Warning: This Picture May Make You Drool.... Tour 9630s!

BlackBerry Tour 9630s
By Kevin Michaluk on 21 May 2009 11:07 am EDT

A picture that is worth a thousand words.... aren't they beautiful?! If you haven't read our BlackBerry Tour 9630 review yet, be sure to check out Part I and Part II.

Man oh man I can't wait for this device to get released. Yeah, I *wish* it had WiFi and the optical trackpad that the Curve 8520 features (wouldn't it be sweet if they added it in last minute?!), but regardless it is definitely going to be a hit with the CDMA carriers out there. When the Storm 9530 went on sale, there were lineups at Verizon stores across the USA. Think we'll see the same excitement for the Tour? Anybody reading this planning to stand in line to grab one on day one?

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Warning: This Picture May Make You Drool.... Tour 9630s!


I want to stand in line. But as it stands now, I don't think I can...all my lines are used up and they wont sell you the tour at full retail on opening day. But as soon as I can, I'll be calling the tour, Mine!!

I have an upgrade on July 20th but I can't wait that long. The suspense is killing me. I want this phone so bad.

Yes im w/ Julz789 what exactly is c/s?? because i have an upgrade August 8th and if i can do the whole 30 days early thing that would be sooooooooooo much better :)

I went to the Verizon rep I've been going to for about 2 years and he just said all he could do was put my name down on the waiting list?? How did you do you upgrade that early??

I can't wait for this phone to come out, I don't know if I'll wait in line though......although, who am I kidding? I probably will......hope I like it as well as my pink curve!! gotta have the latest and greatest bb though....can't wait!! I also have an upgrade in July! : )

Very interested in the Tour to replace my Pearl. But after getting the Storm on release I think I will wait at least a little while on this one.

Even with the early release on the Storm I really like it. I don't expect many issues on the Tour so I probably won't wait long.

I made the mistake of spending a day online to get the Storm, and am so-so happy with it. I can't use leaked OS, and .75 is meh. I love the CONCEPT of the Storm, but the reality is it's so-so.

So I may switch to the Tour, but you can be sure I won't wait on line for it. VZW and RIM have lost my trust in that respect, and if I do get it, I will wait to see how things shake out before I get one.

That much I know.

I for one being a long time sprint customer can't wait till this one launches. I have been waiting quite a while for a new bb and really wish sprint had the same relationship with bb as they do with palm! We might see more than one bb a year!

Yes I will be standing in line;)


This should call for a free Blackberry Tour Contest!

*coughs* ehem,

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Thank you. =]

i actually am, i use storm all the time, i just don't get it how people are getting soooo excited about a phone,
i understand all the features and upgrades and all but really?

This is not just a phone, this is *THE* phone. More seriously, tons of people running around with 8830s and 8330s are itching for an upgrade. These phones have served them (us) well, but they are now looking towards the future, better camera, MORE MEMORY (need I say more?), OS 5.0 upgrades (and beyond), EVDO rev A.

This is not really a revolutionary device or anything, but it is a solid evolutionary step from where CDMA qwerty blackberry users are today.

we need a tour contest. i will definately be first in line to buy one. i just wish i didn't have to wait til july. i've wanted this phone since last year when i first saw the pics.

You want to hear something wierd...I had a dream last night and in that dream the Tour was officially released. Its not like I NORMALLY dream about blackberries so I thought this was strange. I checked the site when I woke up and no word but this is WIERD!!

What's also wierd was I dreamed about terrorists using FROZEN HOT DOGS as projectiles for a car bomb...I guess that's what I get for watching the news before bed!!! (yesterday's foiled car bombing in the bronx)

Yes please. I have a love hate relationship with my 8830 and it is time for an upgrade. Come on sprint. Get this out ASAP. I love the value sprint's service plans bring and their recent focus on customer service, but blackberry handset selection is severely limited as of late.

I was waiting for the 9630 to come out mid July to have my first ever Blackberry. I really wanted the Storm but was hearing to much "no good" about it so didn't move on that. But now if the Storm 2 comes out within a month or so of the 9630 I will have a choice to make regarding with one to get.

If I were you, I would base my decision on whether or not you want a full touch screen device. Hopefully, RIM should have most of the bugs worked out of the storm and storm 2 by the time the storm 2 launches, so product quality should not be as much of an issue. I would still let the early adopters put it through it's paces before I picked one up though. Wifi could also be a factor for you (assuming there is not a wifi tour in the pipes). Personally I would never be satisfied with a full touch screen BB (although I might have gone with the storm initially because it was the top of the line BB available on VZW). YMMV.

