Want to stalk Kim Kardashian? Then cough up a dollar and download this app

Kim Kardashian BlackBerry
By Adam Zeis on 19 Jun 2012 02:51 pm EDT

If you're a budding Kim Kardashian stalker (or a seasoned vet) then we have just the app for you! Instead of going all over to check out Kim's latest happenings, you can grab download Kim Kardashion for your BlackBerry and you'll never be out of the loop. The app provides Twitter and Facebook updates, photo and video galleries, filmography, news and more. While we're all big fans of Miss K. here at CrackBerry (some more than others), this one might be taking it a bit too far. Thankfully you can always hide the icon so no one can make fun of you.

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Want to stalk Kim Kardashian? Then cough up a dollar and download this app


I don't know but I hope there's away to hide the app icon from the wife. Good lord what a woman. she surely could make a good man leave home

@dfb8085, LOL... but seriously though: Have you seen what Kim Kardashian looks like WITHOUT makeup and air brushing? she has a very attractive body (with some assistance from the cosmetic surgery industry) but her face... well even the plastic surgeon's work hasn't been able to magically transform her to the point where a brown bag or lots of makeup wouldn't help... LOL!!!

So to fill the gap between now and the BB10 launch, CrackBerry has a "Stalker" app on the front page "sigh"

"Want to stalk Kim Kardashian?".... No thanks, I've got one of those... What they called again.... Oh yeah, A LIFE!!!


You may not want to take a woman like this home and keep her but man you could have some fun while your still searching:)

There is a pict of Kim in this same swimsuit on a BB10 specific blog .. only she is standing up.. and rocking a mad camel toe. It was like a car wreck, I couldn't help but look even though I didn't want to :-)

Note that it was similar to the 3rd pict in crackberry link in the article above.

It’s finally come to this on CB. Just when I thought there was some safe haven from the idiot known as Kim Kardashian and her family. Don’t really know why anyone would want to stalk her, all you have to do is follow her on just about every TV channel in the free world…..just mind boggling….

Really. I thought Crackberry and Rim was better then this. Promoting human trash apps. Looks like Blackberry is on its way to becoming another icrap device. When Heinz told everybody Rim is for people that do I don't think he had this garbage un mind.

good for you.. absolutely true...iCRAP ..great term...
by the way did you know that you can pay over $200 for the game Tetris on the iPhone?? the inApp scam that Apple supports..

I keep hoping Rimm will survive...
I have an iPad ( new ) and Playbook.. Playbook goes everywhere.. iPad sits on the coffee table.. gets dusted every few days...

Set your care levels to none! ;)

This thing in the picture is not a woman, she's a girl with too much money and attention.

This app, and the person it is tracking, is an example of what is wrong with this world. She is a completely useless tool whose claim to fame is being a borderline prostitute in a sex film with a football player. And this is justification for fame in the U.S.?!?!?! I mean seriously? And now her whole bloody family is famous for absolutely no other reason that the big sister was in a sex tape!?!?

I don't know... boggles the mind... It's people like her and the attention she gets that shows maybe Darwin didn't have it right.

I think you just described the role of a certain type of woman throughout history. The USA increasingly resembles Imperial Rome, and a quick survey of the literature on gladiators, courtesans and the like will quickly persuade you that things haven't got worse, they have stayed much the same.

Why can't they make this for more important people in the world today? People we can lean from and that might enlighten us.

I will say that the Katrashians give RIM allot of exposure with their use of Blackberrys. Seems like allot of famous people use them. I'm hoping it's because the advanced security of the devices.

I'm a contrarian, I think she's one of the few things that's RIGHT about this messed up world. I see Tools and Toys in perfect harmony with this one....LOL.

im a huge blackberry and crackberry fan but people you need to get over that not every single post is gonna be about bb10 so get over it and wait. and fo rthe rude and disrespectful comments that peopleare writing if you dont like what the post is about get the hell out and go to android or imore. and for people who are bringing the tools not toys saying and people who do into this someone made the app not crackberry or even rim so smarten up people and grow up and act like adults thats what blackberry is for not children. enough said.

Meh I rather stalk someone that has a decent I.Q. and just as Sexy...Kim has it going on till she opens up her mouth then all is lost!

I love all the sanctimonious haters. From my perspective she comes across as an attractive savvy business woman who knows how to spot and exploit an opportunity. Rim could learn a thing or two about marketing from this woman.