Watch the BlackBerry DevCon Keynote live via Webcast!

By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Oct 2011 07:55 pm EDT

It looks like Research In Motion is taking a step forward with their BlackBerry DevCon Keynote tomorrow and for the first time ever are going to broadcast the presentation live. They just put up a landing page live for the WebCast at the BlackBerry DevCon website.

The CrackBerry team is on hand at DevCon of course and will be on location watching live, so we'll still be here on the blogs powering a live blog for commentary, live chat so you guys and gals can sound off, and we'll even setup some live streaming too (just in case RIM has an outage during their Webcast).

The show gets going at 8:30am PST tomorrow (Tuesday, October 18th) and will be broken into two halves. Expect the big announcements in the first half, and after intermission things will be focused more on the technical/developer side of things. Awesome stuff.

Watch the Live WebCast from the BlackBerry DevCon Website

Reader comments

Watch the BlackBerry DevCon Keynote live via Webcast!


Awe, I'm at a meeting around that time for a few hours. Maybe I'll be able to sneak a peak at my BB and see what's happening.

I will wake up to watch this. And what I hope I will see is a show; a performance; excitement; and no more boring old men in suits droning on about nothing. Make this address a good one whereby people are and leave excited.

Heck, I'd love to see the CEO come on stage with an Ipad and Playbook and drop them both onto the floor and then pick up the Playbook and show that it still works while the Ipad doesnt. And then smile to the audience and say "we're about to kick some ass".

Anything to make people turn their heads and go - "woah, I always thought that RIM was for antiquated, out of date suits. Since when did RIM become cool and exciting? This I have got to see."

Wow... If RIM is streaming live this must be big... They're putting a lot of stock on this devcon... Wishing the best for RIM and CrackBerry!

I'm staying up to watch this(down in Australia) I hope I've got this timed out right. Should be 3.5 hours(give or take) from now?

Anyone have a link to the videofeed? The link above goes to a static page... I can't wait to watch this!


ha, you gotta love RIM, the feed doesnt work on a playbook, you have to use IE or Firefox, way to show some confidence in your Product RIM!

Yup Kobol!. Was about to post the same thing.

Idiots. Not like someone might want to watch the feed using one of their pro

hmm.. link goes to a tablet site. would assume the feed exists on the desktop site.. which loads.. cant find it yet tho.
:edit: found the link on the link.. keeps throwing me back to the tablet site.