Want to try Blaq for BlackBerry 10? - We have 200 copies to give away!

By Bla1ze on 23 Aug 2014 01:48 pm EDT

Haven't tried Blaq yet as your Twitter client on BlackBerry 10? You're crazy. It should have been one of the first apps you bought if you're a Twitter user. No matter though, we might be able to hook you up if you're quick on your toes. Kisai Labs has given us 200 free copies to give away through the promo code system as lead up to the release of their latest version of Blaq, which is coming out soon.

Was that new version release a secret? I hope not. In any case, have a look at our hands-on with Blaq if you're not sure what the app is all about. If you're ready to grab yourself one of the 200 copies available then follow the simple instructions for redeeming the code. Open up BlackBerry World, pull down from the top bezel, select 'Redeem' and enter BLAQ4CB08 and the price will switch to free.

And remember, if you miss out on the code you can still buy Blaq on BlackBerry World for $2.99. These codes are to raise awareness of some great apps and just because you miss out on a free version doesn't mean you can't otherwise buy them. Apps these days are fairly cheap, so show some love back to the all the great devs out there.

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Want to try Blaq for BlackBerry 10? - We have 200 copies to give away!


Always keep missing the free codes but got this one my first. Thanks crackberry and Kisai Labs.

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It seems incredible that I got this one. Definitely wanted to try Blaq but never really ended up buying it.

Thanks CB and devs!

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10 minutes and all gone. I can't believe how fast everyone on here is. I thought I'd defo got one this time, but alas, no.

It's gone in 8 minutes...glad I got rev browser though.

This thing is....some folks don't even use the app but just download thereby taking other's privileges

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I missed this one

My first BlackBerry Z10 (wall hugger) will soon be replaced by its successor Z20 but now it's hugging BB10.3.0.1052

This is a no brainer to go buy this app - one of the few apps that I use over the official apps. Blaq is better than the official app in almost every way. The single best thing is does is pull in pictures from Instagram and other links, whereas Twitter has killed that capability.

These giveaways are so depressing. I get all excited about it, only to find out that it lapsed already. With so many giveaways lately, it becomes an annoyance almost. :(

Look at how long ago the article was posted. If its more than 20 minutes, they're probably all gone.

Don't be sad about it. Blaq is a great app. If you use Twitter a lot, you'll like Blaq, just spend the few shekels and go for it. My Grande Americano at Starbucks costs more.

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Yep....thought I'd be able to and they are gone. Didn't take long either. Freaking piranhas in this place! Lol

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Man, now I know how bad it feels when you don't get apps during these giveaways :(

If it concerns anyone- Tilt is still available at TILTYOURWORLD

Got to lightening quick on CB for these freebies! Sheesh! I don't think Hermes would be quick enough to get these! Lol! ; )

Z10.......er......BlackDroid in action!

In all fairness I bought my first Blaq copy for Playbook - it worked awesome then, but didn't pay and download again after moving to BB10.

Happy to have it back - have neatly but have been recently sticking to the native twitter client for my occasional tweet.

Thanks CB and Kisai Labs for the promo copy!

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Because it is the only native Twitter app (except BlackBerry Twitter) they don't make a lot of effort to solve the bug (personal message in double, message sent which doesn't appear correctly, problem to send a photo) and no add-ons (delayed tweet for example).

Got it - and thanks. Is there a way to go to the top of your feed without having to scroll up? Painful if you have a lot of people you follow.

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Go get it ladies and gentlemen...easily the best Twitter app for BB10

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Had it since day one for the BlackBerry PlayBook & the Q10. You guys will love it. Hands down the best twitter app.

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Here's a suggestion to the CB team... post these giveaways in the forum not the front page... that just might allow the codes to last a lil longer + avoid so much of these posts cursing that they didn't get one.

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I have it in the Playbook, but now i have been using Twitter App, maybe is time to give it a new try!!

With all of its features I still think Blaq is visually unattractive. I know I may be in the minority with my thinking, but I could never get past a couple of seconds on Blaq before I just closed the app and used the regular Twitter app.

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I'm with you - I don't get all the hype of Blaq. Not user friendly at all.

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I use Blaq but where are the notifications - I still get those via the native Twitter client!

Also tap to reload when you are catching up on old tweets can forget your position - the trick seems to be to keep that reload progress at the top of the screen - or even scroll it offscreen, then no problem...

Anyway I bought it ages ago and still happy enough!

Z10 STL100-2 EE UK

I really want a promotional code for blaq, I've been in loved of that app for a long time jajajaja but sadly I missed the promo

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I bought Blaq when it first launched. I really like Blaq but it uses noticeably more battery than the native Twitter app does.

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Got one free

And I, tread, a troubled track, my odds are stacked
I'll go back to Blaq :P

(With apologies to Amy Winehouse)

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I have had this for a while now and it is a pretty solid app. Worth picking up free or not.

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I agree with pdk. The BlackBerry Twitter app is much better. I've tried using Blaq for the 6mos but couldn't get around some app related UI roadblocks. I've since uninstalled Blaq and gone back to the official Twitter app.


I have a paid-for copy and find it head and shoulders above the official client for most uses - lots of clever little touches. Not perfect by any means, but we'll worth it.

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