot

What did you loved about that commercial? Because honestly I don' t get it. The ad stated " see what it can do " DO WHAT??? Why Blackberry phone was not showed close up.? If Blackberry is trying to convince people that BB 10 is different, new and fresh. Well on this ad, they totally FAILED. Sorry to say..

This ad is not targeted towards non BB users. This is just to let BB users that they back in the game.

This ad is basically about what you cant do with a smartphone...thats what it says at the end. also it sort of crushes a toy so may be a hidden message to some one.......i checked most of the super bowl ads, all of them are weird and have no direct message. so just wait for few more days bb might release conventional tv ads that focus on features of BB10

you can check most of the superbowl ads here...all have no direct message. so bb is not to blame.

Google is asking you to vote for the best ad...BB ad is still not on the list but will be soon...vote for your fav ad here



I cannot believe it... I was really confused when I watched it... Maybe that is Marketing Goldmine and is what BlackBerry was after! Kudos if that is what they wanted to achieve.

I still think it is bad marketing to prove what it can't do since I am afraid a bunch of memes will popup tomorrow of all the things BlackBerry can't do in comparison to Android/iPhones... Oh well...
I am still rooting for RIM/BlackBerry! I wish they did a Darth Vadar theme like VW did 2 years ago.... lol

its not even on the page any more. I saw it when it was at #1 and couldnt believe it. Now its not even listed?
something up

I checked out that link last night and BB was #1.
Today, it has been removed from the list...

I wish the Superbowl commercial was better though. As a fan it didnt sell to me. Although I have mine pre-ordered already. Im talking about non Blackberry users though.

I dont think it appealed to me like the Samsung commercial did. Hear me out...Samsung came out with a 1-min+ commercial during the 2 minute warning literally when the whole WORLD was watching the game due to the 49ers coming back and being a tight ball game at that moment.. Now that was $$$ and strategy/PR. Something USEFUL Blackberry needs to recognize...Money talks. Strategy is key for success here and TIMING.

Go Blackberry!

TOTALLY agree. This was their chance to say "we changed up our whole company and its products--this isn't your father's BlackBerry" and we got this nonsense thing. What a waste of $4m!

can Blackberry get a Refund? I mean really, who approved this?! Total waste. Vague message, no wow factor, no excitement, NO POINT. Blackberry really needs to get its act together.

I agree as well... Found myself squinting to see if I could see anything on the os.. Meanwhile we have a guy climbing out of the sewer system.. What does it have to do with bb10? Am I to assume it's waterproof from that? Lol!! Just venting my frustration.

It's pretty good -- simple and catchy, the images stay in your head even if you weren't floored by it. I think this will pay off. You can't demonstrate the key features of the phone in 30 seconds.

The 'non-official' one is probably great for a CB audience who care about the legacy... but that's not who Blackberry needs to appeal to in a Superbowl commercial.

Anyhow, was the non-official one 30 seconds?

Im sorry to say but Apple and Samsung able and managed to show it. I'm not saying to copy them, but just learn from it. They have a kick ass commercial and not just a kick ass, its BAD ASS...

when watching a game of football no one wants to watch a tutorial on how to use a phone or have a 30 sec ad depicting how to use the HUB during game day.

I do think the choice of music was a bit meh and probably needed a little more bang but I thought it was quite bold of BlackBerry to go with the "can't" idealogy since that's introducing a negative but it was pretty fantastical so it worked in that way.

Good start I reckon.

I have to agree, the commercial shows up in the third quarter (I think, I didn't watch the game cause I don't care), most or many of the target audience is 3 sheets by then and likely in a room full of distractions. Why would you even bother trying to show them features, they don't care. All you can do is try to get their attention, this commercial does that, give them a thought they have a chance at remembering and then tell them who you are!

Show the features during Survivor or CSI, you have a better chance they will pay attention and remember what they saw.

Just my opinion for what it is.

