Warning to BlackBerry enthusiasts: new iPhone announcement day is here (tune in, or ignore the coverage!)

Let's Talk iPhone
By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Oct 2011 10:16 am EDT

Today is the day Apple holds their live event to talk about the next generation iPhone, which means it's going to be pretty much impossible to avoid iPhone news for the next few days even if you tried. Apple is in that spot where they set the expectations of the mobile market for consumers, so even if you're diehard BlackBerry fan / Apple hater the odds are you're going to want to know how things pan out today.

Our sibling site TiPb.com is going to be going NUTS on the coverage today. They'll have a live video stream going with their meta blogging, and of course will be following up with all the posts. So if you are goinng to step outside of BlackBerry nation today, might as well keep it in the family. Their live coverage will kick off at 9:45am PDT/12:45pm EDT/5:45pm BST - be sure to tune in.

Once the dust settles we'll follow up on CrackBerry with a couple of posts to see how things are stacking up at the end of day compared to BlackBerry. It seems the rumors of late are more in favor of an iPhone 4S than an iPhone 5 getting announced, but either way I'm sure we'll the internal specs get a big bump on the device. How will it stack up to BlackBerry 7 Smartphones? And how much will what gets announced today raise our demands for what we want to see on BlackBerry BBX Smartphones? We'll find out soon!

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Warning to BlackBerry enthusiasts: new iPhone announcement day is here (tune in, or ignore the coverage!)


**UPDATE** iPhone 4S announced today. "nothing" new.

I will definitely tune in and keep a close eye on this one; with the least amount of enthusiam possible.

In otherwords, I'm all "Ben Stein" on this conference!

As an added note, I don't really care about Apple's mobile devision, but it's good to keep an eye out on the "competition".


You don't have to want the iPhone. You don't have to be interested in the iPhone. But to call the iPhone a "toy" and pretend there isn't strong support for the device (both by consumers and by corporations) only means that you have no grasp of reality.

Exactly. These fanboys have no clue. When they don't have anything else to argue about they turn to the lame "toy" joke.

Get a grip and get your head out of the Apple media warp. The truth is the market share of Apple has barely budged for a few years now, while Android has skyrocketed past it. Does that come as a news flash to you? I hope not.

And for all the toy references please tell me how to setup CISCO IPSEC VPN on a BB? Until then please refrain from calling the iPhone a toy as it does quite well in the enterprise. So ignorant of a statement is toy that obviously you have no idea what you are talking about.

I dont think BB's need Cisco IPSEC. Isn't that just a more secure way to transmit data within corporate offices or employees? BlackBerries have the highest security levels out there and wouldn't need it, where other phone would need something like IPSEC to encrypt their data.
It's basically a 3rd party BES.

Well to you and the person above IPSEC and CISCO VPN have NOTHING to do with email or messaging. Can you use your BB to remote into a Server or Desktop to fix them?

I will give you both a hint NO.

Actually, you absolutely can. You can manage anything in the internal corporate network over BES as long as the implemented policy does not restrict it.

Hmm now you are asking for explanations? You started out so sure... bit of a credibility problem you are having now.

Son, BB users were downloading apps for "that" before "there's an app for that" became your mantra. A lot of IT went on while you were still in middle school. Just run a quick google search...

There are a number of Apps that allow you to connect via BES to do remote desktop to your PC...I had been doing this since 2008? via Blackberry to my Windows PC anywhere

I smell an Apple fan boy

If your IT department has a tight budget and can't afford BES

BB OS 6.0
Options -> Security -> Advanced Security Settings -> VPN
-> New

Get the details from your IT department

It's too bad that you have to connect to VPN every time you want to do work. It's nice owning a device that knows the difference between fun and work

It might be weird for me to say this.
But I generally enjoy the Apple announcements.
They are actually entertaining.

Now Steve Jobs is gone though. So we will see what happens.

Then obviously I have to know enough about the competition to tell people how the BB is better and everything else sucks. :D

It's certainly interesting to watch. I'm interested in all smartphones, so I like watching the live blogs of the announcements. Just because you're a BB fan (which I certainly am) doesn't mean you can't enjoy the Apple event...

