Watch the BlackBerry Jam Americas keynote and CrackBerry live blog Tuesday morning at 8:30a PT / 11:30a ET

BlackBerry Jam Welcome
By Adam Zeis on 24 Sep 2012 01:25 pm EDT

If you won't be joining us in San Jose for BlackBerry Jam Americas - not to worry. The General Session Keynote will be broadcast live for your viewing pleasure at 8:30a PT/11:30a ET tomorrow. You'll be able to follow along with us as RIM CEO Thorsten Heins and RIM partners take the stage to show off some BlackBerry goodness (and hopefully lots of it). A full replay will be availble after the keynote has ended.

Kevin, Bla1ze and I will be there in person to live blog the keynote as well. You can tune into the live blog on our new awesome system at to follow along with us. We'll have plenty of play-by-play, CrackBerry insight and pretty hi-res photos to share, so you certainly don't want to miss it. Check back here tomorrow when things get rolling.

Watch the BlackBerry Jam Americas keynote online
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Reader comments

Watch the BlackBerry Jam Americas keynote and CrackBerry live blog Tuesday morning at 8:30a PT / 11:30a ET


First !!
Why is this one getting a live blog ??? I thought these sessions were fairly frequent ... Are they going to reveal some special info in this one ?

This event has a "Mini BB World" feel to it. I also expect to hear some good news about BB10 and a lot more info than we already have, especially because the financial report coming out at the end of this month will be pretty bad. People need something to look forward to before they see the horrible numbers coming our way.

Thorsten Heins is doing the keynote, so yes, I think we will hear some HAWT things...PB OS 2.1, BB10 BBM, video chat and more

I hope they didn't hold 2.1 back so they have something to talk about. 2.1 is portrait email. I hope we get more than that.

I know nothing about app development so forgive me in advance if this is a silly question...who are the developers who attend events like this? Do the technical people who develop apps for banks, professional sports leagues, etc... attend or are these gatherings for small, independent developers?

Stock made another 52 week low today. This is Thorsten's chance to tell us all to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain...counter the bad news on Thursday with some positive forward looking news on Tuesday.

Pretty hard to get excited these days. I'm a fan, not a troll, but PB OS2.1? Should have been out in the "summer", as RIM had promised. BB10? Excited, but it's tempered by the reality of this company and their track record even since Thorsten became CEO. The bad numbers are to be expected, but I haven't seen much that hints at a turnaround. Just silence, silence and more silence.

OS2.0 came out in late february/early march. So why then would you have your next major update 3 months later. A time span of 6-7 months seems to make perfect sense to me.

And what exactly has been wrong with Thorsten's record. I think he has done an admirable job given the $hit he had to deal with. You try to revamp a huge corporation, layoff 35% of the redundant workforce and bring new innovative products to market. And thank God, he doesn't blather on like the last two. "Silence is golden". "Loose lips sink ships". The last thing RIM needs is more useless chatter from the top. That's what got them in trouble in the first place. I mean really...

I will be on a company conference call during that time. Do you guys think I can find the video feed somewhere (perhaps here) later on the day?

I can't wait to hear what they've got to say and show us tomorrow... Been really active and going on everyday for several times hoping for leaks and more info about these BB10 devices...! Hope to hear something about it tomorrow. :) Looking forward to it!

Quite curious if they'll release some new information regarding Blackberry 10! Or Playbook OS.. Hell, anything Blackberry-related ;-)

I don't think I'll make it, have to be at an employment centre to register and help me find work. :P

I'll try and catch it later I guess.