Well it seems like there's two camps here. The one's who are playing defense "this was a good commercial" and the ones who hate it. No one, I believe, thinks this was a top 10 super bowl commercial of all time worthy. Not compelling or memorable. I feared they were going to do something off like this with the leaked images.

I don't know about camps or defense... If I they botched it, I'd be the first to be grilling them. I genuinely think it was as perfect as you get. Maybe you don't agree now, but keep track of how many times you think about elephant feet, or rubber ducks, or poofs of colour tomorrow. Blackberry has to shift its image. Subliminal is the only way to do that with style.

all-time? of course not...

that's expecting a bit much, but it was probably top 10 for this game.. but admittedly the ads overall weren't overwhelmingly great imo so it's kind of a big-fish-in-a-small-pond type of thing

A 12 year wait for a Super Bowl ad and that's the best they can do? It made no emotional connection at all. Perhaps a $4 million ad that didn't "sell" a product coming out in over a month wasn't such a good idea. BlackBerry could have spent that $4 million on engaging front line salespeople instead.

While there were things I was hoping for in a BlackBerry Super Bowl ad, like some story behind the comeback, I don't think this was a bad ad. It was what's known as "high concept", where the idea was more important than the content.

For those of you looking for more on the product, I ask this: how many ads WERE about the product? The Kia ads were dumb (and I actually like Kia). I defy any of you to tell me what connection the Samsung ad had to their products. My favorite ad of all today was the Ram Truck ad using the Paul Harvey "God Made a Farmer" segment. Great ad, but it didn't show any of the truck's features at all.

This was okay, and as I write it still holds first place in voting at the NFL website. Go figure.

They WASTED their money. Not only was this ad boring, it didn't say ANY of the features of BlackBerry 10, nor did it make it clear that it was new from the ground up and not the BlackBerry that everybody is used to. As a matter of fact you can only tell this is a BB ad in the last second. Apparently nobody remembers what happened to Palm and their shitty ads. If they keep doing this shit then the comeback will not happen. I guess somebody needs some marketing lessons.

SparkyBC you don't get the commercial though. Lol watch it again. Watch it. VERY closely, then you realize its freaking brilliant.

Yeah the unofficial ad was really good, but its too long perhaps. This one was OK, I am not saying it will get people to buy BB10's devices or even that its even that memorable, but it will make people curious about what BB10 is. In the US market, if you show off all its features no one will remember it simply bc we won't see the devices for another 6 weeks...

Agree. The commercial was affective. Look at how many people are talking about it being good or bad. From a marketing stand point, that is what you want. Think of the Brad Pitt Chanel 5 commercial. Everyone knows about it and the commercial was disliked by so many viewers. When people talk about the commercial, people that don't know about BB10 will ask questions which is what you would want if you're BB. Plain and simple, the commercial was affective from a marketing stand point.

There will always be haters. I like it. I think it's to the point while being fun. It also leaves the viewer curious to see what BB10 actually can do.

disappointed in that BlackBerry commercial...that was like the Windows Phone commercial of the guy not paying attention while walking to his seat during a football game.

that was a great take on it. Everyone was debating on what to feature, or whether to be serious or entertaining. Instead, they went with, "In 30 seconds, it's easier to show you what it CAN'T do" and I think it worked

Wow once again they show the ONLY feature that this QNX BlackBerry 10 has. The Hub. Havent we seen that already in all the Blackberry keynotes. Wow the ONLY feature on the phone.

And you'll still see a man with Elephant feet tomorrow... when you see someone walking down the street texting. Or a truck turning into ducks. The images are unique and will stay in people's heads. It's a good commercial.

Forgot about what?

That the new blackberry CAN'T turn your legs into elephant feet or it CAN'T turn a truck jack knifing towards you into rubber ducks?

The new Blackberry CAN'T blend or make you coffee in the morning. But if you are interested to see what it CAN do, visit www.blackberryz10.com

If you choose not too. Then continue on with your life. Just be careful that an elephant feet don't step on your shoe ;)

None. The word "hub" was not mentioned at all. For all I can tell, all of those viewers don't even know this is a new OS.