Plus I'll be able to tell my wife the new stuff that she'll be able to do on her iPhone 4...

This should be interesting. Although I am far more interested in devcon as I can't wait to see a BBX phone in action!

QNX v2.0 for PlayBook is also high on my list of excitement!

Oh boy a chance to join in with little girls screeming at a Beatles concert, Oh my I just wet myself. teehee. Please, I think I'll have to tuneout of here today.

I can consider myself an agent of chaos ...and looking at these comments you'really all just like me

:) ...why so serious

Its appllleeeee time. If you aren't watching the rest the rest of the mobile world is including RIM

And for all the toy references please tell me how to setup CISCO IPSEC VPN on a BB? Until then please refrain from calling the iPhone a toy as it does quite well in the enterprise. So ignorant of a statement is toy that obviously you all have no idea what you are talking about.


Tell me how to make sure my BlackBerry doesn't track and send my location without my permission....oh wait, a BlackBerry doesn't do that.

Jokes aside,

The reason why most BB users call it a toy is because quite a large number of iPhone users just buy the thing to play Angry Birds. Majority of my friends just whip out their iPhone just to play games. Now reason for this is because BlackBerry is a purpose built device with the sole intention of effective communitcation and security. Yes apps do lack. We might not get Angry Birds till 2013..etc

Apple is the all time king of hype. They could sell a stone labeled the "iRock" and you'd see 250,000 sold in the first 3 hrs of its sale.

Its a good phone, yes it is fast.

But its targeted towards entertainment-centric crowd. Hardcore BB users are all about function. And that's what BlackBerrys do best :)

Um, it's fast! That's the ENTIRE point. More apps, you work FASTER when you're online looking for something. The apps for SOCIAL NETWORKING work faster and better. The email is sufficient, because who the hell checks their emails these days anyway. It's all about social network sites and texting. The camera- better. Speed of uploads- better. Less freezes. It's targeted towards people who don't mind using a touch screen. The stubborn asses who REFUSE to let go of the QWERTY pad are what makes up MOST of the non-business BlackBerry customers.

My mind is made up. The 9850 blows loads next to the iPhone. BlackBerry didn't sell me with the OS7 and you can't upgrade when QNX comes out. What's the point? As soon as the 5 is on the market, I'm done with BlackBerry. What's the chance QNX competes with iPhone or Droids? BlackBerry will have to win me over when QNX arrives.

I almost went to the Bionic, but I owe it to myself to try the "BEST" on the market. Apple is the best right now. At the end of the day, email security is a FANTASTIC feature....5 YEARS AGO! Thanks to Facebook and Twitter, what's the point of emails on your cell?

There isn't any unless you're a business owner or work with a company that requires you to log into your emails a few times a day. Even then, I don't care about security for my email. Not my problem.

"Thanks to Facebook and Twitter, what's the point of emails on your cell?"

LOL this is the whole point. Look at what you said. I send over a hundred emails a day at work. Sorry but Facebook and Twitter don't cut if for real work, and incidentally they never were meant to.

So you communicate via facebook and twitter, good for you, but that's exactly why people call the iPhone a toy. The iPhone is great if you don't need a phone and you don't need email. But some people do. And in case you are wondering, Yes I had and iPhone for a year for work and it just didn't cut it.

KIDDO- Please, cut the BS! You are in the MINORITY!!!!!! If you use your phone for work, YOU DIDN'T SPEND YOUR MONEY! And if you work for a company that doesn't provide a phone for email, the fool is you, sir! Sorry, but for MY money and MY personal time, I want a phone that does what I need- Contact friends, family AND work. THAT would NOT be a goddamned BlackBerry, my friend. Get your head out of your piehole, please. Why would you care about a COMPANY PHONE you nor most of corporate America pay for in the first place?! SMH

You can't... because you don't need to. BB is already on your corporate network with BES, so go f-off elsewhere.

So in response. You can RDP to a server or desktop or ANY PC in an enterprise and work on it???? Yeah I didn't think so.

So misinformed it's laughable......

That's all you have?????

Really Kevin put's up the announcement from Apple and you are mad at me???

Man go do a battery pull..........

Citrix Receiver. Login to Citrix, launch RDP. Any other questions on what the BB can do? YOU do a battery pull....oh wait...