The storm was my FIRST blackberry and I got it DESPITE bad reviews...In hindsight it was a good decision. IT IS TRUE that the .75 OS was TERRIBLE but I eventually got the chutzpah to download .109 and it has been all uphill from there. I love my storm running .141 and I am downloading .148 as we speak. The 9630 I expect to be nice and I understand waiting for CODENAME: Blackberry "ODIN" but if you want a TOUCHSCREEN blackberry now the STORM 1 IS GREAT WITH A BETA OS

I think I will take the day off and get it on release date, I just get a letter yesterday fron Verizon saying I'm eligble for an early upgrade...

No WiFi at all? That sucks... I thought that the "no wifi" was limited to Verizon only and Sprint's version would have it. Anyone know for sure? Anyways.. this is still the best CDMA Blackberry and I can't wait for this to come out on Sprint.

ALL CDMA BB's are the same hardware wise. If the Verizon version does not have WiFi then the Sprint, Telus, and Bell versions wont either.

I do want one!
My NE2 is in early/mid June, the 15th I think. That will be the real determining factor as to if I will be waiting in line or not. Also if it happens to be on a weekend. Can't afford to miss work unfortunately.

I would love to see this with the track pad added at the last minute!

Nice but still want a Storm. I'm done with trackballs and small keyboards. I have no choice, my hands cramp now! :D

Slow news day? Don't get me wrong, I love the tour as much as the next guy (maybe even more). Maybe you are trying to tell us something Kevin...

I would buy a tour with wifi instead of GSM with little hesitation. Perhaps we may see one in a few months. RIM has experience with, and a history of, making different flavors of the same device (although not usually on CDMA carriers). I can has wun 9030/9640 plz, kthxbai.

yep..it's a hot phone, and i'll probably get one to either replace my storm, or just add another line when i get the tour. but as it stands now, i'm not rushing out to get one, like i did when the storm came out. the storm was rushed to market, and look at what happened. i think i'll sit and wait for the hype to settle down, to see what this phone is really capable of, before giving verizon or rim any more of my money. and seeing the videos of the phone randomly powering down causes some hesitation.

There will be no Lines but the Black T will be a huge hit. The storm was great for the consumers and now us business (CDMA) folk have a new toy to be excited about.. Woo Hoo

The DAY AFTER I pick up the Tour, the "official" update for the Storm that stops the random reboots will come out! My Storm is as good as in the trash...sorry to say, but I cant take the reboots anymore.

What about the Atlas? the one with WIFI.... it's rumored to come out with the storm 2 right? I would be willing to wait 2 more months for the added wifi.

I received an early upgrade offer from Verizon but I am holding out for this one. As soon as it's available I will be ditching my 8830.

I want one of these bad boys sooooo bad! I currently have the Storm and I am at my wit's end with this thing. I will do whatever it takes to get one of these.

I do want one and I remember what I went through when I stayed all day in the Verizon store when the Blackberry Storm can out. I don't think I will be doing that again, hopefully I will order one on-line, wait a little longer, or if not I will wait for the Blackberry Storm 2. I have to have the latest, but I think this time I can wait.

I agree with some of the above posters who are calling for a Tour contest. After all, it looks like Kevin's got 3, so why not give away the other 2? As if he'll get bored with his Bold, Curve 8900, Storm, Tour and all the other upcoming device (Gemini, Onyx, etc.).

My 9c kept acting up and I got the curve for 4.70 from verizon. Couldn't pass that up.
I wonder if this device will have issues like the storm did?

I'm up for an upgrade in August. Hopefully by that time the Storm2 and the Tour will have been out for a few weeks and I can compare the two. I'd like the Tour the best, except for no wi-fi. So, I'll probably spend an hour in the store playing with both before I take the plunge on either one. Currently, I run an 8830, so I am dying to upgrade!

I want a BB on a CDMA carrier with a SIM card, WIFI, Optical Trackball and all of the latest features. Still waiting.

This will be my first Blackberry. I have an upgrade coming in July, too, so it all works out perfectly.

I'll wait to read user reviews first, though, before I buy one.

Hopefully the mass interest in the Tour won't provoke Verizon to keep the price of the phone unnecessarily high.