The point wasn't to compel you to buy one. The UI is what's going to do that, which can't be accurately portrayed through words or video. It was to let the Nation know there's one to be bought. The general public still doesn't know that Blackberry has undergone a huge change. We have to stop looking at this through Crackberry Goggles and put yourself in the position of someone whose radar doesn't even have Blackberry on it. PATIENCE.

I think you are right. Crackberry readers are not the target audience. Understandable that it might not strike a cord here.

"The general public still doesn't know that Blackberry has undergone a huge change. We have to stop looking at this through Crackberry Goggles and put yourself in the position of someone whose radar doesn't even have Blackberry on it."


Patience I have. I am still limping along with my Blackberry Tour. The camera phone no longer works, some of the keys require extra pressure to get them to work and I can barely surf the internet because my phone doesn't even operate at 3G. I have been waiting for nearly a year for this phone to come out. Again, patience I have. In fact, I will continue to wait until Verizon decides to begin offering this phone. Here in the US, carriers, Best Buy and Walmart phone representatives haven't received any information about the phone and its availability let alone specifications. After watching the ad again, I just don't get how that ad was to cause "the general public" to look any further into its UI based on the brief peaks demonstrated during the ad (purchasing notwithstanding). Yes, I would agree with you that for existing BB owners the ad may possibly pique some of their interests, but in my opinion no one else.

After today, the general public still doesn't know. And at least they should've stated some of the new features.

This year doesn't seem to have a lot of memorable and Super Bowl worth ads anyway so it might stand out.

Advertising your own network, movies and TV commercials just seem like a waste of time and money for super bowl ad money. Seems like a lot of them this year.

different. Not sure it was worth the crazy $$$$.
I did notice the stupid disclaimer at the bottom "coming to US cariers"
wait for the outrage when the rest of the world realizes that coming means coming in MARCH.

That was nowhere near good..ugh a bunch of my friends are like what is this even about?

It looks good though ( Z10)
Ps anyone else see the text at the bottom "Coming soon to select US carriers"

It can't help Alicia Keys since the anthem properly either but then again I can not remember the last time the Super Bowl had a good anthem.

The commercial was great but the android bots and Apple people will think it is stupid because that is human nature.

The unofficial one was also good.

i also think it was a bit underwhelming. i'm not sure if it'll cause any buzz after seeing the commercial.

sex sells.. i'm sure people will be talking more about the godaddy commerical

The commercial was made to create curiosity. Forcing people how great their new products are would just irritate them. This will just build curiosity and have the people come inquire more about it.

Hmmm. I liked the song in it. Went by very quickly. Crazy, confusing, and strange. I thought, "That's it?" but I'll see it again. I'm still going to buy one, but not sure if this would make non-BB people want to buy it. They might not understand what it all means. Or maybe they *want* people to try to figure it out.

Yes. I think you nailed it. It stands out. It's different. It's not immediately understood and therefore bears a second, third look to try to figure it out. The real platform for this is YouTube anyway. Mission accomplished.
From my BB10 oh so ready BlackBerry PlayBook

It was OK. Will not rank up there with the best of the best. But on the upside it didn't try to compare itself to the competition. Thought they could have done more. Hopefully Alicia Keys brings a bit more to the marketing efforts.

UGH. This is what I was waiting for? Maybe I'm missing something but I think people would rather see a commercial where you can see what BlackBerry 10 actually CAN do OR like the non-official pre-superbowl ad that was FANTASTIC - showing the company is evolving to meet the needs of its customers. This ad seems more for a company that is not betting its life on a new platform - it seems like something one of the cell carriers would run just on any particular day. I'm getting a Z10 so it wouldn't have swayed me one way or the other but I don't see this particularly connecting with the average non-BlackBerry person. They're trying to establish internet marketing hype, but I think they missed the target.