"That's all you have?????"

Yeah, I don't usually waste more than a minute of my time. Especially to a rediculous commenteer such as yourself.

Just stop already. You're looking like a fool! I can RDP to any server or desktop, without having to VPN first.... or SSH/telnet/VNC into them if I felt like it. Again, go F-off elsewhere.

I'll bite. I'm kinda the BB weirdo amongst my friends and that doesn't bother me at all. My 9800 happens to be about as perfect a device FOR ME as I could dream -- it feels right in my hands, it pleases my eyes, it organizes my OCD life with no gaps, it has everything I personally need right down to sharing shopping lists with hubby's android. Speaking of which, most of my friends have THOSE, and they are the ones I generally see doing the geeky stuff that wows me even though I personally don't need it and still smile with pride more when I look at my baby. But while I'm sure several are about to jump down my throat, I just don't see the iPhone community going avid for CISCO IOSEC VPN, never met a one. But they sure do love their Justin Bieber themes, and hey, to each their own. Uhoh I probably just annoyed the iFanboys, sorry, just my ribbing of the community waiting on line around the block to shell out all their dough for status of being first (maybe you wanna wait a week or two in case of major bugs?) Happy Announcement Day, with love from a BB fangirl 4 ever :)

Do any of you actually use your BB to remote into servers or desktops to work on them? Or do all of you just speculate on what you "think" you know........

LOL you are replying to my post -- I just said I leave that stuff to my android geek hubby. He has our flacs streaming from our server or is rebooting it from work when road runner screws us etc etc. I just wanna know when it's time for my doctor appointment and edit the word doc attached to my email while I'm there.

Really do you think you're impressing anyone? Seriously???

I'm outta here, I have a life, all the better with my BB <3

Are you serious??!?! Is that all you've got? Apple FINALLY gets an enterprise app and you act like iOS has been big in the Corporate world for years. They HAVEN'T.
#1...why would anyone want to remote into a server or desktop using a mobile device? We have laptops for that.
#2...BB's have the same Citrix receiver app that iOS does. If you have RDP setup as a Citrix app you can use that to RDP into any networked PC.
Move along please...

Who cares if it's built in or not. You're talking about RDP'ing into a PC and the BB can do that. No need to do VPN through a mobile device. So you gonna get that iPhone4S??? LOL

Over SSH or any CLI interface. You would have to be stupid (or SOL) to want to work on a desktop server/workstation over any phone device-BB or iphone.

Why do you keep bringing up irrelevant shizzz? Corporate networks use a BES server. That takes care of any need for VPN. That said, BB OS does have VPN capabilities built in.

Looking forward ... No solution for the Battery problem with the 9900 within short times... and i have to think it over to go on with the black fruit!!

Bold 9900 (yet)

I enjoy watching the cult following bowing at the altar of these Messianic gadgets. The brainwashed masses will usher in a new age of Nirvana and lasting peace in the world.

And you can't see the irony of your statement to judge Apple users when all the BB comments are pretty much saying the same thing.

Will be tuning in to see what is announced. Wonder if any late night hosts (Jon Stewart) will be thrown out again like last time.... that was funny.

The fact that I'm seeing or hearing about this everywhere makes it so tempting to find out what Apple has in-stores for the world today. I'll definitely check it out :D

I love apple for the way they introduce things. I still remember how steve introduced the iphone 4 saying he dreamed of seeing people while you call them...and suddenly the whole crowd errupted in applause when he said it had a front facing camera..something that was already in the market more than 3-4 years ago by nokia.

They just applause for ANYTHING. So this time, I'm guessing

"Ladies and Gentlmen, I introduce the iPhone 4S....we put a "S" on the back cover to make it look cool...other than that nothing has changed"

*grand applause*

It is a toy plain and simple. Everyone I know that has one got it because of the stupid amount of apps and games. They also complain that it sucks as a phone but do not care because of the apps. As for being able to load cisco ipsec who really cares I know I don't. People do not get the itoy because it can load cisco ipsec, they get it because they can play games on it therefore making it an extremely expensive toy. I bet 9 out of 10 itoy users can't even tell you what cisco ipsec is. Neither do I nor do I care.as for me personnaly I would NEVER get the itoy or I anything.

