Want something new for your BlackBerry? Check out The Surprise App!

The Surprise App
By Adam Zeis on 29 Mar 2012 12:51 pm EDT

Every day I start my morning by checking out BlackBerry App World for new apps. I like to see what's out there that I think may be useful to me, or just what's new in general. Well today I found one of my favorite apps so far, and you'll never guess what it is. Dubbed The Surprise App, this neat little utility comes from ShaoSoft (maker of Leave It On, The CB App and more) so you know it's a good one. The Surprise App is just what it says - a surprise. From the description:

The surprise app is just that, a surprise. You won't know what the app does until you run it for the first time. What we can tell you this, it is a useful utility. It might be something you never though about needing, maybe it's something you've always wanted, you might even say "wow, that's cool, I didn't know that was possible!" 

I have the app installed and I can vouch for it. It's a simple utility that you will use but probably never thought of. So if you're feeling like you want to try something new, give The Surprise App a shot. 

If you do install this app - PLEASE don't comment, BBM, email, SMS etc letting others know what it is. The app is intended to be a surprise, so let's keep it that way!

More information/Download The Surprise App

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Reader comments

Want something new for your BlackBerry? Check out The Surprise App!


someone do me a favor and PM me the details of what this app actually is. im intrigued, but not intrigued enough to blow $1.56 (cost me more as im in the UK and so it costs £1)

Yeah, mine too! The only problem is that she smells really bad and little bits keep falling off if she tries to jump on my lap...

I don't care if this is the best app ever created, I'm not going to install ANYTHING without knowing what it is first. Even though I trust Shaosoft, this is Basic Security 101.

It costs money, though only $0.99, but it is still money We are supposed to pay for something that we have no idea what it is?

Sounds like the strategy most people use in their 401k.

Disappointed. Not really an app that I will be taking advantage of but I could definitely see a ton of people getting good use of it.

Curiosity got the best of me.

Curiosity got the best of me too. I used the "Lend us a Quid" service from my carrier just to see what it was n'all!

It would've been better if you got a different app each time you opened the app lol.

I'm not buying anything I don't know what it is. That is a waste of money. It will eventually leak out to the internet and then I may decide to buy.

But, what if I DONT need it :-/ if you want my money I need info...

Or what if this is just a clever disguise for a social experiment?

I'm all for a surprise for only 99 cents but seriously save yourself the money. Shaosoft is stellar and this app would work better if spread across other apps.


I am currently in Nigeria. I need to wire funds to a business partner in Canada. In order to wire those funds ( 1,000,000 British Pounds) I need someone to accept the money at their financial institutions. The fee for this acceptation of money is 4,000 $ USD. I will gladly forfeit 10,000 $ USD for these services. Please contact me with your information so we can continue to discuss this matter.

Even if this app makes my BOLD give me head, I'm not paying a dime until I find out how good the head giving is going to be. My opinion.

Haha, I love reading those emails, my favourite is the FBI one... But you need to stop being so dramatic.

It's 99 cents, and you're getting something in return, rather than forfeiting your money to some swindler. Besides, the application isn't all that bad either.

its alright, its not as useful for me as I bought an app that does better for me but I can see lots of people liking it or I'd be very happy if I didnt buy the previous app

c'mon, just tell us what the app is. We're not going to fall for this cheap trick into buying apps. Imagine going to a car dealership and the salesman tells you to pay upfront for a car that you never saw, would you do it?

Please send me a $100 and I will send you a surprise gift. I won't tell you what it is, but it'll be a surprise!

Come on guys, you KNOW it's worth a buck if the developer's confident enough in the product to tell you what it does... Oh wait..

If anyone can pm me the details of this app I'd be thankful. I like useful apps but being a student I rather know what my .99cent app will be because for .99 I can buy other apps knowing what they are instead of wasting .99cents and hoping

:) Somehow a nice addition to my 9900.

About security : since it's Shao's ... I bought it straight ahead. Won't have if it wasn't a serious dev company and a known developer.

I didn't even mention what the app does... just mentioned that it's not worth the money IMHO.

Are you kidding me? Someone spill the beans already.. Suprise app?? Here's a suprise, its not my index, thumb, ring or pinky finger.. Fu#% this..

We did spill the beans. They keep deleting the posts. Let's just say it's not worth the space on your phone. Let alone the 99 cents.

I have several Shaosoft apps on my phone. Great stuff. And, if I had been told Shao needed my $.99 to keep going, I probably would have been OK spending the money. Now that I know what it is, I feel conned into spending the money. It's a feature I turned off in someone else's free app because I didn't want the feature. If you want it, it's OK.

Somebody pm me what the "suprise" is.....i dont wanna waste a dollar on something useless, that would be maddening

Adam you're having a laugh aren't you? But seriously this is the most blatantly obvious promotion i've ever seen and yet its working!! The guys that bought it won't say because they know they've been had, so they would rather keep quiet so the rest of us can be jobbed too! But curiosity always wins!

A couple people have posted what it does ... but their comments are no longer on here ... hmmm ... wonder if CB is getting a kickback from ShaoSoft for the sales of this app ? ? ?

Yup, bla1ze just tweeted that it is the #1 paid app in App World. congrats crackberry for this shameless promotion

yep, I sign that.

shameless and stupid. I will never buy something I don't know, espically a software for my phone. But I guess it would still be better as buying a 500$ clock (exact 500 times + 1)


I'm disappointed with this, took the gamble and i literally payed the price. Could have bought a great app for my playbook with that dollar...

You are all a big bunch of babies. Heck, what's a buck? It would be worth a dollar just to pay to read all your stupid a** complaining. Tee hee. Lighten up a little ;)

+100!! I agree whole-heartedly. This is a GREAT and creative marketing idea in the true Blackberry style. 3/4 of the responses asking for PM's or BBM telling them what it is , or saying "I'm not gonna spend .99 on it" have no creativity or sense of humor at all. Might as well go get the "free" android phone from your carrier and load it up with free apps and take your sad and sorry behinds to waffle house for the early-bird special!!

I admire the creativity that went into this and as such, have NO issue spending the .99. IMO, its better than spending $2.99 on a new app and finding out later it is a total POS!!!

Ahahahaha glad I neva liked surprises anyway! If it's that useful den it wouldn't b a surprise to start with!! PASS already...

lackberry770 its a cute app but I don't use the app its made for. Wasted my money but will look for other apps from this company.

Not to bad of an app. They have another app that is 1.99 that I think I would have liked more. But if they had this app and their other one combined. I totally would get it.

Since I spent a dollar on a MegaMillions lottery ticket, I figured I would toss one at this in hopes of getting something cool. I'm disappointed, but there is still the slim hope for that $540 million tonight...

I think everyone that doesn't get the humour of the situation needs to take a few deep breaths. I bought in and appreciated the app. I will use it sporadically, but it was fun throwing a buck at the unknown and being surprised.

I will send anyone my surprise app for one buck American. Send your money to
suckersunlimited.com. If you like the first one, I will send you another one for 99 cents.