The unofficial one was great. Now hmmm... Maybe you need to get your thinking hat on, but could you put all that in 30 seconds without confusing the crap out of people? This is just to show to people who don't follow the news that there is a new BB out. It will get people to gain curiosity and they will inquire the products at their own will, with their full undivided attention.

Even an edited version of the unofficial one would've been better.... Just showing something off like BBM screen sharing (which IS something original on a smartphone) would've been better.

How will they know that its "screen sharing" they are looking at without going into details? For all they know, they are just watching a screen and won't even be curious about it.

Trust me, I have hated every single BB commercial and hate their marketing team. But this is the only one I watched and be like "oh not bad. Keeps an open audience and all the curious minds".

Don't forget there will be other commercials to show the other features.

As a former Blackberry user I thought the ad was lackluster and forgettable. I wanted to see at least a couple of actual things the phone could do that had been talked up, instead here was this dude walking along with a phone in front of him that seemed to stay on one screen. I don't understand. Apple manages to get across what the iphone can do in seconds in their ad. Even I know, from their series of ads from years ago and I am not an iphone user. Samsung's ad is memorable as well. I know Blackberry isn't in quite the same league, but surely showing off at least one killer aspect of their Brand New phone should have been a walk in the park? Unless, of course there really isn't anything the other phones can't do. smh.

LOL you don't get the commercial? Its only 30 seconds long so watch it VERY carefully.

I don't get how people don't get this!

Watched 3 times, still feel its a Meh...

I still remember the first Droid ad, not sure about this one.

Mayb that was the plan to have every1 go "WTH" and watch it 3 times over to c at the end that there's a new BB called Z10...I watched it 4 times!

LOL people don't realize how easily they become a victim of a marketing strategy.

If you guys don't get the video, then watch it again VERY closely and read between the lines.


I agree with you.
The only thing i saw was i guy walking around with Z10.
I would never buy a BB if i saw that commercial.
TH get a new marketing person and new agency.I hope you didn't pay to much i think you should send me a Z10 for free.

That was awesome :D I had to re-watch it to really appreciate it, but it makes perfect sense with what there upcoming marketing campaign is about

It was ok but happen to air at a bad time when ravens scored and the game seems over and then lights go out. Bad time but good commercial.

Yeahhhhh.... I gotta say, the unofficial one was better. BlackBerry really needed to come with something similar to the Detroit car commercial with Eminem. The unofficial one had that essence to it and would have been awesome, to reinvigorate the brand. Would have been better to pay guys to cut down that video to 30 seconds.

We shall see though, time will tell...

I have no idea what people were expecting, what is with people? I feel like Im in a dream where Im the only sane one with reasonable expectations. Must. Wake. Up.

Forgettable commercial, boring, unimpressive

Samsung commercial was waaaay more memorable

The entire point of SuperBowl commercials is to have people talking the next day about which the the best, funniest, etc...Unfortunately I already forgot what happened in this bit.

OMG....so you geniuses could educate 300 million people, on an entirely new platform, in 30 seconds? I would love to see you do it.
The tagline was, "In 30 seconds, it is easier to show you what it CAN'T do" and then it shows the website for more info.
Agreed, it isn't the greatest of all time, but really? Show ALL the features of the Z10 in 30 seconds? That's ludicrous.
But of course in 30 seconds I'm sure YOU could teach someone calculus II simultaneously in Portuguese AND Mandarin

Nobody said ALL the features. But SOME of them yes. Like it or not Apple's method works - you pick ONE really great feature and show it off in each commercial. They could have showed BBM screen sharing for Pete's sake!

If they show one feature, a lot of people will undoubtly, almost immediately create their own conclusion right there on the spot. And most likely they'll take that one feature and mentally compare it to the phone they already have.

What this VERY SHORT 30 second air, is to pretty much announce and remind everyone else who don't go to mobile sites that there is a new BB out.