So anyone in here have an itoy because it can load cisco ipsec?

Wow, someone is very bitter toward Apple! You know, it doesn't hurt to keep an eye on the rest of the industry. To do otherwise is just ignorant.

The fact is that Apple have dictated the direction of the industry for the last 3 years or so & your biggest concern should be "who can react first". RIM has been slow, far too slow & we're now seeing the ramifications of being slow.

Yes I hate everything Apple always have annd always will just the way it is for me. That does not mean I do not follow the industry at alland I never said anything about android devices . I know RIM and BB are in rough shape I did not say they weren't. IF or WHEN Rim dies then I will gladly switch to Android device but as of right now my BB does everything I want it to and I have far to much Canadian pride to even consider switching to a different device at this time. As for the iphone toy comment that is what my friends with them call it. They call it their toy. Anyways this is all just my opinion people likeor not makes no difference to me.

I would get the iPhone for 3 reasons:

1. Speed
2. No freezes
3. Better apps.

STFU already about a toy. I don't even own one and I can easily see it's a better phone OVERALL. Know what the word OVERALL means?

You obviously don't own on. No Freezes? Dream on, mine sure as hell froze when I had one.

That;s the thing, all these people with corporate Blackberries are deluded into thinking the iPhone is great because the people that buy them generally don't admit that yes, indeed, there are tons of issues with the iPhone.

Let me tell you I had one and I couldn't even wait for the contract to be over. In one year I just had to get rid of the thing. And all those apps? Half of them drove me nuts because they didn't work properly! Sound familiar???

Your blackberry sucks? I'll let you in on a little secret, smartphones suck, all of them...

"Overall", of course I know what that means! Those are those funny pants that creep up over your abdomen (or beer gut) and rest on your shoulders utilizing a *strap* system.

Well aside from all the fan boys, this is an important day for those who are due for an upgrade and are neutral in terms of picking a team (BB/Apple/Android). We know what the 9930/9900 had to offer, now its time to see what Apple has come up with. If its just an upgrade, I know I will probably go with the 9930. If its a whole new device then the choice will be even harder. Either way I will be getting a new phone by the end of the month hopefully. Anyone else's thoughts on this... other than the "apple sucks/rocks and blackberry sucks/rocks" crowd?

Want apps and games? Go for iPhone/Android...don't want to pay so much for the iPhone? Get a droid.

Heavy social networking/IM person? Stick with BlackBerry.


Now depending on your budget get the most relevant make and model according to your needs.

LOL you are absolutely right, the only problem now is I have to figure out which one of those two priorities matter most! Ugh if only one wasn't stuck with the device for 2 years. Maybe that will change some day and phones will be offered at contract prices without the contracts.


- bigger screen with better resolution (this this will be massive)
- better camera(s)

- same crappy reception
- same crappy battery life

- will rollout with i-msg and sum other useless new shit

Bad reception is an AT&T problem. It doesn't exist on the Verizon network, since they are the best in the country.

I'm looking forward to the iphone announcement.. Can't wait to see what iOS 5 can do with this new iphone or whatever it may be.. I keep up with the latest and greatest.. P.S. Love my curve 3G on OS 5 can't give it up for the life of me! <3

I might watch it. I've been a fan of apple products and had had almost every iphone. I think its good to see what they are bringing to the table. I probably won't leave my 9930 for it but it will be good to see what new they will bring.

Remind me when it starts so I can have a lie down and wait for the over hyped event to calm down and all the iphone fan boys and girls can internet chat....what a load of tosh! The iphone is a LIFESTYLE phone.............BB rocks and that's all there is to it, BB just WORKS!

+10 or you get the red light of death, or the clock of death or 20 mins to reboot or its moves slower than dirt, or you base your whole life on QNX as everyone but a fanboy says there needs to be big changes...lol

Iphone Time :)

Yes, Steam by Peter Gabriel, :) You know what I mean and by your answer I'll take that as a NO!

Okay RDP, seems like you are an IT admin. So tell me, in all honesty, what percentage of IT people use Macs or iPhones? Wouldn't you say their rise in popularity is just related to the consumerization of IT? In my experience, most IT people HATE apple devices because they are geared for the non-tech savvy customer. I mean they believe web chat is a new thing? How long have you been in IT Cisco IPSEC?