I have a Curve 8330 and Storm 9530 for Verizon. I picked the Storm up cheap off of eBay. It's OK, but I love my curve and cannot wait for the Tour to come out. I just wish VZW would give us a date or at least let us know that it is / isn't coming....

I was one of those that waited on that early, early morning only 8 months ago. I am definitely enjoying my Storm and when asked I respond with "it's been a fun experience...". But to do that again with a new phone within the same year? CRACKBERRY.......see you all there, I'll bring the coffee!!!

This phone has zero hype behind it except from here and other tech sites. It will sell well but there wont be people lined up at the door at 8 AM to buy it and i severely doubt it will get the media coverage that the Storm or iPhone recieved

Definately want one and will probably grab it once it hits the market. Although, I'm a sprint user so I probably won't see this until Novemberish...Ugh

I don't have a close Verizon retail store so I can't stand in line, but I will be standing by online for it to be available.

This will be my first Blackberry and I certainly won't be shedding any tears when my Windows Mobile phone is put to rest.

I'm so ready for the Tour, however, I'm not going to be stading in line. I want to see what others say and my upgrade isn't until August!!! So then, I will be grabbing one!

I was absolutely sold on getting a tour on day1! Until you guys dug up the dirt on the Storm 2. Getting rid of the click screen and offering wi-fi is a big improvement. If they fix the storm camera, its a winner. Anyone else think the storm camera is junk?? Takes like 5 sec for the picture to take after the button is pushed....

Not day one for me, but...it'll be a WEEK one purchase. I've been holding out for the Tour as my first Blackberry phone. I can't wait.

I'm sorry, but what's to drool about? It looks like the Bold... or is it the Curve? Can't really tell!

Yeah , just like the storm , i will be in line 12 hours early in that same number 1 spot, infront of the same store..... AND I WILL BE THE FIRST PERSON IN VANCOUVER WASHINGTON TO OWN THE 9630 WHOOT WHOOT !!! and if kevin is lucky enough , maybe i will do a 12 hour LIVE FEED for some free shit lol :)

I'm waiting for this BB to be my first BB. Everyone around me has a BB and I am holding out for the Tour.

.....needless to say, I am going to be waiting on line for this thing on launch day.

am i missing something or is there nothing new in the post about the tour other than the fact that there is a picture with three of them?

Hello CrackBerry Nation. I'm a new member but have been following the site for a while. Love what I am seeing with the BB Tour. I'm up for an upgrade from Verizon in December so this may be my next device. But who knows, with news of the Storm 2 also in the blogs today I do seem to have joined on a great day in CB Nation.

It's interesting that this may be the first time individual VZW users *want/need* to pay to upgrade their device before the contract end date on their Storms is reached.

Out of contract the Tour will most likely be upwards of $450, and I don't think the first Storm contract is set to expire until at the earliest November (maybe October if I'm not mistaken).

Who's thinking of switching?

Who's holding out for the Storm 2?

Maybe we should get a poll going :)

There won't be lines. This is a traditional BB aimed at the traditional BB market. The Storm was marketed at the consumer masses. Regardless I am probably going to go through telesales again to avoid the annoying mail in rebate.

gotta remind myself to not drool on the keys cause laptops aren't fond of drool on the motherboard.... I WANT ONE!!!!

We Sprinters will have to be in the Christmas spirit before we get the 9630. I'd stand in line for this phone if it were coming to us, but since its not you all can let us know how it goes.

Sprint us releasing this...I dont know why people keep saying this. I know they have tested it...althought the pre is their baby now...

Can someone confirm that Sprint will be getting the 9630? Also any idea when it will be released for Sprint??

Can someone confirm that Sprint will be getting the 9630? Also any idea when it will be released for Sprint??

Yea, i will be selling my storm and doing an early upgrade to get the Tour. Tired of typing on the Storm. It really just is aggravating.

It's definitely a "stand in line" phone, but I think I may just order offline. Not really one to stand in an endless line.

Looks like a mini-bold! I like the look, I prefer the larger size of the Bold but that is definitely one of the nicest looking Blackberries to date.

I plan on being at the Verizon Store closest to me the day the Tour goes on sale. I have been waiting for this phone now for only about 3 months which isnt that long compared to some of the other members who are close to the 1 year mark. This phone just seems perfect for me and my needs. My Pearl has served me great for the time but its just not cutting it anymore. There are things that simply cant be changed about the phone that are not going away.