Want to try Secure AntiVirus Pro for free? - 1500 copies up for grabs!

By Alicia Erlich on 24 Aug 2014 12:25 pm EDT

When the BlackBerry Vendor Portal allowed developers to create promotion codes for their apps, it opened the floodgates to a flurry of giveaway posts. On this occasion, we are discussing Secure AntiVirus Pro which is a good tool for scanning your files for potential malware and viruses. Last seen in the BlackBerry App Roundup, the application underwent a complete rewrite and overhaul which brought additional functionality and improvements including a dark theme and Pebble support.

If you are not familiar with Secure AntiVirus Pro the basic function is to scan and quarantine viruses found on your device and SD card. Now the developer is aware that on BlackBerry 10 an Antivirus is not necessary. That being said, for me that does not mean that the files on your device are secure. This program protects against Android Malware (monitor APKs) and makes sure the files you download are safe for Windows PCs. Another instance this may be necessary is if your workplace requires that an Antivirus be installed.

What I like about the application is how it notifies you in the hub if you make a change. For example, when you snap a photograph it alerts you that a file has been modified or added to the folder and displays the path.


  • Quarantine viruses, whitelist false positives
  • You choose what to keep!
  • Our virus definitions are selected from ~5GB of viruses and updated daily
  • You can scan for viruses found on all platforms
  • This scanner really scans deeper
  • It can scan Box, DropBox, OneDrive, and even computers connected through BlackBerry Link
  • Integration like no other, including UpFront and Pebble Watch support
  • New dark theme, making it light on the battery
  • Can keep itself awake to reduce overhead
  • Allows a large volume of customizations to ensure it doesn't annoy you
  • True headless support, monitoring your file system all the time
  • Now in 5 different languages (English, French, Indonesian, German and Spanish)
  • Constant beta testing and updates, and we truly listen to your feedback
  • Created by a small independent developer with a strong team to rely on

To celebrate the 20th software update of this application (though it has now reached 22), the developer is being generous and giving away 1500 copies! Not only has the application been completely rewritten with some headless functionality but has an entirely new look to it as well. I should also mention help with this major rewrite came from Roger LeBlanc, and the beta testers (including Jaydee, Razvan, Joe, and Diego)

By now we should all be familiar with how to grab a free copy with promo code, but for those who are not, you can follow the directions below. We are all too familiar with how these codes vanish in a matter of seconds, but with 1,500 copies, and I'm quoting the developer, this will give folks a chance!

  • Launch BlackBerry World
  • Swipe down from the top and tap Redeem
  • Enter promo code: 20UPDATESLATER
  • Tap on the green FREE button to download

Secure AntiVirus Pro is compatible with BlackBerry 10 and is $2.99 to purchase if you are unable to snap a free copy.

More information/Purchase Secure AntiVirus Pro

Reader comments

Want to try Secure AntiVirus Pro for free? - 1500 copies up for grabs!



App developer here - wow those were used up in 15 mins!

Keep trying. I'm going to add another 500 copies :)

Posted via CB from my LE

Thanks Dev!
Have been thinking about this one ever since I got the 64Gig SD card and am doing a lot more with it.

Frosty White Q10S/

Me too (64gb card)
I happened to sign in here late (maybe 16 minutes of this being posted) and managed to get it too. Love freebies. :o)

I'm scanning as I type this. I wouldn't have bought a virus app but I like what I'm seeing of this one so far... I think it is worth their price of $2.99 it's a fare price.

Thanks to the developers and CB for posting this.

www. carm. org

Try the code again this KermEd guy is great you might still get a free copy.

Take care

www. carm. org

True. But if it's a worthwhile product I don't mind spending a couple of dollars and supporting a native developer. ;)

Posted via CB10

Same here...I'm honored to purchase a great native developer.

I'm undecided about this app at this time, I purchased the Maxx Anti-Virus app but I uninstalled it because I'm not sure it actually works.

I will read the reviews for this app, thanks for the post!

No More Music!!!!! No More Videos!!!

I sincerely appreciate it you guys. I hope my apps always live up to your expectations!

Posted via CB from my LE

Not skimpy here...

Remember the 25 licence promos recently ... hardly worth mentioning on CB.

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

All that and only 2 reviews from today. Wish these takers wouldn't be so greedy and would at least leave reviews. Too bad wasn't way to force them to leave a review if they get free copy.

Posted via CB10

I thought the idea was to review an app after trying it? I got the app and now it is currently scanning files on my phone. I plan on reviewing it after I have seen what it can do. Maybe you should be more patient...

Exactly. How can you you review something the first day you use it? Or maybe at the end of the day, but for me, I am two hours into my first scan and only at 470 of 2404!? I prefer to see it through before commenting. Though, as I said earlier, I do like that the active frame actually shows my current progress.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

It's cool, there were about 15 submitted. But it takes BlackBerry a few days to vet them.