I am a Sys Analyst at a Large Hospital and yeah the Consumer side is driving IT policy and procedures. I see iPads and Mac Airs and just about any other device you can think of coming to work.

Our Apple products are mainly used in Nuclear Medicine so it's not really an issue. The nice thing is we are heavily regulated so it's not a bring your own type of scenario.

Oh and one more thing. I hate the name. Most important thing? No. But it's embarrassing and stupid. "*I* have an *i*phone." Ew.

To my BB brothas and sistas who posted same things I did but more cleverly before I clicked post, blame me being busy with real life around my PC and home, not my beloved BB. You guys rock, I am prepared for the traditional over-hyping now.

And bravo and good luck to those just choosing the best new device for THEMSELVES on a purely practical basis. That is what it is all about!

There's a lot of bullshit on this site by what increasingly sounds like a group of cantankerous senior citizens. To refer to the iPhone (or Android devices) as "toys" is just ignorant. I was a LOYAL BlackBerry user for years, using every BB device since the Pearl across three of America's largest carriers until I moved to the Nexus S a year ago. When the 9900 was released, I bought it on day one because I missed what I remembered as a superior messaging/communication device. I returned the Bold 10 days later and am now waiting for the iPhone 5 or Nexus Prime.

Everyone loves pointing out that BBs are fantastic messaging devices, secure and purposeful. Excuse me, but that wasn't my experience going back to the Bold. Even over just the past year since I left the BB platform, BBs have started to feel like an ever more restrictive environment that is unable to reach out to users of other non-BB devices.

With my Nexus I'm able to choose from any of the major IM apps, the most significant for me being Kik and Kakao, which are not functionally available for BlackBerry. On multiple occasions, while all of my friends were group messaging on these apps to decide where to meet, I was forced to sit aside and wait for someone to either email me or text the final decision because I felt guilty about pulling someone from the conversation to email or text back and forth with me. I couldn't participate. Kakao on the 9900 sucks. It was just released in beta and the bugs render it unusable.

WIth my Google services I was able to seamlessly synchronize my device with my Google account (contacts, calender, docs, etc.), which meant there was no need to back up my device like I had to with my BlackBerry. I could also be at work making changes to my contacts on my computer, knowing that these changes would be automatically carried over to my device. I know this is possible on a BB too, but just like every other convenience BB users love mentioning are available on their devices, the workaround is always a little bit more trouble.

My son loves going to the museum. We went to the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles twice, and I was able to shoot images with both my Nexus S and my Bold 9900. With my Nexus I was able to actually print out the images, which were as nice in color saturation and sharpness as my Canon digital point-and-shoot. Images shot on my Bold were pretty much good for only emailing because they were, frankly, shitty pictures.

However, I sucked all this up always telling myself that I still had in my hand the most secure device in the world that was better at communication than any other on the market.

Then one day as I was struggling to read an article on the USA Today website with my tiny 9900 screen, it hit me. The experience of using my Bold simply sucked. I don't just email. I don't just text message with friends and co-workers. Those forms of communication, while well suited for some situations, have become cumbersome when quick, voluminous interaction is necessary. BBM, you say? Unfortunately, with all of the amazing IM apps on the market today, BBM is no longer special. Music sharing? That's a hopelessly useless feature. The experience of using BBM on a BlackBerry after using other IM apps on Android or iOS is downright crappy. It feels much like sitting down in front of an old PC after using a Mac Pro for a year. Everything from the clumsy interface to the ugly look of the BBM makes one feel as though one is using a second rate app. Let's put it this way, if BBM were not a proprietary application and it hit various markets just the same as Kik or Kakao, I wouldn't use it.

I will say this, however. The keyboard on the 9900 is exquisite. I don't think it's possible to improve it in any way. That keyboard is so good, in fact, that I was almost willing to overlook all of the devices shortcomings because of it. In the end though, that keyboard alone just isn't enough.