Nobody said ALL the features. But SOME of them yes. Like it or not Apple's method works - you pick ONE really great feature and show it off in each commercial. They could have showed BBM screen sharing for Pete's sake!

and keep in mind that there have been few as critical towards the marketing team, as I have been. But let's be fair

They don't ever mention that it is a new mobile platform. 1000's of people have no idea. They think great, new phone and same shifty OS. Rewatch and you will see.

"But of course in 30 seconds I'm sure YOU could teach someone calculus II simultaneously in Portuguese AND Mandarin"

Yes we could- if they would have shown the multilanguage keyboard!

What the hell was that????? U have an amazing camera feature which a lot of people still have NOT seen and u show me a phone that could give me elephants feet??? We should have seen Alicia Keys...Apple won with advertising, samsung won with advertising... BlackBerry if you don't get this right u will fall.... I can't believe that commercial. They needed a BANG and that was a failure. PLUS that power outage took that BlackBerry Hype quick, it went from what kind of phone is that? To what happen to the lights?

I like how some of you people say "Oh the unofficial video was better". The unofficial "commercial " was 1:45 seconds long, this one is 30. Get a grip some of you just need to get real.

The explain how Apple keeps making compelling 30 second commercials. The "Dream" commercial with the Williams sisters playing ping-pong totally crushes this, and I'm not an IOS guy.

But that was a horrible commercial overall. No one who wasn't previously interested would've changed their mind after that commercial. They didn't show the phone, the OS, the innovation, the possibilities, only a bunch of stuff any other phone can't do.

The commercial didn't separate BB10 from the rest of the phones. iPhones can't give you elephant legs. WP8 can't turn a truck into rubber duckies. Android can't set you on fire. At best this commercial told consumers that the BB10 is no worse than the others. At worst it told consumers the BB10 doesn't offer enough of an improvement to actually show you anything except nonsense.

My personal opinion is that they really wasted a great opportunity here.

I like it. It's definitely an attention grabber and piques the viewers' interest to find out more about the Z10 phone.

It was a good commercial. People who have inquiring mind will research it themselves so they have their FULL undivided attention. Rather than they force all its features in 30 seconds, which would just confuse people more and those people will judge it right on the spot.

There's a reason why you guys aren't in marketing.

Anyone else getting concerned?? Lackluster launch event (in my opinion), lackluster Super Bowl commercial (also, in my opinion) and not being available in the US for a couple of months....

It was amusing, but people are used to thinking that about what BlackBerry can't do... That's not going to inspire the haters or those that left to check it out or come back.

And there was NOT a good enough call-to-action in it.

Can BlackBerry buy the unofficial one... And hire them to do more? PLEASE!

This was interesting. I think they nailed the point they were trying to make, I mean think about it, what could have they done in 30sec? In the end (Hopefully) it caught peoples attention to go to BlackBerry.com for more information.

Though I would have made some changes, for instance, perhaps some super fast close up's of the innovative keyboard, with having him swipe a recommended word upwards, then the truck in front of him turns to flowers. Get what I am trying to say ;)

i thought it was terrible.. why? because i really didn't get it nor can i remember anything about it. Just some ducks.. that's all i remember after watching it just 2 minutes ago. Basically it was completely FORGETTABLE. ...that's not what you want.

It was only 30 seconds long. Watch it again VERY carefully. There is a strategy in this. Watch the video very carefully then you'll get it. I didn't get it the first time so I kept playing it. Then go through the comments. Then you realize whoever made that commercial is brilliant. Keep in mind this is just the start of their marketing campaign.

not a bad commercial, but no legs (pun intended)…there isn't really anything that would get you talking about the commercial itself for a day or 3 after airing….not like acura last year with Seinfeld, or the Bridgestone commercial with the beaver. Not a bad spot, but it would have been nice to see something that was a bit more out there on the edge

For every who is ripping the commercial, how about you use the camera on your current blackberry and film your own 30 second spot.

No matter what they did, I'm sure the haters would still find something to hate.

Proud owner of a Blackberry Torch and Blackberry Playbook.

I missed it while I was on TV, until the second I heard "blackberry z10". The problem of this ads, after re-watching it here, is that It's not catchy enough: It doesn't stand out.