I don't delete reviews unless they have swearing or racism etc. So I'm always nervous when I see a bunch come in.

Posted via CB from my LE

Thanks KermEd. I just realised you were the developer of Night Ports which I have found extremely useful. Keep it up.

This is the 37th time I have had a free app... thanks again ... CB/ Dev
Fantastic and easy to get them ...all my memory is used on my phone with free apps ... can't stop laughing....

4.54 billion years and this is the achievement

I saw this post after13mins it got posted and I was sure it might have gone, why not jst give a try and I really thank god that I GOT IT
Thank you cb

BlackBerry Q5

I have yet to get one. I swear they wait until the moments I'm least likely on cb10 and drop these.

Posted via CB10

I'm confused, I get the free button to push but when I push the button it takes me to the purchase page where I must pay full price?????

it is free,I think that is done so if you delete it ,it has a record that you had it and reinstall

Nope, looks like I got it but didn't. Got a screen grab with the free tab in it but no app.

Too bad, I've been wanting to see what these AV apps are like buy can't justify paying for something I most likely don't need.

Moral of the story, you don't have it till you actually have it.

Meh, moving on..

As long as it said free when you pushed the button its free. You still have to sign in with your password when paying (in this case free) to get it, so it is on record on your account etc.

www. carm. org

Thanks. What was confusing though was that I got the "free" button so I assumed that I had finally got lucky but when I pushed "free" I went to the payment window where it did not say "Free" any more but had the full purchase price displayed.

I have yet to see a trial period offered on any of the BB10 AV apps so I'm curious to see what they will find on my phone but I'm not so curious that I will pay for the app just to look and see, I'll rather stick to trusting the BB10 OS.

FWIW I try before I buy any AV to make sure it agrees with my device, PC or mobile, and will only buy if it works.

If it showed the full purchase price then you would have been charged. Mine did not show the full purchase price when I typed in my password etc...

Anyway as far as virus apps go I think it's very good, do I think it is really needed on our BlackBerry phone's? no, but it does give some peace of mind which is a good thing, (I have a 64 gb card and sometimes get stuff/files from friends etc) and $2.99 is cheap as far as I'm concerned.

Take care.

www. carm. org

I missed that despite being 1500 copies

My first BlackBerry Z10 (wall hugger) will soon be replaced by its successor Z20 but now it's hugging BB10.3.0.1052

And yes I forgot to thank the awesome dev for making an awesome app and it's jst less than 300kb. Wowwwww thanks again

BlackBerry Q5

Thanks! It took me (no lie) about 3 months to get it that small. And the code is a bit behind, I'm now on update 22 (yikes!)

Posted via CB from my LE

This doesn't make sense 1500 copies gone in 15 minutes. There's no way, more like 150 copies.

Remember that all it takes is a simple tweet/FaceBook post etc. from the right person, and they reach a relatively huge number of BlackBerry users.

Frosty White Q10S/

I assure you, it was 1500 copies. Plus another 500. Crazy I know I thought it would last an hour for sure.

Posted via CB from my LE

Haven't got a single freebie yet. :(

@geenaxion Keepin' it Chill Z10 ( Subscribe "Dance for Life" C0029D483

Haha already gone, not sure why I try. Great of him to do something so nice though. Hopefully it leads to awareness and a few copies get sold.


Had the code in within 30 seconds of the posting (it said posted 20 seconds ago and I was on it within 10 more) and watched the little circle go round-n-round "Verifying code" for 30 minutes.

Finally cancelled and tried again. All gone. Wonder why the term "scam" came to mind...

Posted via CB10

Worked fine for me and I downloaded at approximately 150 comments

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

Again didn't get, that's the most luckiest symbol I feel :) I can afford all paying, no need freebies.... keep motivating self himanshu ;) lol

Himanshu's Z30

How can 1500copies finish so fast? Honestly I wish BlackBerry world apps had a counter to show how many downloads. So we can verify the number of downloads before such an offer and the number of downloads after an offer!

Posted via CB10

There are always those lurking around, waiting for these promos to pop up.

Posted via CB10 using my Gorgeous Z30

Yea...now the question is...did they subscribe to the post? or they keep refreshing every minute..lol

Posted via Zedicus Zed30 Zeus Zurrander

I have screenshots actually if you want em. I can't post an image in these comments but feel free to send me a PM. Bbry gives us a box that shows how many codes were used.

Posted via CB from my LE

I've also got some screen shots! First is of the first green "free" button I've seen, the next is the pay screen asking me to pay for the free app I just clicked on, lol.

