Want To Win Some Themes Courtesy Of EThemes?

By Bla1ze on 21 Sep 2009 08:21 am EDT
Want To Win Some Themes Courtesy Of EThemes?

EThemes, has always been a favorite here in the CrackBerry theme forums and with that Ely wanted to give the Crackberry nation a little something back for all the love he has been shown around here, so we worked out a sweet contest for 50 readers out there to get their hands on some free copies of HTC Diamond and OS X from EThemes for either your Bold, Tour, 8900 or Onyx (yes, Onyx) users.

All that's required for a chance to win is leaving a comment here of which theme from EThemes you like best. Contest will run until the 27th and winners will be chosen shortly after that. Remember multiple entries will be excluded, enter once only please and of course, big thanks to EThemes for bringing this to you all.

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Want To Win Some Themes Courtesy Of EThemes?



Ely has some of the best themes I have used....my favorite theme is his initial verison of OSXHD Stacks although his updated version is starting to grow on me.....keep up the goodwork!!! His

WoW both themes are great and its tough to choose wich to like best. Well I'd Like to Try out the OS X THEME for my 8900 !! Hopefully you choose me :) , Gotta Love Crackberry with all there Cool contests.


Would be nice to have an EThemes theme on my Bold. Especially HTC (w/ Win Icons) 90xx Crossbar Edition !


not sure which one i like best......but i sure like simplicity as a strict and steadfast rule. hope i win, then at lease I'll win "SOMETHING" from crackberry!

i personally love the touch diamond. Thats the one id get. its key to have smooth icon art. n e themes has that.

Would love to win some free themes by Ely!! IMO Ely is THE best theme creator!!! Loving the fact the themes are compatible with QuickLaunch!! *(I think more themes should be integrated with this app!!!) Count me in!!!

Ecruz is will always be the best theme maker! +1 For his themes +1 because it's always not expensive as the others! HTC Diamond was one of his best so far!

the OS X etheme has been my favorite them since i purchased my tour...its the coolest looking thing! PLEASE pick me!

The best theme is the HTC Diamond. You guys have some amazing themes I'd love to get my hands on these puppies! Keep up the good work and thanks for the chance to win these great themes!!

i have said time and time again, E makes the best themes around and i love that he makes most of them free...

so hook me up if you can