I have deposited checks in my car using my Nexus' Chase Banking app, which is not available on BlackBerry. While out with my son, we constantly use the Amazon.com app in order to compare prices of the many (many, many) things he seems to want. It wasn't even available on the 9900, which speaks volumes about how important the BB platform is to the biggest retail shop in the world. I admit that I buy things off of eBay from time to time and the experience of using the eBay app on Android/iOS compared to on OS7 is like comparing my BMW to my brother's Honda. The Accord is a nice car but all the small things make a big difference. I sometimes spend time with my wife in the salon as she gets a perm because we're both busy and don't always spend as much time with each other as we'd like. Perms take about three hours. That time in the salon actually passes quite nicely when I sit watching a Netflix movie on my Nexus S (a welcome break from reading papers). Netflix isn't available on the 9900, and even if it were, I wouldn't watch it on that tiny screen.

I won't go on (even though I can) but unless BB does something drastic with QNX, I don't see how they will ever even hope to return to the heights of BBs popularity around the time of the 9000. I don't think my experience is unique. When I hear my students or colleagues talking about why they love their BlackBerrys, it seems that the reason why they love their devices is because they're not very tech savvy. I hear how great it is to get emails "right away," when Android gets push email just as quickly. I hear how easily they can communicate using BBM, when iPhone or Android users enjoy the same technology but only with a wider audience. Yes, BlackBerrys are more secure, but out of the millions of people using non-BB devices, how many do you know who have been hacked? This is like saying to not use a PC over a Mac because there aren't any viruses for a Mac. Ironically, BB users who hate all things Apple, who love to condemn the iPhone's security weaknesses are probably PC users, which I would argue is far more vulnerable to security issues than any Android or iOS device.

I'm not being defensive or condemning of BBs. There is still a place for them in our culture and in my heart, but I personally feel less attached to them after having given RIM a second chance with the 9900. I purchased the device at full price on day one, that's how serious I was about moving back. Then reality struck, and I realized that the wonderful BlackBerry experience was simply an idealized memory that existed only in my head.

The iPhone is a great device. The only reason I don't have one now is because I feel their calendar/contact management is inferior to Android's, and of course I can't be without push email. iOS isn't for me, but I can see why they're so popular. The experience of using them is the best available. One cannot discount the significance of the user experience. Life isn't just about utility, or we'd have no need for fine dining, luxury vehicles, cashmere or first class airline seats.

The BlackBerry platform is in a lot of trouble.

Great read. I actually setup my iPhone like my android devices I use gmail and have it set as an exchange account so I do get push and all of the Android goodness of Contacts and Calendars living in the cloud. Once iCloud goes public I will switch over but until then I will continue to use it like it is..

Cool post (unnecessary dissing of senior citizens aside -- wtf is that about?) and that coming sincerely from one who still has fun teasing announcement day. I'm serious -- you hit the head on the nail because you are talking about your experience, and that's all that should count, not bragging rights or the things we don't want or need.

For me, "I feel their calendar/contact management is inferior" is all I need to make me run away because that is what I need above all, constantly, and the things I need next most are more than covered too, aesthetics included, with my 9800, first class.

Dude, you seriously sit and watch Netflix on your phone? My 3 year old does that on the 3DS. Did corporate IT push that application out to you? How does IT corporate push apps to your iPhone? Just curious...

This is EXACTLY what I'm talking about. I can't do these things with BlackBerry. Features EVERYONE else gets to enjoy with the competitors and I am stuck with a POS like the Storm 2. And every BB is behind the curve. Criticizing competitors because they offer MORE is like the Honda Accord driver biting the ankles of a BMW owner because their ride was too equipped and was more a "toy" than anything else.

FANTASTIC article.

Hey Jimmy, I can undersatnd your frustration (I owened a Storm 1 for 2 years)

But did anyone point a gun at you and tell you to buy the Storm 2 with your money? Did anyone other than yourself make the decision to go into the store, ask a rep to demo the phone, try it out, and buy it?

I can understand how frustrating it is (BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY THIS) but this will remain true (unless you tell me otherwise)

YOU own the Storm 2 because you bought the Storm 2.

Hey Seb! Thank you, master of the F'ING obvious. Good work, Sherlock. You figure that one out all on your own? What does me buying the Storm 2 have to do with the iPhone being a superior phone compared to anything BlackBerry designs? Seriously?