Thanks for the chance, what a pity that clicking the "free" button doesn't secure the app. I must be honest and say I find it difficult to believe that the code got me to the app page with the free button on it but by the time I push the button the free apps are all gone. Surely if the app page says "free" there must have been a free app? I don't think it's your fault Dev, obviously a problem with BlackBerry World?

Can you email me on the support link on the appworld description? We can come up with an alternative :)

Posted via CB from my LE

I would love to email you but the contact Dev link in BlackBerry World takes me to a website where verification fails so can't send the message.

Rather than giving free apps away please consider offering apps with a limited time trial period. I'm not sure why more devs don't do this it seems the best way to hook a buyer, I know that I've bought most of my apps after a trial period that gave me the chance to see how the app effects performance of my phone/PC


Jeez, it's getting about 10 new downloads per second. Added another 250 codes

Posted via CB from my LE

Don't worry. Scanning is semi intelligent. First scan is always the longest.

But it depends on what settings you use too. For example, scanning with bblink devices enabled will be super slow because your telling the phone to scan your PC through blackberry link.

Posted via CB from my LE

Wow! Got one an hour later still. Is that possible on CB? Hehe!

Thanks Dev for this freebie. Much appreciated.

Z10.......er......BlackDroid in action!

Thanks very much for the promo Dev! I snagged a copy and will give it a whirl.

I've been waiting to try the security variants in BBW for some time now. Especially with Android integration, I'd rather have something extra just in case...

That was my theory behind it too. It's mostly just a nice to have! Plus we spent so many hours so far on it, it really feels well done to me. But I'm biased

Posted via CB from my LE

I'm using it right now. Works perfectly even though it has not found any infected files yet. Thank you soooo much KermED

Posted via CB10

No worries - if you want to see what a virus found looks like,

Download a 'safe' virus like an eicar binary. They look like viruses but are safe. Toss it somewhere on your phone and let the scanner find it :)

Posted via CB from my LE

Got it. Had it updated and ran the first scan. It's very fast, quite different from the counterparts on computers. I know BlackBerry is safe and secure, but after that scan, I feel more relieved. Thanks to the Developer and CB.

Posted via CB10

Got it on the second run!!! Thanks to the developer, this sure will come in handy for those of us who use apks and also synchronise files with our latptop/pc!!! I'm very grateful!!! :)

Loved the Q10 but now it's Z30 power time!!!

I got it probably in the tenth run ;) thanks for the app Cb and the dev

Posted via the awesome power of BlackBerry 10 on one of my lovely devices probably my brand new Z30 or my great Q10 or my beautiful Z10

Posted an hour ago so wasn't too sure any would still be available. But as luck would have it, I was able to get a copy. With all the latest Android ports I've installed lately, it was nice to be able to use this. Thanks to the developer and to CB.

Posted via CB10

Wow, 1500 copies and only 150+ people said thanks and only 89 people reviewed it. I swear people just download it because it's free -.-

Posted via CB10

We've finally hit the bottom! Thanks everyone, I hope you love it (it is an app of passion).

Keep your eyes posted here or on my blog on FileArchiveHaven, I have some other apps I'll have redeem codes for soon in the near future

Posted via CB from my LE

Thanks for offering it! I must have squeaked in right under the wire!

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

Hey, first off, I love your use of the active frame to actually show the status of the scan. Too many programs fail to utilise this!

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

Thanks for the gift mate!!!

Really glad to see native developers doing this type of useful apps!

One suggestion, if I may say, would be to have an option to turn off the notification when a new picture is taken. So far, what I'm opting for is turning off the "sound", but it still shows the notification in the hub (I don't want to turn off notifications completely).

Aside from this minor detail, I'm happy with the app, thanks again! :D

Loved the Q10 but now it's Z30 power time!!!

Actually I think you can turn off the sound in Settings - Notifications - Applications - Secure AntiVirus Pro...

But I think that there is still a bug with sd cards. Using the camera shouldn't trigger a scan alert but might not be right on SD card users. I'll add it to the bug list!

Posted via CB from my LE

Yes, this is what I've done now! Thanks for taking a look at this suggestion, cheers! :)

Loved the Q10 but now it's Z30 power time!!!

Oh, and thanks to the developer for the opportunity to download. Being a BlackBerry, I have not considered needing this, but as I do download Android apps, I figure better safe than sorry later.

Once I have had a chance to use it, I will leave a review on BlackBerry World.

Some e commented on a review that it only scanned photos. My first scan is scanning everything - starting with my Android files. So far so good!

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

It'll scan everything :).

Definitely leave a review. If you see anything abnormal, even a spelling mistake, use the "Report a Bug" button. It sends me an email on my phone and I'll make sure to give it a look over.


Posted via CB from my LE

I will definitely do so and thanks for being a part of the BlackBerry community!

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

You bet! I build BlackBerry first. I've been very lucky to be part of QNX on mobile since the start.

