Want some full Instagram BlackBerry Hub integration? Check out iGrann Pro

iGrann Pro
By James Richardson on 18 Jul 2014 09:20 am EDT

Chances are that if you're a BlackBerry 10 Instagram user you may well already use iGrann. The free native Instagram app does an awesome job and is the one I use daily.

But things have just been spiced up at bit as a Pro edition is now available in BlackBerry World for $0.99. The new 'Pro' features are currently very small but sound fantastic.

They include:

  • Full Hub Integration

  • Headless Support

I'm off to test it out right now. Will you be upgrading for the extra features? Let us know in the comments please?

More information/Purchase iGrann Pro for BlackBerry 10

Reader comments

Want some full Instagram BlackBerry Hub integration? Check out iGrann Pro


Nope. Not big enough of a difference. I realize it's only a dollar but I don't really need to know when someone likes a photo or comments on it the second it happens. I need a bit more before I upgrade

Posted via CB10

I just did it to show some thanks for all the time I've used the free app with no donation. $1 isn't bad at all although I see what you're saying.

Already seeing some issues but I'm sure they're due to using 10.3. Hopefully updates come faster then before!

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I'm using the Verizon Z30. I'd like to run How can I find this file. Is it stable and are there any major functions not available?

Love your comments... us Dev keep adding app collection to the BlackBerry 10 echo system and further support from the user community keeps us motivated to bring new products and features !!!

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

+1000 - This is big enough to make me stop using the Android app. I really appreciate having all notifications in the hub! It's such a pain that Android versions aren't fully integrated, so I just bought the pro version.

I won't use the extra feature but if you think about, 1$ for any piece of good software is a more than fair price. We think it's expensive but if we all looked under our couch right now, we could probably support the dev easily.

It's not about being cheap, it's about not seeing enough of a difference to justify paying for the "pro" version.

It's not always about "supporting the devs", sometimes it's objectively about the product

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Sorry, but the Dev wrote the whole front end to Instagram and in fact made the interface way better than Instagram for my phone... I'm sorry but that alone is at least worth a buck. I give at least that to a street performer that I quickly pass by on the street for less..

I bought it for no reason other than to say thanks to the developer who made the application.

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There's something very wrong with this app... if I have it running for more than 5 minutes, my phone becomes unusable... camera can't be used, everything lags... something is not right with it... anyone else with this issue?

Man I hope so. I had to put them on pause because of the issues. I still bought the pro app though.

Posted via Z30 C0002FDEF

imho the Andriod app is best, BUT the lack of hub notifications is a glaring issue. Always nice to support BB dev's and these added features are great. upgrading now...

I am liking my new Z30. Just wish my Z10 waited until September to crap out so I could get the Passport. As to the posted question: no I will not be upgrading to igrann pro because I don't like or use instagram.

Posted on my new Z30

I don't think I need these features for how I use instagram, but I'll consider buying just to support this developer for their hard work and dedication to this NATIVE app.

Don't need the features neither, but I'll buy the app, just to support the developer.

He really does a good job with this app.

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Just bought it, hub integration is very nice and was really needed. For those that are saying that they'll wait for more before buying it consider this.... it is only $0.99 for a limited time, the regular price is $2.99 according to the description. so why not buy it now so that way when the features you want are implemented all you'll have to do is update the app rather than spending $2.99. Food for thought.

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instagram is a social network, with people interacting with each others profiles and sending direct messages to each other. seriously... what better usage is there?

Good. I like this approach. Well done dev! I don't want either feature so I'll stay with the free version.

But I like what you did there!

People need to stop being so cheap! It's a dollar! Support the few devs we have jeez. One whole dollar won't make or break you. Just bill it to your bill

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The question is when is the the real native Instagram coming to BlackBerry 10! Bought it anyway just to support the Dev!! I need DM though so hope he's listening

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Agreed. Absolutely ridiculous that we don't have Instagram and Snapchat native yet. I was expecting that 2 months after the Z10 launched. I know it's not up to BlackBerry but like, cmon. Just sad. Another reason why we're inferior

Posted via CB10 for Q10

I'm not having that problem. But I'm not getting notifications in my hub or in the app after when someone tags, mentions me or likes a photo of mine :s restarted the phone too.

Posted via CB10

I'm having that issue, James. Pulled all my unread notifications from way back, so that's a good thing...can't get to them to read or dismiss, though, so that's a bad thing.

Yes, I'm having that problem. And I couldn't even delete the damn notifications either! I had to delete the app and reboot to clear my hub. This app is not ready to be released yet if the hub integration doesn't work properly.

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finally, hub integration & headless support! aah.. now i can really get the (almost) same IG experience on my Z30. thanks iGrann!

Hub integration doesn't work properly. Clicking on a notification does not invoke either the app nor content like other hub integrated apps do.

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+1 to this. Same issue here

Brought to you by my: Z30 (STA100-1FTW) / Z10 (STL100-3) / Q5 (SQR100-1) / Q10 (SQN100-1)

Same for me, though I'm on 10.3.

