Was RIM forced to release Curve early?

By Kevin Hill on 3 May 2007 03:40 pm EDT

blackberry curve

According to some, it was the blogoshere that forced today's release of the Curve, days earlier than RIM had intended.

As we reported at CrackBerry.com yesterday, the Spanish site MiBlackBarry.com discovered that the URL for blackberry8300.com was redirected to blackberrycurve.com. This was then picked up by non-official BlackBerry sites around the world and word was out much to RIM’s chagrin.

RIM took down the URL redirect yesterday afternoon. An odd response if you were going to make a formal announcement less than 24-hours later.

In all likelihood, RIM had hoped to announce the new Curve at the WES conference next week. But we pesky boggers forced their hand.

Just goes to prove that in the age of the Internet, controlling the message is becoming increasingly difficult.

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Reader comments

Was RIM forced to release Curve early?


so there I was happily ahead of the curve, contemplating upgrading all my units to the 8800, when the 8320 comes out....hmm what to get? 8800 for employees and 8320 for me?

I don't really need the GPS, though it would be nice if it worked with google maps(which will cover me in places that blackberry maps won't.) The WiFi, so highspeed browsing, I guess, skype possibility?


No sarcasm intended but have I missed something? When did the BB 8320 come out? I thought it was the BB 8300 aka Curve that RIM introduced in their Press Release earlier today.