Posted via CB from my LE

Am starting to believe all these so called copies ain't for real. Imagine redeeming ASAP when the coupon came up only to b told it's all b used up. And don't tell me it's d timezone. #WORD

Posted via CB10

Some could be setup funny or preshared out on twitter. In this case though I had codes being redeemed for about an hour. The initial amount was gone in 15 minutes, but I added another 750 codes after that lasted longer.

Posted via CB from my LE

I think the first few lines of the app description, and mentions in the article, explain better than what I can dump in here :).

I always say extra security isn't required at all on BlackBerry. But I respect that people may want it, and if so, they deserve to have quality options that are affordable and transparent.

Posted via CB from my LE

I don't bother with these promos cos you get lifes losers who have nothing to do but scan CB for apps they don't want but they are so desperate for something for nothing! Whereas the people who are genuinely interested in buying apps generally have busy lives! We all remember lifes saddos from school. Keep if up devs it gives them a reason to live

My lubbly jubbly Z10. Shine on you crazy BlackBerry

I had hoped by giving out 1500 copies it would last an hour, but it didn't. Had to bump it a few times! A lot of the time it just comes to timing and luck.

Posted via CB from my LE

Please don't be post any fake post bcoz I am enter the redeem cord but show all ready done.ti downloading

Posted via CB10

You'll have to hold out for the next promo I'm afraid! I suspect we will see lots of promos coming on CB for the next while

Posted via CB from my LE

Been using it since day 1, and dev has been constantly updating and responds (in my case) on the CB forums diligently. Great app indeed.

Hardcore BlackBerry 'er

This is crazy......I swipe down my crackberry app every 5 mins.

I missed this...damn it! I give up

Posted via Zedicus Zed30 Zeus Zurrander

It also doesn't scan properly because it's restricted to the android sandbox only. But avg is better than nothing for sure.

Posted via CB from my LE

1500 copies for what.. for more than a million users??? These giveaways are starting to become a joke. Of course I am pissed.

CB10 on my Z10

I highly doubt 1 million people are interested in my app. But if they were, and they all got it for free, the update servers and testing and updates would all be dead by tomorrow. Due to NSF payments lol.

The redeem codes are a reward for people that check the news and get lucky.

Posted via CB from my LE

Don't worry about it mate. He's just a bit frustrated.

Appreciate the work you've put into this, I will buy it as soon as I get cash

Posted via CB10

What chance? All gone, not funny anymore, different time zone, always too late it seems. There was at least one dev smart enough to give all away free but for a limited amount of time so enough time to test the app out and buy it if you like it. These limited amount of free copies are missing target for most.

Actually. The apps he was giving away for free are free open source applications made by blackberry from developers to learn from.

He took the packages, put a price tag on them. And added a redeem code. It's very different than writing an application from scratch over the course of 6 months in my opinion versus pressing a few buttons to compile. I'm just saying :) there is a lot we don't see sometimes. I still think he shouldn't be allowed to charge for those.

Posted via CB from my LE

I agree with you, and BlackBerry should put an end to that instantly!

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

I just purchased this app due to the good reviews and also the dev seems like a really good guy.

No More Music!!!!! No More Videos!!!

All gone but thanks to the dev for the opportunity!

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

I could never get a free copy of any app in crackberry, all people here are very fast to that kind of news lol cero code promotion for me :(

Posted via CB10

Got it a few minutes after launch. With all the things we download on sd, I feel a bit more secure . Thanks dev for this native app.

 or nothing.

Managed to get a copy then thought my wife could use this too and I was able to get it for her also. Thanks for the app! I sent it to my brother also.

A slow climb to the top is always more rewarding. Sent using my BlackBerry Z10.

Dam, missed it....could you add more copies ton download?

Proudly produced by my BlackBerry Z10. Vist My Channels:C000AD9AE & C0003E85B

Yes, I was one of the lucky ones that managed to get a free copy. Two hours later it had finally finished the first scan. I liked the fact that the engine is set for an intelligent scan and that the active frame showed the status of the scan. Having recently started to install Android apps to cover for any unavailable BB10 business application equivalents, I am thankful for the efforts of this developer, and appreciate his heart in offering this app - above and beyond the initial 1000?!

Posted via CB10

I'm often open my CB to check if there are freea ppas to be given,YET im not lucky since the promotional free were already been given. Huhuhu

Posted via CB10

Hey Lloyd,

I'm still in my first scan:
6h :21 min and 1983 files out of 2404. Does that sound reasonable? Seems like an awfully long time to me.


Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

That is long. Hit me up by pressing "report a bug" so I can ask some questions. Mostly I wanna know what your settings page looks like and if it is running full screen!

When running in the background it goes about 1/10 of the speed.

Posted via CB from my LE