After 3 pearls, 2 8800, 1 Curve, 7 Storm1, 8 Storm2, I am still a fan of blackberry. I bought the 9930 but have been on touch screen only for too long to go back to a keyboard. Although beautifully made I just couldn't grasp it. That being said, I am excited to hear what the new Iphone has to offer. I bought the new Torch...and loved the 0s7...and may end up back there. I owe it to myself to see what Apple has to offer. I have had a MAC for 6 years and I think they make great products.

My loyalty and allegiances are with quality products over brand...so we will see who has the more quality of a product this go around.

No BlackBerry wheather it be QNX or not, will ever have as much hype or media coverage like apple and thier products have. I dont think many people would que for days to get hold of the latest BlackBerry expect the fanboys.

Those at the top only have one place to go. Looks like its Apples turn....Its never about the hardware or software, its about the genius marketing guy/girl that makes people buy the device/service. Without Steve, Apple will be pushed out much like RIM. Companies are never the same after ICONIC leaders leave.

Amazon and Google will be eating Apples at there next board meeting.

Steve has cancer and is dying. Otherwise he'd still be in charge. Its a shame really, but ultimately the way of things.

He was too afraid to show up LOL! iPhone 4s = Fail, we ran out of ideas. Sorry Apple but this is a major Fail. Basically the relentless pounding of Samsung, HTC, Moto, etc. has shown you up.

RIM yes they are having a tough time, everyone inclusing those on this site can see it.

But Apple, shit we can't come up with asnything new fast enough so we'll just do a big relaunch of the same product and call our previous product perfection. Pathetic marketing crap and a HUGE FAIL!

The event is over no iPhone 5 an iPhone 4S better camera 1080p video with image stabilization, voice assistant which looked quite impressive. 16gb,32gb and 64gb availabale worldphone cdma and gsm...

Since AT&T won't sell me a BB9900 and my BB9700 is bursting at the memory seams and needs multiple reboots per day to try to reclaim some memory, I have to seriously think about (a) switching to the new iPhone or (b) jumping ship to Sprint and trying to get a BB9900 there -- although last time I checked, they were sold out.

It's frustrating because I finally have some useful apps on my 9700, but if I want to add another, I have to delete a currently installed app. And every time an app upgrades, the file size goes up, which squeezes me on memory even more.

I'm being pushed to the brink because of AT&T's gaffe in not carrying the 9900.

And the iPhone 4s is the worst piece of shit I've ever seen. (Please don't delete this comment. It makes me feel good). What makes it better than my Torch? That stupid thing call siri which I don't need because with my blackberry keyboard and all the available apps, I don't need a stupid app to tell me what the weather is and what time it is in Shanghai.I thought this would be like the next best thing but it's a total piece of shit they create just to steal your money. -sigh- RIM, thank You!!!

Note to self: Don't let the media hype get to you. It's total bull.

Note to Blackberry Users: Blackberry is and will always be the best. And all of the users know why. IOS devices are 43% of the smarthphone population because og all the media hype. Don't feel bad.

Yep kind of like the Playbook that was and is still unfinished and took peoples money.....and the 4S will still sell more phones than any BB out.......

Nothing Epic was announced at the iPhone event today, I actually think the true Apple fans maybe disappointed.....In fact I think the stock may actually go down a bit, and the forecasted sales of the new iPhone will be cut down....

That's what I was hinting at, I should have mentioned, the timing of the swing concurred with the announcement I think.

I will probably always be a BB girl but think Android will destroy the iThing.

What a load of vile rubbish!!!! So pleased that all the iphone fanboys have got egg on their face from being so excited re the iphone 5 only to have a re hash of a vile chunk of glass.....BB just WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BB is awesome!

lollzz Apple lost 5% of its value because of this game-changing device. I know Apple is more valuable than RIM, but knowing your value decreased because you launched a new phone.. that can't NOT HURT!

so apple makes no changes at all, lets everyone down with no major news or upgrades, no new bigger badder screens, nothing....stock tanks down 20 points and the media and fanboys give them a pass. god forbid rimm does this, everyone wants blood. cant wait for big announcements to the PB OS come october 22.