Want to try Effetica Pro for free? - 100 copies up for grabs!

By Alicia Erlich on 13 Aug 2014 01:35 pm EDT

Over the years smartphones slowly replaced the point and shoot cameras we used to carry around, more like schlep as some of them were heavy, to capture those beautiful, poignant, and memorable events in our life. Then applications came along to edit and modify those images to create something enduring.

We've discussed quite a few photo editing apps over the years, most recently in the top photo editing applications for BlackBerry 10, and one that stood out for me is Effetica Pro. This full featured photo-editing application offers an array of filters, themes, frames, overlays, and tools to ensure you get the most out of your images to share with friends, family, and followers.

Regularly priced at $3.99, the developer is celebrating the one-year anniversary of Effetica's initial release in BlackBerry World by giving away 100 free copies. While the application incorporated several important and useful features since it was first released, you can read the original review or test drive the limited free version.

To grab your free copy of Effetica (while supplies last) here's the drill:

  • Launch BlackBerry World
  • Swipe down from the top and tap on Redeem
  • Enter the following promo code: EFFETICA1YEAR
  • The application should now show as free. Tap on the button to download

The code itself expires on Thursday, though I'm betting they will be gone in the blink of an eye. You can purchase the application by clicking on the link below and it supports all BlackBerry 10 devices

More information/Purchase Effetica Pro - Photo Editor

Reader comments

Want to try Effetica Pro for free? - 100 copies up for grabs!


Already bought it! I use it daily to resize photos because BlackBerry won't add smaller picture options to their camera app.

Great app. Got it already. The best photo editing app on BB10 methinks, so get it free whilst you can and enjoy! : )

Z10.......er......BlackDroid in action!

I am totally in for an app which will scan continuously crackberry.com for a keyword 'promo' and give notification immediately in hub, fires the LED, vibrates indefinitely, opens BBW, copies promocode to clipboard. I just have to search the app, paste the promo code and I am good to go. lol

btw, the paid version of this app shall open the respective promo app, opens redeem option, fills in the promocode. I just have to click 'OK'

Any native dev listening??

Less than 5 minutes and it's already over!
What is the point if those promo?
2minutes promo?

Extend promo like other ones earlier! :-)

Throw in a few more for a loyal crowd....

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Thank you to the developer for the free offer! It really is a rather spiffing application:-)

Posted via CB10

Give out more next time within 5 minutes there gone
It's like some people sit here all day waiting

Posted via BlackBerry Z10 #loveBB10

Hmmm. I think tossing $400 up in the air for the public is very generous, no?

Have you tried leaving your CB app opened and minimized? Maybe shortening your update intervals?

There are some things you can do yourself to heighten your chances. Be well!

Posted via CB10

Please BBW....release a special offer to all those who have never got any apps to redeem one special app :)

Missed this one, but it looks good enough it might be worth the purchase. Reviews are very high as well, $4 to a developer like this isn't an issue in my mind!

Posted via CB10

You bet! This is essentially Photoshop Mini. Effects can be applied to selected areas, lots of control. Fast, only 18 MB or so. You can resize your pics. In my opinion there's no alternative to this as an editing tool in mobile platform.

In fact, this app is so good I would really like to hear about other apps from the same dev.

This is an impressive app, could be more intuitive but man I have created some awesome pics.

No More Music!!!!! No More Videos!!!

Somehow I felt disappointed! Why CB10 always got a limited free apps(paid) instead of allowing everybody to enjoy their BB10 through it. Though, switching worths.

P.S: I'm glad if the TGIF goes back to BBW.

Posted via CB10