Wanted: An Awesome BlackBerry App Developer (or Company) to build the Ultimate CrackBerry App for BlackBerry 10!

By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Jan 2012 01:29 pm EST

Calling All BlackBerry Developers!

CrackBerry.com is the #1 BlackBerry website in the world so it only makes sense that we should have the best BlackBerry app in existence to match. To date we've had a few CB apps make their appearance in App World for the BlackBerry OS, like our CrackBerry Launcher, CrackBerry Podcast App, and Wallpaper Changer app w/ CrackBerry Wallpapers. And for the PlayBook we do have the CrackBerry App which offers a basic experience of getting our CrackBerry content, but it is still pretty limited in features and functionality. So while we've had some popular CrackBerry apps over the years, we really have yet to deliver to our users an amazing app experience that fully reflects our full CrackBerry offering. That changes, starting to day.

My Goal here is simple. When BlackBerry 10 phones hit the market I want CrackBerry to have the best BlackBerry 10 app in BlackBerry App World. I want our next-generation CrackBerry app to be so mind-blowingly awesome that Research In Motion is going to showcase it as an example to all web and media companies of what can be done on the BlackBerry 10 platform. I want it to be feature rich, taking what we do on the web with CrackBerry and putting it into the palm of your hand.  I want it to be beautiful and fun, making use of all that TAT/Cascade goodness coming our way in BlackBerry 10. I want it to take advantage of every API RIM opens up for us. I want this app to be absolutely uncompromising in nature. We'll of course want it for all BlackBerry 10 devices - phones and tablets.

To make it happen, we need BlackBerry development talent to work with. In the past our CrackBerry apps haven't cost us anything - developers did them up as way of giving back to CrackBerry Nation. But we know top talent doesn't always come for free and we're setting our expectations through the roof on this one, so yes developers we will pay for this one (though if you still want to do it for free, that's cool too - we'll shower your company with love).

Interested? OK amazing developers. Look at our site. Ponder it. Think on it. And if the decision is made that you/your company have the skills and desire to work with us to build an absolutely amazing CrackBerry app, then shoot us an email to sitesupport@crackberry.com (subject: BB10 CrackBerry App) and let us know you're interested, show us your portfolio and give us a sense of what you want to do with the CrackBerry App and how much fun it will be to work with you. Get Ready CrackBerry Nation... our next-gen CrackBerry App is going to ROCK!

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Wanted: An Awesome BlackBerry App Developer (or Company) to build the Ultimate CrackBerry App for BlackBerry 10!


to add on a little. any developer who does this app, and do a good job with it, is going to get huge recognition from the blackberry community. Which means any other apps they make and sell is going to get more attention from blackberry users. it will be a good advertisement for their company or team.

recognition wont bring bread and butter to your home. to all devs participating, never give your app for free, put a price at least 3 bucks on it. nobody would mind if its a great and needed app.

Lol Kevin proved people will pay top dollar for apps that do nothing. And it's a well known fact that americans will buy anything.

I disagree, I feel that if anything; Kevin proved that HE will buy "anything". In his defense, they did trippledogdare him (or something). People in general will buy based on different factors, what sells is a combination of recognition and functionality.

I would not confuse CrackBerry nation for [insert other platform here].

yeah yeah blame it on the trippledogdare, even if its a quadruple dare, if the dare was to jump over a cliff, should he do it? it was purely kev choice.

Lofty Goal but i'm sure you guys can pull it off!

I don't think I can really contribute anything except visiting the site more(ad revenue?) and paying for the app if you guys ask :)

Good luck!

I would love to do this but realistically my team are still too amateur and others are bound to be able to do a better job than us at this point.

I would love to be a part of the team as a "power user / tester with a lot of ideas"... LoL

I don't know if teams need guys like artists, thinkers, etc...


in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

hmm, good to see the goals

The BB handsets finally took some steps fwd with the new Torch 9800 series (full screen) but still behind compared to others (no front camera or Skype video). Since RIM seems to have given up in creating competitive products & Apps, I hope someone steps up to deliver Skype video and much of the missing functionality enjoyed by others.. especially on PB tablet

Can we as users give suggestions as to what we would want in the app? Assuming the answer is yes here are my suggestions:

1. Forum search
2. Access to podcasts of both Crackberry and mobile nation

3. Be able to login in with our Crackberry login and maybe even have a summary of articles in which we made comments on

4. Integrated with bbm so we can easily forward an article or information to another user.

I have more ideas but I will start with that.

Now I'm really waiting for this one. No more TapaTalk.I hope they integrate forums and maybe push notifications for subscribed thread. That would be awesome.

Also as far as conspiracies go, has anyone noticed the pic of BB10 Phone Kevin put up? Its a slider one. The one rumoured to have been cancelled. Does Kevin know something we don't? (Besides the everything else he knows and we don't :p).

Are you looking at building a team of developers to put this together or are you looking for a group of people that already work together for this?

I'd be happy to throw some of my time into the ring to help out if I could.... Just not sure if you're looking to make a team, or hire an already assembled one. :)

not looking to build a team... i figure either devs work mainly indepedently, or they're a full out app company w/ multiple devs ont he team. so it could be a company. could be an independent. but i dont think getting a bunch of indepedent devs working together in a team managed by us will be the easiest path to building an awesome app. i'll clarify the post.

How about suggestions for the interface here?

I think it would be cool to be able to browse the content of stories by using a card interface (much like album cover scroll) Then select the story. have it show the content, have the content split either horizontal or vertical to display the story and the comments separately. Scroll Crackberry store Specials or related content across the top or bottom of the screen. Have a pull down swipe show other areas, such as the Forums, Playbook Specific Downloads. A List of the contributing authors and a quick way to send feedback to them.

This is a great idea. I hope that the winning submission makes it easy to seamlessly switch between the main blog content, the forums and the store. That would be a dream app.

Good luck everyone.

I would suggest a new app for the Playbook before hand... It works, but as you ahve so aptly stated, it does not really showcase the PBs capabilities...

We need a pb app that has no need to open the browser to get to any of the functions ie.. forums, shop crackberry etc...

This Super App should have all the current things you guys offer in other apps and then some.

Wall paper changer, Screenshot app, even add a stay lit function, or flash light function.. throw in some extra convenience keys.. Something similar to Shao's 6 tools but all intergrated in to this super CRACKBerry app!!!

Shao Soft does great work ,in the mean time can we fix the log in issue with the new beta? I don't have any problems logging in anywhere else but the site I'm on the most of course...CRACKBERRY.

Tons of talent on this site, shouldn't be hard to find someone that will be able to do this.

Good luck everyone, it will be great to see once finished.

"..#1 BlackBerry website in the world.."
No, in the Universe !!! I just LOVE those power words!
Next, guy wants (us) to build something he does not know what yet
for the OS which does not exist yet.
Considering it's a BB OS and knowing how RIM treats developers...
Keep on dreaming!

Hi guys, I am from artistanbul, a brand management and consultancy agency from Istanbul-Turkey. We have been conducting different application development projects on Turkish universities in conjunction with RIM Turkey. Our main purpose is to create a developer ecosystem for BlackBerry by creating work groups and organize seminars in cooperation with the universities throughout Turkey. In order to make up the shortages on the part of BlackBerry; it is aimed for each work group to determine a developing project for BlackBerry Tablet OS (QNX) or BlackBerry smart phones. Within the scope of our project, we would like to develop your application with one of our work groups.
We sent an e-mail to you about your new BlackBerry App.. But we couldn't take an answer from you. We look forward to hear from you soon.