Neither funny nor sexy nor dramatic (the truck losing control scene was close to that...but it was too short) to catch most people's attention. I asked a few buddies who aren't blackberry fan just now and none of them had any memory of the ad at all. It doesn't link with people emotionally and it failed to make an impression, which is what this ads should be all about.

This is definitely not a "Classic" piece of ads, nor will it make much impact to people perception of blackberry. I read through is strategy and it sounded like a good one, but not the right one for this company. I honestly feel that they are going through the wrong path. This might be Frank's first experience dealing with such a huge advertising budget, and I hope he will learn something after he gets feedback from everyone tomorrow.

This was a very good add. As denoted above you cannot show all the new features in 30 seconds. Thats already in place all over you tube. This was about creating something very visual and getting across one key point. This is not a run of the mill phone that catches up to the competition. It is a feature rich phone that can really do some amazing things. Also what I really like about this ad is that it can be used all over the world, since it is not language based. They just change the tag line at the end to what every language they want and it works everywhere. Well done BlackBerry

Did anyone notice how when he came out of the gutter the colours that surround him are the same ones google tend to use? Maybe illustrating how android came "up" out of no-where when blackberry has been established for years?? Also if you look into the symbolism of ducks you get such responses as "they are a symbol for a resourceful person as they can allude enemies in numerous ways", simplicity and beauty. They didn't just choose this stuff at random there's a depth to this commercial that many don't get straight off the bat. The only bit i can't seem to workout is why step on the duck?

I was hoping for something along the lines of an old man in a senior center acting confused about where he left his BlackBerry. He finds a Z10 and picks it up and with one swipe, brings it to life. Then he stops and says "Hey, this in't MY BlackBerry." And his granddaughter who's visiting him says "No, grandpa. It sure isn't" Flash a few action shots and end with "The all new BlackBerry Z10. Rebuilt from the ground up. This ain't your grandpa's BlackBerry". Grand finale, pop up the BlackBerry Logo, add a Spark after it with the default mail notification sound and a URL to go check it out

A guy can dream I guess

I liked the BlackBerry 10 ad, but see it may have been too abstract for some at first glance. Good enough to grab attention in 30 secs, fun and sarcastic. Something like the Pixelcarve unofficial commercial takes too long for that time slot. We'll see what happens with the campaign under normal commercial time.

What can't a BlackBerry do? Launch.
I'm still gung-ho for BB, but that commercial was just a mess. I'm a total BB nerd, but all I can remember about the ad was rubber duckies. I'm a little embarrassed about the whole thing.

BlackBerry... Listen to me.. this is an open note to you-

Put me on your marketing team for 3 months. No salary. I'll have this ship right. I've got ideas and im willing to put the energy and enthusiasm necessary to deliver the message the way it needs to be heard, scene, and received. Right now.. the attempts are not getting the job done. Need proof? Read the comments above and below mine. Im a leader, flourish in public speaking opportunities, and have the cojones to tell you and show you what you don't want to hear.

I see a very good project that isn't being introduced, pushed, or displayed correctly. Contact me only if you are ready and serious... to take some real risks. If you are afraid.. then don't bother, but I still with BB the best. I'll be getting my Z10 in March here in the US.

Drop me a note and I'll send you my information.

People are acting like this is the first and last commercial of the campaign.
Even if it doesn't make you want to go get a Z10, you heard ".... To show what it can't do" and it's in your head now. So long as its now followed up with numerous commercials showing what it can(and that's a lot) then things will be cool.

Remember only a tiny percent of the people watching, actually come to crackberry and know of all things BB10. No point in trying to force it down people's throats in 30secs.

"No point in trying to force it down people's throats in 30secs."

It would be like trying to convince someone to change religion/belief with a few sentences. They are now aware, now let them explore on their own.

