Want to share your tale of BlackBerry use (or abuse) with the world? Get it into the CrackBerry Book version 2!

CrackBerry Book version 2 - submit your stories!
By Kevin Michaluk on 18 May 2010 01:30 pm EDT

It was back in late 2008 when we first announced the availability of our self-published definitive guide to BlackBerry addiction - CrackBerry: True Tales of BlackBerry Use and Abuse.

It's exciting to be able to now say that the CrackBerry book has now been picked up by Apress and who will be releasing the updated version in time for the holiday season this year. With Apress' awesome reach, you'll pretty much be able to find the book in every (english) book store around the world!

We're working on a tight schedule to get our updated version cleaned up and off to the presses, and in doing so we're looking for even more real world stories of BlackBerry use gone awry. If you have a BlackBerry tale to tell and would like it to make the book, email it in to book @ crackberry.com (make the subject My CrackBerry Book story). Whether it's a story of how your BlackBerry got you into trouble in a social setting, or where it saved one we want to hear it. Have any tips on how you've come to manage the smartphone use in your life? Share those too!

Submission Tips: We'll want to keep the quotes we use intact as much as possible, so keep that in mind when you submit your stories. Give us the details but try and keep them concise and on point and write in your voice in the way you'll want others to read it. Be sure to include your info (name, where you're from, etc. don't worry, we'll just stick with first names in the book). That's it. Send them in. Hurry!!  And keep your eyes on the blogs - we may have a couple of follow up requests and polls here related to this endeavor soon.

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Want to share your tale of BlackBerry use (or abuse) with the world? Get it into the CrackBerry Book version 2!


I don't have a story...
But I am crackberry Zombie and I have bitten other and they are crackberry (if not, then simple BB user for sure) infected too.

God save others...

no, $15 for OTHERS to read em! Hows that! : D
imagine someone paying YOU money just to hear YOUR opinion!! 2012 is closer than we think!

...xept that money will be intercepted and youll never see it.. : (

..rough economy