If you 'tap' on the news notifications in Igrann itself, it will mark them as 'read'... fyi

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So it downloaded all 66 of my missed notifications and now I can't mark them read. Ugh

Brought to you by my: Z30 (STA100-1FTW) / Z10 (STL100-3) / Q5 (SQR100-1) / Q10 (SQN100-1)

Downloaded it, seems to have fixed the data connection issue I was having with the regular iGrann where it would stop delay downloading info on iGrann first and then other apps after. Can't go wrong for $1 on a great app for BlackBerry.

The introductory sale is quite effective for making me buy the apps. LOL.

So I have 2 apps now: iGrann and iGrann Pro. I guess I need to delete iGrann, right?

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Not much of a change but I too thought that original version was worth a buck so why not! It's better than Instagram!

Posted via CB10

So I bought it to support the Dev, but anyone having the issue of their Hub messages opening in WebEx? It seems to be a big bug!

Posted via CB10

This is a pro version so I believe there are going to be updates to some of the hub notification issues we currently facing

Posted via CB10

Haha, definitely always been free. You may be thinking of snap2chat or some a crappy instagram app like blackgran

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I hate how developers exploits from the the blackberry os lack of apps, it is so ridiculous to charge for an application that is originally free

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Not that I use it a lot but the developer did such a good job it is the best way to thank him (as I had the free version and before that his betas from his site).

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Buying for sure. More to support the developer though than for the new features. Though Hub Integration will be great. The dev did such a great job with this app that I think they deserve the revenue.

I'll support. Nice additions. But lately find the app freezes; is it just me or does anyone else experience this? Would like the option to upload videos too... Thanks Developer!

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I was fine with the current igrann app. I just purchased the pro app just to support the developer. Cheers.

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Just got the pro, had the free app and liked it. The weird thing is I bought this pro Igrann and when I up loaded it I had the two Igrann's (free and paid versions) on my phone. Why didn't they just update the free one?

Brought to you by the letter Z and the number 10

I grann is great! Best UI by far and features available are nice.

Have to use android app though to upload videos or add a new filter.

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Bought the app, one to support the Dev, two to activate my company account on Instagram where I need instant notifications for like or replies. Though for personal use, I am still using the android Instagram downloaded from Snap.

Posted via CB10 on my Z30

I can't see the photos I have uploaded so far from the free version in the Pro version. Anyone face this problem as well?

Posted via CB10 on my Z30

Got it, seems to post first time too! Maybe just unlucky but seem to hit post sometimes and nothing happens and have to start post again.... snap2 chat needs this upgrade!

Posted via CB10

Love it, thanks! I'll probably still use the android app for uploading/viewing but I bought this for the push updates!

Posted via CB10

Does the camera show better on the update Igrann, because the android versions shows much better?

Posted via CB10

Uub integration not working as well as of now. The notifications I received; can't read them, mark them as read of delete them.

I don't like unread stuff in my hub.. Dev need to come out with an update asap.

Posted via CB10 on my Z30

Bought it to support the developer... now I guess I have to use it more!! haha now if only they would charge $0.99 for the bbm sticker packs!!

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Well I've never signed up into Instagram, never downloaded the .apk or the port and kept the free iGran just in case some app yuppie starts to bash BlackBerry without facts to back it up, so I got the pro for the following reasons:
1:to support the Dev.
2:the look on the face of the poor yuppie.
But the most important reason
3:F*** it!!! That's my BlackBerry he's disrespecting.

STL100-1 ( STC

I already use igrann(and the droid version to upload videos), but it will be good to not need to see the notifications on my ipod when things happen.

Posted via CB10

Don't use this but purchased Pro to support Dev. I'm a Dev too (not mobile) and I understand how much work goes into development.

Posted via CB10

Works awesome, hub app just needs to be updated as it is very generic. Notifications come through fast though!


Yeah, he's been putting it down for the BlackBerry faithful! I will go as far as to say that this is my favorite app! I bought it and it's just really cool to have it fully integrated into the Hub if nothing else! And he made the icon look the way the rest of them should! Plus, if that wasn't enough he gives an introductory price of $2 off!!! This guy is a brilliant marketer & designer! BlackBerry, it's time you start hiring guys like this!

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Every time I click on one of my Igrann messages/ notifications in the hub, it loads up my WebEx app? Anyone else having issues??

Posted via CB10 - Z30STA100-5/

Same with me. This app isn't ready for prime time at all. There really is no difference between the free app and pay app until they actually make it work as advertised.

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Weird thing is I purchased the regular iGrann when it came out. Then it became free when Instagram became a popular side load.

Now this. He could have given it as a free upgrade to previous buyers as a sign of thanks.

Posted via CB10

It's less than the cost of a bottle of water!! Although I don't need hub integration for igrann as I don't mind opening it for my notifications, the cost is the last thing that anyone that wants this feature should be complaining about. We'll done igrann dev

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