When people are on Twitter stating: "BlackBerry 10 - what it can't do? A Super Bowl commercial." Then we are in trouble. Or BlackBerry is genius enough to know that it sucked and people would talk about it. I don't think so :)

Glad you mention that commercial cause I was streaming the game from my PlayBook and caught a few BB10 ads that wasn't on tv. They are the exact same ones that appear on BlackBerry Youtube page. So theres a possibility as things get rolling we may see a shorter or similar version of the "BlackBerry 10 - Keep Business Moving" on TV. For the short time slot, I personally liked the Super Bowl commercial as I stated in a previous comment.

This was like the commercial for gabbo on simpsons except the market in which it aired wont get the product for over a month and there is nothing in this commercial to make them even remember anything. Marketing 101 , how not to advertise.

everyone at first i was disappointed then realized... how can you show off the phone in 30seconds? i think its very clever, it was colourful, fun, eye catching..well done

I liked it. A lot. I didn't know what to expect but it was funny. A nice Non stuffy ad and it was a shocker (in a good way) to see "BlackBerry " at the end. It was perfect for the super bowl.

More now. Keep the ads coming.

That was terrible. No originality, conveyed no information. Absolute waste of time, money and hype.

I am a bit surprised that Thorsten and the Board of Directors gave the green light for that kind of money for that commercial. As a long time Blackberry fan going all the way back to the 957 (monochrome display), I am starting to get concerned....

What a piece of junk! If Heims approved this, NOW I fear for the company, I will sell all my BBRY stock on Monday .

Troll. Stop posting the same comment on every post (that you are going to sell your BBRY stocks, if you actually own any). And if you are going to sell your stocks based on the commercial alone, then go ahead because no one is stopping you.

Honestly, i didn't like the ad. but its a launch of a campaign... I think the idea of this add was just to say: we only have 30 sec, there is so many thing to show you, so we can't do it here. the rest of the ad campaign during the next month (remember its not launch in the US yet) will probably concentrate on showing what BB10 can do.

Well...am I the only one that kinda thinks of another highly anticipated event that came off less than expected...different.

Ahaa! Very clever, and for all those complaning about how it didn't show off the features of the phone, the commercial basically states it "For 30 seconds, it's better to show what it can't do". Loved it.

Uhh...that webpage is terrible and so is that commercial.


A very disappointed 9650 user

Guys all I ever had is a blackberry and no one promotes BlackBerry around my area more than I do but this commercial was terrible. Before I said anything I asked my wife what her thoughts were on the commercial, she had the same opinion,commercial was not good. Really starting to lose hope for BlackBerry, terrible launch, which has was just a do over of BlackBerry Jam. Releasing phones in the USA two months later, the worldwide launch should have been immediately followed by a worldwide launch, even if the release date had been March 1st . Thor is a great Executive but let's face it he ain't a great pitchman. The launch should have introduced Thor and he should have handed it off to someone but then again it really didn't matter as last week's launch was boring as heck. The worst thing for BlackBerry is a lifelong user and believer has lost hope!

You gotta remember folks, the average Super Bowl user thinks that RIM/Blackberry went bankrupt and doesn't exist any more. This just shows they are still around and they have new products. And this is just to wake people up who don't follow Blackberry.

I was about to comment how seeing the spot on TV made me realize the power of gestures on BB10.
Then BELL comes on and advertises the BlackBerry Z10 as the reason for a woman breaking up with a guy...a very nice one-two punch there.

If the idea was to get people talking about BlackBerry again, it looks like it worked. If the idea was to get people to bitch and complain, well I guess that worked too. O_o

Its actually pretty good the more you watch it. 30 seconds isn't much time. And really, why pump people up so much only to let them down because they can't buy it yet. So if this is the small teaser with the Keep Moving ads ramping up then I think perhaps they made the right move. Its actually growing on me a lot.

Just saw a BB10 commercial by Bell Canada. Bell's commercial was head and shoulders better than the Superbowl commercial and I am sure Bell Canada's commercial for BB10 cost a fraction of what the Superbowl ad did!

I actually liked it. The only problem was that it was over too fast. If people weren't paying attention they might have missed it. I rewatched it several times & liked it more each time. It was very colorful, weird, different. The only thing Blackerry had to accomplish in those short 30 seconds was to let people they are still alive! So many of my friends think they are out of business.
Now they have to saturate the airwaves with ads.

Just saw them both as well. The official one did nothing for me. Bell commercial followed. I'm just happy to see ads for it out there. Spread the word.

I actually liked it. The only problem was that it was over too fast. If people weren't paying attention they might have missed it. I rewatched it several times & liked it more each time. It was very colorful, weird, different. The only thing Blackerry had to accomplish in those short 30 seconds was to let people know they are still alive! So many of my friends think they are out of business.
Now they have to saturate the airwaves with ads.

I was not happy with the commercial...I was really expecting more out of it. Maybe they should have paid for the full minute like other companies did.

Commercial was good, opening salvo with easy directions to get info. There is no way in 30 seconds you could begin to show what Blackberry 10 can do, smart move, actually only move.

Also few minutes ago on the CTV.ca Super Bowl feed there was a Bell commercial showing the Blackberry 10. :)

More to come I'm sure. :)

As for some posts on here that were looking for Blackberry 10 functions in 30 seconds good luck, can't do it, prove me wrong, show me a 30 second commercial that shows off Blackberry 10 functions. You need 5-10 minutes min.

Total rubbish and a waste of $4 million. Have to agree with the comment that the non-official commercial was better.

Sneaky and clever mentally. Just saw the commerical. I think it seemed more psychological than anything else, to instill the idea of " what was that" way after you have seen it. I dont think it was meant to wow anyone, simply to make the non berry user to " wat the hell........" Honestly, wat else can it be. You cannnot show anything relevent within a 30 sec timefram or even a minute. IMOH. LOL


I think its working as the fake commercial on youtube is really getting hit since the superbowl ad started playing. People are looking.


The commercial is to subliminally plant into peoples head and also set an awareness to the general public that the BB is back. Something new to consider.

I generally hate their marketing team, but I like how they kept this one neutral, but making it weird enough to question the product.

I'm from the Philippines and not football fan, but the day I found out that the Super Bowl exist is because of GoDaddy's ads in a court room when a woman had a wardrobe malfunction. I know GoDaddy, I know what wardrobe malfunction is but didn't know what Super Bowl is. For years when I've heard Super Bowl what I remember is GoDady's ads, it's just the recent months when I found out that Super Bowl is a sports event.

I think that should be the main goal of BlackBerry ads, in the Super Bowl, the retention and how it will make an impact to the views and make the video viral. But if ever it will not be in the best list, I just wish it will be one of the worst list just to get a free marketing.

Is it worth $$$? Depending of what the Marketing team's goal is, but from my opinion. It's not.

Agreed. So many people seem to want everything shown about the new phone and OS. Not possible in a 30 second/4 million dollar add. You want an add showing how fast it is? Not only is that not going to make a memorable add, it becomes a wash with the rest of the dozens of phone adds claiming their phones to be the fastest. Making an add like all the other adds does nothing to make that add stand out.

It looks like a lot of people liked it, as it's currently #3 best rated commercial. Coke is #1, which will be hard to pass.

Goes to show lots of comments here don't mesh with the street opinions. ;)

Almost like some want to rain on our parade, wonder who that could be, no matter, can't stop the Blackberry 10.

Waste of money...Is the hub the only thing blackberry has? is it not capable of doing anything else?

I thought it was a rather clever ad. It had lots of symbolism in suggesting a mobile platform that can deliver what one needs.

This ad is not for BB fans!
Just put yourself in someone's shoes who didn't even know blackberry 10 came out. You'll see that this a decent cool ad, which would create some interest.

I think it was a good way to simply put the name BlackBerry out there; along with the fact that they have a new smartphone. It was a start. If that were it, I would be concerned. But they have plenty of time to hammer us over the head with the details.